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In Hawaii and across the country, hard-working Americans with full-time minimum wage jobs and are struggling just to get by. The Federal minimum wage has stagnated over the last 10 years, as inflation has increased, cost of living has gone up, and top earners incomes have risen. I joined Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic leaders from the House and Senate today as we introduced the Raise the Wage Act - legislation that would raise the Federal minimum wage to $15 by 2024, giving 41 million low-wage workers a raise. Join us in calling on Congress to stand up for working people and pass the #RaisetheWage Act! Join us in the #Fightfor15

Modern day slavery... #fightfor15 #berniesanders

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New Orleans #fightfor15 2017 on Rampart

RAISE THE WAGE // we stand together // we pay a living wage // we respect eachother // we're better for it // proud to be a part of the #FightFor15 #RaiseTheWage

Yesterday, we marched Down Town for Minimum Wages to be raised to $15.00 an hour. Thousands marched to Trump's Tower to Rock & Roll McDonalds. #fightfor15

The Art Club at Larose Elementary showing up for solidarity ❤#memphis #mlk50 #fightfor15

#Teamsters were out yesterday to support the #fightfor15 in NYC!


Hardly a minute in, when a spacewalker checks his wrist gauge and we see "Oxygen Credits," I knew the topic of this Doctor Who episode would be "LIBERTARIANS IN SPACE!" Why? Because I saw them arguing on GEnie, years before the Worldwide Web, whether space colonists who exercise should be charged more for oxygen than sedentary types who don't.
The wet dream of right-wing colonizers has always been a captive population forced to pay through the nose for not just their food and water but even the air they breathe. Yet the reality is that any greedy dingleberry who suggests such a thing would be the first one pitched out an airlock. What's corporate HQ back on Earth gonna do, stop the colonists from mining oxygen from lunar soil? Good luck with that. Oh, and there's plenty of water waiting to be mined as well.
The Doctor announced at the conclusion that -- SPOILER ALERT -- this event marked the end of capitalism in space. Woot! This was, hands down, the most Marxist episode of Doctor Who yet, but I haven't heard a peep of complaint over the last two weeks from the usual right-wing nutjobs. Not a word. But then no one called Gene Roddenberry a communist, either, when Picard announced three decades ago that the Federation didn't use money anymore.
Is it because these shows are considered childish entertainment not even worth paying attention to?
Heh, fine.
Just keep in mind how influential these shows have become (TV's first interracial kiss!), and how many real inventions were inspired by them (sliding doors, for a start). Go ahead, neglectful parents, don't pay attention to the TV, then wonder why your children grow up to become Socialists in Space!
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Did they even try? This is why you don't get $15 an hour #mcdonalds #fightfor15 #mcfuckyou

im gonna need the government to admit they hate anyone who isn't part of the ruling class and they want people to stay poor cause bruh this is still the minimum wage like who can eat, pay bills, and raise kids on this? got people out here munchin on wish sandwiches and washing them down with flint water #fightfor15

New Orleans #fightfor15 2017 on Rampart

This week, workers showed the way forward. #FightFor15

*WILL BE AN OPINIONATED POST* "Victimization refers to a person being made into a victim by someone else and can take on psychological as well as physical forms, both of which are damaging to victims" American culture thrives on individualism and our literature and movies thrive on seeing the underdog thrive and become successful in spite of being beaten down and told s/he would amount to nothing. But how does this affect our culture? Let's talk about that. *Good Mythical Morning theme plays* GOOOOOOOOD-- okay I'm done. The GMM reference has been played out, it's done, and I need to accept that.
All major right-leaning news outlets have all reported on the epidemic that is "victim culture" in the US which refers to the false but self declared victim status of alleged minority groups; this includes women, LGBT, and PoC. And for the most part, all of the people with false senses of victimhood use it to get away with things like racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination which commonly turn into harassment. One example of this is a video that went viral that showed a black woman attacking (both physically and verbally) a white man and accusing him of cultural appropriation. In this case, it is absolutely so that the man had done nothing to initiate this interaction and  the woman had gone out of her way to assault him.
Something like this can be extremely dangerous; we are encouraging these groups to push the responsibility of getting your shit together onto someone else. Instead of taking charge and putting effort into fixing the issues they have, they are instead only finding more issues that are illogical and almost non existent and pushing the responsibility onto others to fix. For example, the idea that cultural appropriation is negatively affecting our society has absolutely no conclusive, measurable, and non theoretical evidence. Yet the issue continues to be brought up in almost every conversation about social injustice. This is just another lame complaint that has seemingly no affect on our culture as a whole.

A $15 minimum wage isn't just a good thing for families working full time, it is also great for the economy! Don't believe the BS that the rich are job creators, their not. In fact, many outsource jobs to third world countries for cheap labour. The real job creators are the middle class! You see when the middle class and working class have more money to spend they spend it. More spending leads to more demand, which leads to more jobs. It will also lift many out of poverty and off government assistance, they will then go out and spend more. Two arguments against a $15 minimum wage is that small businesses will suffer, and prices will just go up. There are solutions! First, instead of subsidizing corporations, subsidize small businesses. Second, prices won't go up. If you look at Australia they have a $21 minimum wage, yet the cost of a Big Mack is lower then in America. You see corporations won't raise prices because they don't want to lose lower income costumers! #fightfor15
#15dollarsanhour •••••••••••••••••••••••••
Are you a progressive who wants to rid the Democratic Party of big money and neoliberalism? If so go to:
Justicedemocrats.com or
#berniesanders #elizabethwarren #tulsigabbard #jillstein #feelthebern #stillsanders
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(meme by me) Rachel Maddow's annual salary $7M, Bill Maher $6M, Chris Hayes $6M, Wolf Blitzer $3M, Anderson Cooper $11M. These corporate cocksuckers will talk about ANYTHING but single-payer Universal Health Care, a $15 min wage, the 7 interventionist wars we are currently in, free college, mass surveilance, marijuana legalization, pay equity for women, paid maternity leave, breaking up the banks. These are the things that the American people care about. Not Russia, not Comey. Why would you want a revolution when you're being driven to work by a limo making tens of thousands per day?

Lemme get this straight, Trump colluded with Russia and Wikileaks to release the Podesta emails which only proved that the DNC chose Hillary as their candidate, chose Trump out of 17 Republicans (See Also: Pied Piper Candidate) and vehemently opposed Bernie Sanders? That's what swayed the election?
Julian Assange and Wikileaks are infallable. For 10 years they've released 100M documents and not 1 has been redacted. Russia has absolutely nothing to do with the Podesta emails. #sethrich a DNC staffer, was the source and was murdered. Shot twice in the back "a botched robbery" even though he still had his phone, wallet & watch. DC police are quiet af.

Support independent media. Subscribe to these journalists on youtube; TYT Politics, Jimmy Dore, Tim Black, HA Goodman, The Humanist Report, David Pakman and stay woke. George Orwell said "Journalism is printing someone does not want printed, everything else is public relations." #occupycnn #occupywallstreet #redscare #viacom #comcast #propaganda #bernthemedia #fakenews #brainwashed #independentmedia #politicalmemes #incomeinequality #fightfor15 #nodapl #payequity #stillsanders #singlepayer #nowar #demexit #turnitoff 🚫📺

Trabajador@s de Walmart, Sam´s Club, Aurrerá y otros supermercados convocan a un paro nacional llamado #UnDíaSinAsociados para este 27 de mayo.
¿La razón? Recibieron entre 73 centavos y 330 pesos de utilidades este año. Cuando las ganancias de esas empresas son millonarias gracias a los bajos salarios que pagan, y las pésimas condiciones laborales de sus trabajadores.
Pero no son los únicos, el trabajo súper explotado y sin derechos perjudica a la mayoría de los trabajadores. Si logran vencer a estas monstruosas empresas, los demás trabajadores estaremos en mejores condiciones para pelear en defensa defender nuestros intereses.
¡Toda nuestra solidaridad con sus demandas! ¡Trabajo digno! ¡Nuestras vidas valen más que sus ganancias!
Pan y Rosas México #FightFor15

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