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Adobong Pusit again...Zzzzzz

TGIF 🎉 Who plans to drink with friends? 🙋🏽‍♀️Here’s some cripy pata - a popular Filipino pulutan (alcohol accompaniment). It’s a dish where you boil pork leg with spices till its cooked and tender, let it dry, and then dunk it in hot oil for deep frying. The result is a gloriously golden brown crispy skin and moist flavorful meat that is sure to be a highlight of your weekend. ✨Go find it in your neighborhood Filipino eatery if you can!

Mais con Yelo anyone? Visit our website at PilipinasRecipes.com for the Recipe.

Toasted Ground Chicken. Inspired from Aling Lucing 🇵🇭Sisig recipe.
My Procedure with ingredients:
Heat 1T butter, Stir-fry 2cups ground chicken until oil separates from chicken. Drain. Heat in oven until brown or until its crispy(I only used oven toaster). While toasting, prepare 1 large minced white onion, 1 piece red chili spur slice and remove seed, 1pc long green chili mince and remove seed, 1 lime juice and 2T seasoning sauce. After toasting chicken, mix all ingredients. It’s good with rice and perfect with beer.

Sisig (instant one) with rice for today's agenda. I added the buttered veggies to balance the meal. 🍴🍚🐷
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This staple for tiki drinks is also a common ingredient in Filipino cuisine. There are savory chicken or pork dishes typically cooked with pinya (pineapple).🍍For sweet treats, it’s commonly used in local baked goods or turned into candies and jam. Despite the fruit not being indigenous to the Philippines (the Spanish brought it to the 🇵🇭 islands hundreds of years ago), pinya has settled in nicely and made the Philippines one of its major exporters in the world. Have any favorite pineapple goodies? Share with us by commenting below! 👇🏽

This is why I had to adjust my weight. ❤️ #filipinofoods

Dormmade afritada

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🇵🇭Native Chicken Tinola.
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Tinola is a soup-based dish served as an appetizer or main entrée in the Philippines.
It also has a lot of health benefits.
Vitamins and Minerals from veggies. Onions and Garlic help reduce the risk of cancer. If you use papaya, it has chock-full of anti-oxidants. Ginger soothes throat and stomach. Slurping hot soup feels good and Native chickens i believe are free from bad chemical injections.

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