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Capping off the week with my favourite kind of anger management. Cheaper than therapy and arguably just as effective 😉🥊💪🏻 Wearing head-to-toe @stylerunner (elbow doggo not included)
@onewayfitness #leoberrysgym #boxingGLove #fightlikeagirl

My name is Amy Elsegood. I was born with a port wine stain birthmark covering the left side of my face, I was always really shy and insecure about showing my face with no makeup. One day I just thought, you were born like this, there is no reason to be ashamed, so I posted a no makeup selfie and my photo went viral. I now feel comfortable in my own skin and like to use my birthmark to inspire others and teach them that it is okay to be different.
I feel like I've lost myself a bit recently, constantly comparing myself to others on social media, thinking why am I not at that stage yet? Feeling like I'm so behind all my friends, they are all moving forward and I'm at a standstill, why am I not in a successful job with a nice house? But I've come to realize that I'm not the only one who feels like this, we all put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect lives because of what we see on social media. You are not falling behind just because you don't have what they have, do what they do or look like they do. They were equipped with the tools they need for their path just as I am equipped with mine! So I'm back with a positive mind and remembering my time will come and so will yours!
Sometimes its hard to be positive when some people can be so negative but I just keep doing what I'm doing and read all the positive comments I get. I just believe that if you do good things for people then good things will happen to you. Just be yourself and the world will love you for you.

Ladies and gents! I present to you the Radiation Machine! We're gonna see each other for 5 minutes 5x a week, Monday to Friday, for a total of 6 weeks starting today. This is phase 1 of my preventative treatment to ensure I stay cancer-free for life! So... let's carry on with the WINNING streak, shall we? 😉
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🐢This for you @chloebennet, because you are a wonderful women and deserves all the happiness in the world.
Also STOP with the hate towards her, she has done anything wrong, why would you attack her? Just because she is with Logan? Really?. Yeah she made a comment and the explained that she was worried about the little kids, STOP making her look bad, you are the only one who looks like an idiot talking about a good girl that only do good things.🐢
Tag her as many times as you can and post 💙💙 in her posts to stop the hate.
@chloebennet @chloebennet @chloebennet @chloebennet #chloebennet #fightlikeagirl #love #Chlogan

Best thing we've seen all day. #TenPerentHappier

Fight for your right to party ✨ #stephaniemichelle #superorange #fightlikeagirl #cosplaygirl

What a difference a day and a whole lot of prayers makes!!! Kylie has had a much better day! Eating a little more and feeling better!! Thank you so much for all your prayers!!

BIG COSMIC UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE 🐻🌟💖 dollyboutique.tictail.com
Get the power of the stars and be a Cosmic warrior with these Frutosos bags, outfits with mini Frutoso bags and NEW Frutoso Tote Bag!!! Choose your favourite things​ of all!!! Big bear hugs 🐻!!! 💖💖🌟🌟


#Lupus is a cruel disease that can affect everything and anyone! #MyLupus has caused severe #nervedamage and I was put into a wheelchair!! I #fightlikeagirl and I refuse to let #Lupus win... So I'm in intensive rehabilitation to remain as independent as possible but that's all I can ask! I will survive this too... Unfortunately These are bruises that show the progression and severity of my #lupusflare... and it's very #painful and they are due to high doses of #prednisone and this #flare along with my #Bloodthinner #heprin... Bringing awareness to this #invisibleillness that's not always invisible... this #chronicillness and #chronicpain #lupusfighters everywhere #putyalsup 💜 and take care of yourself... Listen to your body and #knowlupus 🦋#systematiclupuserythematosus #systematiclupus #muslimahwithlupus #niqabmob215

Imagine a dark and gritty DBZ AU where Videl never stops being a fighter and joins the police force. She becomes a Captain on the police force. The Great Saiyaman is still a vigilante fighter and public opinion is extremely divided on him, it's a strain on their relationship. On top of that they have to keep fighting all these alien villains that want to destroy the planet. Just imagine. Hey awesome fanfic writers idea for you right here! lol 🙃 #videl #videlcosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #libertycityanimecon #libertycityanimecon2017 #dbz #dragonballz #fanfiction #anime #fightlikeagirl

mean mug. Videl has to clean up crime on the mean streets of NYC. 👊💪 #videl #videlcosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #libertycityanimecon #libertycityanimecon2017 #dbz #dragonballz #fightlikeagirl #anime

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