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I've been playing around with a brush, a dip own and some noodles purple wampum ink in my sketchbook.
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Taking you backwards with this piece I did a while ago of @jupitersslutpower
Being an artist is a lot like being a parent, I should know... I am both.
A lot of you already know this because you are either one or both. Creating art and being a parent and trying to do it right, is not for the faint of heart.
Both parents and artists want their creations to develop into something great, And that requires a lot of patience, sacrifice, work, frustration, sweat and even tears; and of course most parents and artists work is always, always under appreciated.
As parents we just keep on going and hope that sooner or later... most likely later our work will pay off by knowing our kids became good people and successful in life.
As artists we hope that our work finally gets some recognition either in the way of someone loving it enough to buy it or that our work gets accepted In to a gallery or gets printed in books, Doing a solo show or any of those great things, And of course the ultimate would be that one of our pieces gets to become famous. Hopefully in our lifetime but most likely it will be way after we are gone, If it does happen at all.
After all, there are millions of us out here and a great percentage are extremely talented and amazing artists.

I love what I do, I love being a dad and an artist.
I know I'm a far, far better father than mine was, As a matter of fact... I'm not just a father, I'm a dad.
I also know I have talent, raw uneducated talent... but I'm good with that.
Anyways, got a little side tracked there 😅. So next time your friendly neighborhood artist or your social media artist asks $300.00 or more for an art piece, Don't ask why. Or say, You can do that in your sleep, why would you charge that much?
Just think of all the hours it takes the average person to make a $300.00 paycheck and how much work they had to do to earn that AND how much shit they had to put up with.

Art is work, Hard work. And chances are, You can't do what the artist made.
- Noel. Z

با بهار در نمایشگاه خانه شماره نوزده سال نود و یک
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i will admit, she looks a bit like a baby

Just some random figure/anatomy drawings from various refs! ★~
I guess it isn't something really worth posting but it's fun to look at hah!

Nu Blue - compressed charcoal and wash on paper. I was working over the weekend with a new model @charlotte_longworth who was full of great ideas. She knew the sort of stuff I do and she's also an artist so we really collaborated on the poses. It's always a joy when you can develop it together. (She's very tall, that's my excuse for the head being so tight to the top of the page!)#lifedrawing #figuredrawing #nude#nakedwoman #nicebum#lifemodels #figurativeart #gesturedrawing #bluenude#nu

How most pieces start. An idea, gesture, more complete sketch and then transferring on the paper I want. I think this one is going to be named "Aqua" 🌊
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This is as far as I'm taking it. #figure #drawing #painting #art #figuredrawing #fineart #sketch

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