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Ladies, now let's get in formation... Let's inspire, support, encourage & love one another.

Tomorrow is #InternationalWomensDay which commemorates the struggle for women's right.
I am proud of how far we've come, and grateful to those who walked the path before us for the sacrifices they made, and work they did to help move us forward.

One thing I've learned about myself is that I can only fight with light, and help lift others up if I'm healthy & grounded myself.

The thing that's helping me remain energized, manage emotional ebbs & flows, as well as increase my capacity for life's challenges & stress is meditation.
I attend classes @momentmeditation daily, preferably twice a day.

This amazing modern meditation studio is donating all of the proceeds from Wednesday March 8th to @dfsvancouver in honour of International Women's Day.

Come take a class with me, honour yourself, and the women of the world.

I'll be attending both the 7am & 7pm classes, but there are also others throughout the day.
πŸ‘‰πŸΌHead to momentmeditation.com for details.

#presspause #giveback #fightwithlight #whyimeditate πŸ“·: @beyonce

Be the change you wish to see.

#FightWithLight #LightBrigadeNetwork


Regardless of political affiliation or who you chose to be president, there is only one planet you can choose to live on. So let's be sensible shall we and take care of it! #waterislife #nodapl #standwithstandingrock #UpToUs #fightwithlight PC-@overpasslightbrigade

Stay safe everyone. Fight with light. #fightwithlight #jimcarrey

I'm thinking about the fact that it's International Women's Day tomorrow, and what that means to me.

It's got me reminiscing about the last @feisty_feast I attended @7e7___atelierstgeorge & the inspiring woman behind the gathering @julia_khan_anselmo πŸ™πŸΌ I keep coming back to the idea of connection, community, supporting one another, lifting one another up, and being open to conversations & discussions even if we see things differently.

We are better together.

Beautiful πŸ“·: @brit_gill reposted from @julia_khan_anselmo
#internationalwomensday #whorunstheworld #letsgetinformation #fightwithlight

Let the light in this morning. Feel it, taste it, be it. ✨ Olivia Dyer, songwriter. Album coming out January 2017.

There is no time to cry; there is no time to hate. Get your ass up, dust yourself off, and spread light and love and grace. It is the only way forward. It is the only way to win. I vow to #fightwithlight. Will you join me? ❀️
#wevegotworktodo #whatsnew #awomansworkisneverdone #onefootinfrontoftheother

Photo mysteries mirroring how I feel #choking #notgonnashutmeup #fightwithlight #auraglow


Worrying is praying for what you don't want to happen, so let's shift our perspective and reclaim our power... πŸ™πŸΌ I pray for safety. I cover all those in the path of the storms and natural disasters in a circle of protection. May all feel your presence with them and be comforted by your peace. For those watching, help us to be the calm in the storm for our loved ones and ourselves. Our fear pushes you away and feeds the anxiety, help us to stay open to miracles as we lean into your love. Thank you for connecting us, so we can help each other even when we feel helpless. Let us remember to be still and use our inherent power to send them our love not our fears. We send our light in a time of darkness. I pray this in the name of Jesus with all of my brothers and sisters across the world. Thank you for your grace and mercy. So it is and so we allow it to be. Amen πŸ™πŸΌ

Last stanza of WH Auden's "September 1, 1939," animated.
Defenceless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere,
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame.

Yesterday it hit me how cathartic marches are. I know that they don't fix everything but often times we get shit done by showing up and making noise. ✊🏼
#defendDACA #VOTEPROCHOICE #fightwithlight #nobannowall #nyclightbrigade #loveisloveislove

πŸ“Œ I don't care about different thoughts β€’ Different thoughts are good for me. #uniqueness #everybodyhavelove #fightwithlove #fightwithlight #ninjaturtles #ninjaturtlespower

the warrior's greatest gift is the strength of his heart, not his fist.
#fightwithlight #lovetrumpshate #bostonstrong #wallart

When the world gets too weird and you need a life cleanse, juice some beets! This is my favorite juice... I call it Fire in the Blood. Beets, carrots, a Fuji apple, and a shit ton of ginger! We all need strength right now. Food is medicine and a way to share love. Be on the right side and feed someone you love and maybe someone who needs to be shown some love in order to be redirected... and bring a tuba, because apparently that's a thing in #Boston ... #fightwithlight #fightwithlove #beetsarelife

THIS πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ™ŒπŸΎI'm in the mood to spread some (((love))) via excepts from poems by #Rumi
πŸ“š: The Essential Rumi translations by Coleman Barks


Happy Friday! I'm in the mood to spread some (((love))) via excepts from poems by #Rumi
πŸ“š: The Essential Rumi translations by Coleman Barks


Following the lead with @directher today. She has it right saying , "Fight with Light". There are so many feelings and thoughts I have to express on recent events...that have been thought and expressed by stronger leadership. So today I'm going to brag on a couple of shining lights : @mbdanceapparel and @nativeboy1977 / @digitalfeathermedia . Two figures I have the honor of working with that use their art and platform to share stories and experiences from overlooked perspectives. They make their communities proud and they give back! I'm excited to see a collaboration in the works blending beautiful dance apparel for ALL shades and sizes with the powerful storytelling of Native Boy Films!!! #LETSGO #riseup and #shine.

P.S. stay tuned for an exciting announcement πŸ”₯πŸ˜‰πŸ™Œ #unstoppable
#fightwithlight #actress #actorvist #comingsoon #nativewomenrise #beauty #collaboration #film #dancewear #dancer #headshot #love #life

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