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"Cause only a fool lean upon his misunderstanding"
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"Unity is the world's key, and racial harmony. Until the white man stops calling himself white and the black man stops calling himself black, we will not see it. All the people on earth are just one family.” #bobmarleyquotes #taughttohate #fightthegoodfight

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Good things take time. The next time you are beating yourself up because you didn't lose as much weight as you wanted to in a year, didn't gain as much muscle as you wanted in a year, or didn't strip as much body fat as you had hoped to in a year 》》》keep in mind that Rome wasn't built in a day. And neither are physiques. Yeah, we want results as of yesterday... but let's be realistic here... health and fitness goals take time. No matter how long it takes... if you {KEEP FIGHTING} you WILL succeed in whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

Good morning and happy Wednesday.
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"I fight everyday" and he still makes time to smile and enjoy life. Pat Quinn is a hero. He reminds us to #loveyourlife #movetheworld #fightthegoodfight and to find your passion and let it fuel your inner drive. Pat is one of the founders of the ALS ice bucket challenge and is an alumni of the Iona Rugby team. It has been an honor to know you and be your friend. Proud to be a Gael. #ionarugby #icrfc #Quinn4theWin #inspiration #smile #fighter

When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn't really an option. It's a necessity. That's when it's purposeful. That's when it becomes not only purposeful, but it becomes personal.
When it's personal, that's not an animal you want to wake up.
Work Hard, Stay Humble ‼️‼️ #K9Fitness #tezfitness @tezfitness #garciaeffect @garcia_effect #lifeshot @gosephjill #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #cscs #personaltrainer #athletedevelopment #athletenutrition #fightthegoodfight

It pains me to have to announce that one of my personal heroes #jakelamotta has died today . For those of you who are not familiar with who this iconic #boxinglegend is just simply watch #robertdeniro portray him in the 1980 classic #ragingbull . Every year I travel up to the #boxinghalloffame and in 2015 I had the pleasure of enjoying a cigarette with #theragingbull outside the bar . His lovely wife was kind enough to snap a pic for me . Jake was 93 years old in this pic and he still broke the filters off his cigarettes. The man was as tough as nails built of iron and would light up the room with the best off color jokes . The 15th round bell has finally rung and this great champion is now on his way to that #boxingring in the sky . You will forever be an inspiration to me champ 💪 #boxersofinstagram #boxing #boxingtraining #boxinglife #poundforpound #manofsteel #toughasnails #nevergiveup #fightthegoodfight #myhero #champion #ringmagazine #boxinggloves #boxinggym #boxinglegend #ironman


In our recent service at Forerunner Christian Fellowship, Mike Bickle speaks on the importance of contending and fighting a good warfare over our prophetic words/promises. Watch the full service here:
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Fighting the Good Fight is better with a kick-ass partner. I am blessed with a one of a kind and, without a doubt, the only one for me. (What you're seeing is our crazy early morning faces 😅) #blessed #fightthegoodfight #marriage #hubbyandwifey #love

#fightthegoodfight thanks @bustarhymes
God Bless @bunbtrillog and everyone of the INCREDIBLE People in HOUSTON and all the beautiful and Resiliant people of FLORIDA dealing with HARVEY & IRMA Hurricanes... We are going to continue to fight the good fight with you!!!


I try to remind myself recovery is not linear. That recovery does not mean cured. This is what my depression and anxiety look like versus what it feels like. I do my best to appear together and positive. I cover my sadness with humor, in an attempt to make others laugh. And for a moment I can forget the pain I feel day to day. I feel ashamed of my pain and the fact medication helps me function better. But I know there is no shame in trying to recover and feel better. It's hard to remind myself of all these things.
I debated if I should make a post about this. But I thought of all the people I follow and how their openness about mental illness helped and inspired me. So, I thought maybe it might help someone like others helped me. So, here it is. I am trying my hardest and fighting my depression and anxiety. And tonight is harder than other nights. But that is okay. Tomorrow is another day. ❤

If you get tired, you need to learn to rest, not quit - KEEP GOING #icanperson #godwilldoitagain #keepgoing #neverquit #believe #faith #fightthegoodfight #explode2017 #SHE2017

Hi Cysters.
I am new to IG with this page.
I am hoping I can reach across the globe to women who suffer from PCOS. I want to hear stories and success stories about how we deal with our PCOS. I will share my story and my journey along with everyone.

I am looking forward to what this page could bring forward for myself as well as others.

You are not alone. I am here and your cysters are here through good and bad. We all have a story

This is where we can talk, vent, share tips and advice and experiences.

#PCOS #Cysters #polycysticovariansyndrome #FightTheGoodFight #PcosAwareness #Pcosmonth #September #YouAreNotAlone #LoveYourself #ShareYourStory #WeAreInThisTogether

September is PCOS Awareness month. It has been a year since I have been battling with this disorder and I have learned so much about my body over the past few months.
I am from Boston MA
I was diagnosed at 23 years old.
I manage my PCOS by trying to stay positive. I am learning that my body needs foods that are good for me. I am learning that I need to have self control. I am learning..... Where are you from?
When were you diagnosed?
What age?
How do you manage your PCOS?
Share your story.
#PCOS #Cysters #polycysticovariansyndrome #FightTheGoodFight #PcosAwareness #Pcosmonth #September #YouAreNotAlone #LoveYourself #ShareYourStory #WeAreInThisTogether

😱!!! Can't wait to attend Queens Forever Conference this year! #repost: @girlcode_nmcn : THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT! Join us this year as we equip all our #WarriorQueens to fight the good fight of faith! We're in all in this battle and the training begins this weekend, September 23 & the 24th! Register now for free! Queens Forever Conference 2017 : ROYAL WAR
Link to Register: www.qfc2017.eventbrite.com
Updated Sessions : Saturday 6pm, Sunday 11 am, Sunday 7pm
#RoyalWar #DaughtersOfTheKing #QueensForever #Warfare #FightTheGoodFight

"On the other hand, I got my love ones tryin to understand, tryin to get me when im here workin with gettin myself, feel like its me versus the world, i dont want sympathy, how come masuclinity, only limits me gettin wet from all the rain in this downpour/" The perfect song for any cloudy day, both emotionally and literally. #rocksfoe #grime #hiphop #downpour #fightthegoodfight

Whatever uphill battle you are currently going through, know that it is only temporary. Keep the faith, reach out to those that care for you and continue fighting the good fight. #wearevaliant

We have finished the arguments that Russell attempts to refute. He now moves on to the subject of Christ. The Character of Christ and the defects in Christ's teachings to be specific.

Russell's objection to The Character of Christ: He begins with three of Jesus' most well known teachings. ‘Resist not evil, but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.’ ‘Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.’ And lastly ‘If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor.’ And His objection to all of these is not really an objection at all, but to just point out that many Christians do not live up to these teachings. I would like to point out one more part in his argument in which I believe is very poor. He sites probably the most famous verse in history. Mathew 7:1 'Judge not lest ye be judged.' His objection to this is that Christians cannot be judges in courts if they also agree with this verse. However this verse is obviously not meant for public courts but individuals. We should not be critical of others while we are still very much living in sin. However in a judicial system there are laws, and punishments to go along with those laws. Judges are simply carrying them out. Therefore his argument carries no weight. So to sum it all up I will quote Russell from the very beginning of his remarks and the very end. ".....the question whether Christ was the best and the wisest of men. It is generally taken for granted that we shall all agree that that was so. I do not myself." "All these, I think, are good maxims....." he almost seems to have changed his mind from the beginning to the end. The very maxims on which he is criticizing Jesus are ones that he acknowledges to be very wise. His only objection...... Hypocritical Christians.

Sir John Kirwan always has time for his De La Salle brothers 😁😁

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