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Was proud to stand with this incredible group today, workers, advocates, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who came together and will continue to fight with us until we make a $15 minimum wage a reality in this country. #fightfor15 #raisethewage

@Regrann from @fortforatlanta - To the men and women employed with the City of Atlanta - Congratulations. Today you've received a long overdue raise for those workers who are paid under $15 per hour bringing the minimum wage in the city up to $15/hr, a living wage. This not only increases the size of your paychecks, but also affirms what WE already knew - that you have a right to compensation that allows you to take care of your families and take part in the American dream.

To Atlanta Jobs with Justice and Fight for $15 - Thank you for your hard work and perseverance in advocating for fair and compassionate pay for City of Atlanta workers. It has been my honor stand with and march with you in your fight. I will continue to stand with as our struggle continues.

While I am happy that for the wage increase, I am disappointed with the decision by City Council to phase in the wage increase over the next few years ($13 in 2017, $14 in 2018, and $15 in 2019). City of Atlanta workers and their families deserve to be compensated fairly NOW. They have been made to wait too long. Under the Fort Administration, we will take action to make this increase immediate.

#Fightfor15 - #regrann


The internet has been buzzing this week about reports that #McDonald's will replace cashiers in 2,5000 stores with self-service kiosks.

But McDonald's says is has no such plans, yet.

It's true that the company is rolling out kiosks, which allow customers to order and pay for their food, in thousands of stores.
The touch-screen technology is meant to speed up the ordering process and give people more control over customizing their food, while reducing opportunities for human error.

Analysts expect the #kiosks will help boost McDonald's sales, in part because they will help increase efficiency in restaurants.

But the kiosks aren't meant to replace workers, as some reports this week indicated with headlines like, "McDonald's hits all-time high as Wall Street cheers replacement of cashiers with kiosks" and "McDonalds Is Replacing 2,500 Human Cashiers With Digital Kiosks: Here Is Its Math." McDonald's has repeatedly said that adding kiosks won't result in mass layoffs, but will instead move some cashiers to other parts of the restaurant where it's adding new jobs, such as table service. The burger chain reiterated that position again on Friday. "Our CEO, Steve Easterbrook, has said on many occasions that self-order kiosks in McDonald’s restaurants are not a labor replacement," a spokeswoman told Business Insider. "They provide an opportunity to transition back-of-the-house positions to more customer service roles such as concierges and table service where they are able to truly engage with guests and enhance the dining experience." In fact, sales have increased at stores that have added the kiosks, which suggests additional labor needs are a highly plausible outcome of expanding the digital ordering technology.
McDonald's restaurants that have been remodeled for the chain's new digitally-enhanced "experience of the future" — which includes the addition of kiosks — experience a 5%-6% lift in sales in the first year after the remodel, and a 2% lift in the second year, according to Cowen analyst Andrew Charles. 🖐🏾More in comments👇🏾#Automation #FightFor15 #Technocracy #SmartCity

The Art Club at Larose Elementary showing up for solidarity ❤#memphis #mlk50 #fightfor15

Join the March on McDonald's May 23. The only way we win is together. #FightFor15 cc: @womensmarch @nyjusticeleague

In Hawaii and across the country, hard-working Americans with full-time minimum wage jobs and are struggling just to get by. The Federal minimum wage has stagnated over the last 10 years, as inflation has increased, cost of living has gone up, and top earners incomes have risen. I joined Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic leaders from the House and Senate today as we introduced the Raise the Wage Act - legislation that would raise the Federal minimum wage to $15 by 2024, giving 41 million low-wage workers a raise. Join us in calling on Congress to stand up for working people and pass the #RaisetheWage Act! Join us in the #Fightfor15


I don't care what your job is, the fact is if a job exists, then its necessity is implied. Your humanity and dignity should not be determined by what you do for 40+ hours a week. You shouldn't have to earn basic needs in the richest country in the world, in a planet ripe with wealth and resources. As a human being you are entitled to safety, shelter, food, and water. Surviving should not be a competition, and the world should not categorize those unable to survive as unworthy of living. The system is broken, but together we fight for a future where survival can be taken for granted.

😂😂 hate to say we told you so but...

Spelled my name twice for this guy. Doster the first time and Dolter the second. #thisisnthowitworks Not sure why Dustin was so hard to spell. #theseguyswant15anhour

#Wendys #minimumwage #fightfor15 #didntpasssecondgrade #challengedspeller

This is what happens when people think they should be paid $15/hr for a job designed for teenagers... #fightfor15 #minimumwage #mcdonalds #minwage #parttimejob

We are excited to be at today's Chicago Pride Parade as we continue to #FightFor15, LGBTQ rights, and economic justice! #PrideMonth 🏳️‍🌈

The things you stumble upon in sf
#fightfor15 #prideparade

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