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#ThrowbackThursday Saurav Ganguly batting against classroom hunger. 'Heart' it if you support 'Unlimited Food for Education'. #ZeroHunger #MenuForHope #FightHunger

Big thanks to these generous peeps! Thank you for your food drive donations. #fighthunger #giveback #feedarkansas #realtorlife @propertygroupar @arfoodbank

Our can drive is still going thru the weekend! Bring cans to the brewery for donation ONLY, or by participating locations to get a discount on English Tea. Help us flood the Ozarks Food Harvest with cans when we volunteer there on Tuesday and together we can help stop hunger in 417 land.

Even from the gym I can help someone in need just by streaming @directv For every existing customer who streams, a Meal* is being donated to @feedingamerica It’s a very easy way to spread holiday cheer. #feedingamerica #fighthunger #ad

You've never seen the most beautiful thing on this planet until you watch 10,000 floating lanterns get released into the sky at the same time.....I promise. #thelightsfestival #thelights #fighthunger #mytangleddream #morepicstocome

Thank you @foodbank4nyc for giving us the opportunity to help pack 3,296 meals! We had a great time. #FightHunger

📷: @martinschoeller
Martin: “Where do you live now, do you live on the street?”
Davina: “Yes, I’m on the street.”
M: “With a wheelchair. Do you have a tent?”
D: “No, I go to sleep at the park with my little blankets and stuff. I have my stuff up here. I go to the church and go take my little showers and stuff."
M: “Are you all by yourself?”
D: “I have my friends out there."
M: “Do you look out for each other and each other’s stuff?”
D: “Yes.”
M: “How long have you been on the street?”
D: “Two years and a half."
M: “What happened that you ended up on the street?”
D: “Ended up gettin’ hurt on a job and it’s been hard for me since then. I can’t go to work when I’m disabled. So I’m on public assistance.”
M: “Do you get disability?"
D: “Fighting for it.” .
Please support the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition to help people like Davina get back on their feet. Donate or volunteer today with link in bio.

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❤ I loved teaming up with @FeedingAmerica & @LAFoodBank to distribute groceries & food to families facing hunger in #LA today. #FightHunger

Help us "pitcher" a world without hunger! Come by our table in the caf from 11am-1pm today to tell us why you #fighthunger and donate for #RaiseDough!


Have you seen the amazing #Canstruction structures at Oak Park Mall yet? Make plans now to go see them this weekend and vote for your favorite at canstruction.harvestersvfd.org. Each $1 donation to Harvesters counts as one vote and will help us provide three meals!
#CanstructionKC #Hungry4More #FightHunger #OakParkMall #KansasCity

Y'all. Our office is filled to the brim with food donations for @arfoodbank. Our community of friends, clients and business partners has gone above and beyond. Tomorrow is the last day to donate! #feedarkansas #fighthunger

Bastrop County - we need your #help! We are half way to our #goal of $30,000. Your #donation allows us to provide emergency food and an array of other services to Bastrop County residents in need. Buy tickets to the#emptybowl this Saturday! Make a #donation! Help #fighthunger in #bastropcounty!


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@FoodCorp volunteers give children the gift of food literacy

Educate yourself on homelessness!

Our indoor garden is growing quickly! Soon we will have fresh, local rainbow chard and spinach during the winter season 🌱#localfood #gardening #ckp #fighthunger

A beautiful jewelry art piece by Stacy Deline for the Empty Bowls 2017 silent auction. #carrollcountyemptybowls #carrollcountysoupkitchen #fighthunger #carrolltonga

My donation piece for our local Empty Bowls fund raiser event. Mixed metal layered lotus with a beautiful faceted labradorite. #mixedmetal #amorphicmetalsjewelry #amorphicmetals #jewelry #labradorite #carrollcountyemptybowls #carrollcountysoupkitchen #fighthunger #carrolltonga

Sean Hare’s Story About The Reality Of Being Homeless - Part 1 “By the time I was 15, both my parents passed away. My mom drank herself to death I found her dead on a couch when I came home from school and my father passed away from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. So I was kinda stuck in a weird position where I was directed towards Children's Aid Society but that not enough help to get where I need to go. I went through shitty foster cares as well. I somehow managed to get through to a Bachelor's in Horticultural Anthropology which didn't necessarily do too well for me because I had spent out every credit and bursary to get me through school and whatever have me...therefore leaving me treacherously homeless. So, when I was talking about both my parents passing away, they had left me assets but I cannot access those assets until December 8th of this year and so basically those assets prevent me from getting any sort of government assistance at all, which leaves me on the streets without a single penny.
When it comes to the drug addiction stigma, people often believe that everyone is a drug addict and only buy people food and not help people in the way that they need help. I sit outside asking for a nickel because I don’t ask for anything that I wouldn't give to anyone else. And sometimes I only may have a nickle. And a lot of people just brush you off and thinking you will buy drugs and whatever, and yes in a sense I am going to buy drugs but drugs I need from a pharmacy. For me, it’s extremely difficult most days to even making $6 to $11 mainly because most people brush me off. And I don't know why but I feel that the people that are more aggressive somehow get more money and the people who are not aggressive and need it the most somehow don’t receive it. I don't know why..maybe it’s the way people are looked at or how they present themselves. I see a lot of people who are suffering out here and aren't getting the attention they need. For example, sometimes some people are given too much money for drugs that they don't need.
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Another beautiful silent auction piece available at Empty Bowls, 2017. This artwork was made by the talented Seth Fitts. #carrollcountyemptybowls #carrollcountysoupkitchen #fighthunger #carrolltonga

This Empty Bowls silent auction piece is a collaboration from two different artists: Lee Laney from Uncle Lee Folk Art, and Johnny Jackson from Rough Cut Designs. Johnny made this lovely bench and Lee has painted it with his colorful puzzle trees. #carrollcountyemptybowls #carrollcountysoupkitchen #fighthunger #carrolltonga

We are so proud of our community and their generosity. 1 more day left to donate. #fighthunger #feedarkansas @propertygroupar @arfoodbank

Our mission is more than just feeding people, it's giving them hope for a better tomorrow. #drivehungerout

Our next two-day Personal #FinancialManagement workshop kicks off On Monday, February 27.
This free workshop is custom designed to help those with fixed or low incomes make the best #financial decisions with limited household incomes. Over the course of the workshop participants will learn about: #Budgeting, #Banking Options, Managing #Credit, #Debt Repayment and Effects of #Consumerism. There is no cost to attend these programs and all of the materials and items needed for a program are provided thanks to sponsorship from #ConexusCreditUnion.
To register, please contact us via phone or email as per the image. #financialeducation #financialliteracy #ittakesavillage #feedhope #fighthunger #community #communitypartnership