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Not only am I proud to have a beautiful woman by my side but she is a soldier....as is all women who deal with cancer. These ladies are an example of strength & putting it in God's hands. With @mskay411 @kris4eva357 @honesthope @thesurvivorsnestblog_shop shot @weldonbondstudios #fuckcancer #fightlikeagirl #MotivationalMonday #BreastCancer #breastcancerawareness #pink #instagood #instadaily #instafollow #instamoment #differenttypeoftime #3sixtyfivephotography #teamsony #respectdashooter #nodaysoff

Other girls are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them. 👯 #feminism #grlpower #fightlikeagirl

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Soy Sofia, tengo 34 años y soy madre de un niño de 3 años. Al momento del diagnóstico del cáncer yo estaba en medio de la lactancia y el cáncer ya se había diseminado al hígado y huesos. Llevaba más de un año visitando diferentes médicos porque tenía cansancio excesivo, dolores de estomago y espalda ninguno de ellos encontró nada raro, decían que era porque era madre primeriza y el cuerpo tarda en volver a su normalidad. Yo interiormente sabía que algo no iba bien, pensaba que estaba paranoica porque los médicos debían de tener razón, o no? Y al final en mi control ginecológico de cada año...Cáncer de mama incurable! Quiero más años de vida, quiero ver crecer a mi hijo y seguir disfrutando de mi familia! Ayúdanos a investigar el cáncer de mama metastásico! @___sofia_de_la_mer
Te invitamos a que pases por nuestra campaña, el enlace está en nuestra bio. Colabora, comparte y súmate con el hashtag #masinvestigacionparamasvida #mamaconmetas #nosoyunlazorosa #fightlikeagirl #fuckcancer #cancerdemamametastatico #cancerdemamametastasico #metastasierterbrustkrebs #metastaticbreastcancer #mamamia #BCRA1 #dontignorestageiv

Thank you to all who showed support today in strength and in spirit 🎀💗🙏🏼 A very successful day of awareness #breasecancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth 💗🎀 Thank you @pilatesplatinum for letting me take over the studio for a couple hours to have some fun with friends aka: students and Co-workers 😊🤸🏽‍♀️ sweat 💦 💪🏼 and raise money 💰 It was a very successful event 💰🙏🏼😘 It’s moments like these that I can pause and remember how good I have it, not everyone is as fortunate. I am grateful I am able to give back and help educate for such an important issue. 🎀 At the end of the day ALL cancer sucks 👎🏼 and taking charge of our body and health is a non- negotiable, what do we have if we don’t have that? #healthmatters #lifestylechange #pink
#thefoodathlete ™ 💚🎀

I'm so happy to finally have a solid group of girls on my team to train with here at #tigermuaythai 💛🐯

Don't get me wrong I really enjoy being beaten up by the boys. But in the ring I will be facing a girl and they think and fight differently. So it's great to get this experience. Thank you ladies for pushing me 👊😘

Ahhh been ages since I've posted sorry! 🙈🙈 I started taxol on thurs, in total I've now 5 chemo sessions done with 11 to go! 😃 Two of my friends and my mam came with me and I thought we were going to be asked to leave we were laughing so much 😂🙈Getting my third fill in my expander on wed (gonna post a video on wed evening explaining what that is/involves) 5 of my beautiful friends had a 30th birthday party last night which I was so happy to be able to go to. They had a donation box to raise money for breast cancer awareness. How lucky am I to be surrounded by such amazing friends like this?! #breastcancerawareness #fightlikeagirl #friendship #love #newwigwhodis

When i entered Miss El Paso Teen i was at my ultimate worse, My mom had gotten diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it was a very fast growing Cancer and i thought i was gonna lose my My Mother and #1 supporter in my life. I was destroyed, lost, and alone. I decided to enter the pageant to find myself again and to experience something with my mom one last time (i thought). And this journey has totally turned my life around for the better. Through out my reign Mom has been blessed to be a Breast Cancer Survivor. I am humbled and proud to say i have raised 1,530 for those that are still fighting this nasty fight and to honor those at are survivors. To those that have passed I respect and give you the importance you deserve. Thank you to everyone that donated and To mom, YOU are the strongest women i know and you should be the one with the crown💗 i love you so much💗 #breastcancer #pinkisstrongerthanyouthink #fightlikeagirl #texasteenusa #makeadifference #crownforthecure #youmessedwiththewronggirl


Semalam semalam semalam punya 😉😉
#boatnoodlebandardatoonn #chillchilllah #bcwa #fightlikeagirl

I decided to do the hardest thing for this week... GROCERY SHOPPING on my own. I did it! How can a day to day thing be such a challenge for me and others seem to just be capable doing such a draining chore.

Screaming kid, the wheels of the cart, the lights, all that chatter that blurs into horrible noise. I came out of the supermarket drenched in sweat. But.. I did it!
Bought myself my lunch since I skipped breakfast. Lunch will be..a delicious ham/cheese croissants with some Capri-Sun juice. Will start JAG now. I deserve it! 💪 This girl is on fire! 💪

#ADayInTheLifOfMyAutism #GroceryShoppingOnMyOwn #IDidIt #SensoryOverload #LunchTime #Croissants #CapriSun #FightLikeAGirl #RelaxingTime

Learning how to properly throw knees:
top left December 2016 (wrong...like seriously where is that thing going?!) bottom left: March 2017 (I'll get clocked in the face but better)
right: October 2017 (still not perfect but way better). #transformationtuesday #muaythai #muaythaigirls #muaythaichick #kneesfordays #kneestrike #padwork #ufcgym #traindifferent #trainhard #womentrainhard #fightlikeagirl #girlswhofight #somegirlsknowhowtofight #setyourgoals #strongwomen #fitness #igfitness #instafit

💪🏻Inspire-se 🎀
Valentina Tereshkova foi a primeira mulher a viajar para o espaço. Ela encarnava o ideal soviético completamente. Nasceu em uma família comunista de trabalhadores operários e rurais na Rússia. Seu pai era motorista de trator e, sua mãe, funcionária de uma fábrica têxtil. Desde cedo, a jovem já curtia se aventurar - e esse foi um dos fatores determinantes para a sua escolha. Por gosto, começou a participar de um clube de paraquedistas amadores e deu seu primeiro salto aos 22 anos. Em 1961, quando o diretor do programa espacial soviético Sergei Korolev anunciou que estudava enviar uma mulher ao espaço, Valentina começou a se preparar para se tornar uma cosmonauta. Seu sonho se realizou em 1962, quando, com mais quatro mulheres, ela foi selecionada e começou a receber instruções de ninguém mais, ninguém menos do que Yuri Gagarin, o primeiro homem a ir ao espaço (a famosa frase “A Terra é azul” foi dita por ele). Inspire-se! 🎀
#intimelingerieboutique #thinkpink #fightlikeagirl #outubrorosa

T H A N K Y O U. @gaibrodtmann.mp for continuing to give us a voice in Government with the Endometriosis motion. After yesterday's appointment and realizing I'm on still on a waiting list for bowel resection/endo excision 7 months later I have not been doing well mentally. While I am undoubtedly grateful for access to medical I'm really tired of fighting for recognition and answers. I've lost my career and my quality of life living with chronic debilitating pain and symptoms and it's getting harder to keep hope when you have lost everything and are bed ridden after the simplest of tasks. So I took a little comfort to hear about the actions taken in Parliament yesterday. Thank you to all those who spoke and in particular thank you to Nola Marino MP for sharing Kylie's story with this disease. It was heartbreaking to not be surprised that she has faced so many challenges already and that we are many suffering every day. I hope Australia will continue this conversation with better outcomes. This disease needs to be recognized for the global health crisis it is and we need our suffering to be validated if we have any hope of having a return to quality of life without fear and for many of us debilitating pain. We desperately need awareness, more support and funding for research. We need support from our Doctors, our community and our Government. After two decades of delay I am in a state of disability yet it's not even recognized as a disability. If all of those responsible for deciding what is classed as a disability spent a day in one of our bodies they would understand why it should be. To my endo sisters I have linked the video of Ms Marino's address in Parliament which highlights how devastating our illness can be left untreated as it is for many of us. You can also find more videos by heading to the @endometriosisaustralia Facebook page #endometriosisawareness #oneinten

Love my new shin liners from @mercianhockey!
Even though krav maga is an entirely different sport than field hockey, in both disciplines you need to protect your shins. These awesone liners prevent my shin guards from rubbing against my legs (and thus preventing that nasty rash). Don’t you just loooove these vibrant colours?
📷 by krav team mate @estherringoir 🤘🏼
#winbeforeyouplay #winwithMercian #winbeforeyoufight #kravmaga #shinliners #protection #mercian #getfitordietrying #fightlikeagirl #ikmf #shinliners #rashguard #krav #kravwomen #kravwoman #kravmagaikmf #ikmfkravmaga #kravmagalifestyle #ikmfwomen #ikmffamily #ikmfworldwide #selfdefense #selfdefence #kravmagatraining #trainhard #nosweatnogain #nopainnogain #challengeyourself #fitfam #fitfamnl

Ashvir Maharaj aka @ashvir_maharaj_photo for #NikonClickPink.🎀
Raising Breast Cancer Awareness takes community effort! Use the hashtag or tag us on your pink-toned photos to get a chance to be featured on our page.
#BreastCancerFacts: "Only 5% to 10% of breast cancers occur in women with a clearly defined genetic predisposition for the disease. The majority of breast cancer cases are "sporadic," meaning there is no direct family history of the disease. The risk for developing breast cancer increases as a woman ages.” - WebMD.com
#NikonMEA #BreastCancerAwareness

Fight like a girl 🎀
#fightlikeagirl #octomber #breastcancer #pinkribbon #europadonna

In unserem Sport messen sich nicht nur Männer in harten Kämpfen.
Auch unter den Frauen erfreut sich der gerüstete Vollkontakt immer größerer Beliebtheit!
Gut zu sehen auf dem diesjährigen Berlepsch Cup, an dem vier 3vs3 Frauenteams teilnahmen.
Die großartigen Fotos kommen von @thomasurbanphotography !

#berlepschcup #eisenliga #womeninarmor #buhurt #girlswhofight #fightlikeagirl #hmb #medievalfight

There is no natural balance between good and evil. There are vastly more ways to harm people than to help them.
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