Day 12 #varkaladiaries
The guy I bought drum from, wanted me to paint his drums. So I asked him to give a Tibetan singing bowl in return for my work. I painted these two drums outside his shop and everyone who crossed me, made me feel good about it. One lady from England asked me how much I was getting for the work and went on to tell the guy to give me the biggest bowl and that she will kick his ass if he doesn't. (I don't even know her name). It was so beautiful hearing strangers stand up for you when you always feel you aren't good enough. In the end, he gave me a bowl that I didn't like very much and I went home dissatisfied. My friends Rudy & Juan told on my face that the bowl sucked and that I deserve much better. They told me it's hard to stand up for oneself if you always feel you aren't good enough. They decided to take me back to the shop to get me the bowl that I liked. I was so nervous because I wasn't used to confronting people especially if it's for myself. We went there, they spoke to him, told him that my paintings were worth more than that ugly bowl he just gave me and kept trying other bowls till I found the one that I loved. I couldn't believe I actually got that bowl! Because I decided to face my fear and actually ask for what I deserve. Sometimes people like me, feel guilty for asking for payment or things that we actually deserve. We lower our worth and obviously that's how people will see us. I was so grateful to these two brothers from other mother's for taking me back and getting me what I deserved. This post is for all u guys who feel unworthy about your work. Value yourself, appreciate your work, give a pat on your back. You deserve it!
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Le violeur d’une jeune fille acquitté car elle portais un string ! LES VÊTEMENTS NE PARLENT PAS ! Les violeurs violent les humains, pas les vêtements. Rapist rape people not outfits ! #thisisnotconsent #fightlikeagirl #feministe #feminist #girlgang #girlsupportinggirls #fightforyourrights #female #femme #string #rape #fedup #undiz #black

Yes we were all born with the power to make history. Instead of just sitting there, use your voice...take action...move forward with conviction to make a shift and change our world for the better and the people. Remember all of the Trailblazers who took a stand and didn't back down with what they believed in...from Martin Luther King, to Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Alexander the Great, Walt Disney, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller and so forth. Let's Make History Together! #itsabouttime #makeashift #trailblazers (Here's to you #MarleneDietrich 🎩 #cheekbonesfordays)😘.

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Envie de revendiquer vos droits ? Tout savoir sur le droit de manifester, rendez-vous sur www.law-rence.ch

Want to fight for your rights ? Find everything on the right to protest with www.law-rence.ch

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muka muka ni je yang ada masa jatuh bangun aku. susah senang sama sama jatuh bangun sekali. tak pernah nak mengeluh langsung pasal kekurangan aku and drive aku untuk jadi orang yang lebih baik. kau tak kenal kau tak suka jangan kau sesuka hati nak cakap yang bukan bukan. kalau setakat nak cakap belakang boleh pergi jauh. ill fight for them. so better watch out guys

#fightforyourrights #idareyou #cakapbelakangtakguna

I usually reserve "political" post for Facebook. And Instagram for, well the shit I like and enjoy. And I intend to keep it that way. Yet there is an exception to every rule. And this image spoke to me.

Disability Awareness Simulation and Bakesale was hosted by #IOTClub University of Bahamas in #IOTNassau. It took place on November 8th 2018 at Independence Park on Oakefeild grounds. "Rock Cakes" (Flour Cakes), Chocolate chip cookies, Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice cupcakes with Buttercream icing, Salty Spicy Sausage, Bananas, Apples, and Ice Cups were sold at the bake sale. 75% of proceeds are to fund equipment for a local disabilities center. $ 100 has been made from the event.

Blind and Wheelchair simulations were conducted and had a total of 10 participants. Through the experienced struggles of navigating pathways and entering bathrooms unassisted ; we had received an unexpected outcome ... The beginnings of a signed petition to make Oakesfield campus more wheelchair friendly.

ACLU Bill of Rights Dinner 2018 - Honoring Kenya Barris @kenyabarris, Eva Longoria @evalongoria, Alyssa Milano @milano_alyssa, Tarana Burke @taranajaneen, Constance Wu @constancewu, & Rita Moreno @theritamoreno. Awards presented by Mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti @ericgarcetti, Laurence Fishburne, America Fererra @americaferrera, & Norman Lear @thenormanlear.

Who let her in !?

✨If you don’t like my fire Then don’t come around Cuz I’m gonna burn one down✨ #tbt #breakthestigma #itsjustaplant #blunts #bluntsmoke #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #fightforyourrights

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