Breakfast. #proteinshakes seem to help my mornings just be a touch easier. Eating doesn't have to be complicated. Food doesn't have to be difficult. Convenience is high on my list, it helps the sustainability of my habits.
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Grabbed a @beyondjuice Total Energy Plus to help support my nanny-kids' swim team! πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’― So delish. Strawberries, banana, kale, and spinach. πŸ“πŸŒπŸŒΏπŸƒ
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New blog post up on my website (link in bio!) - Alllllllllll about why I believe diets don't work AND what to do about it.
Let me know what y'all think. 😘
It's time we changed what this culture is all about, whaddya say?! πŸ™πŸ’ƒ
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Just a little bedtime snack inspired by @thereallife_rd
I used to feel out of control around ice cream. I had a lot of rules about when I could eat it, how much, etc. I slowly challenged myself to break those food rules, and started using internal cues instead of external. And now it’s a neutral food for me! No day is perfect, but feeling in control around your favorite foods is more than enough. πŸ€—πŸ¦πŸͺ
I have no less than 3 types of ice cream in my freezer (I told you, variety is key for me!). This is @tillamook marionberry pie with a cookie bar from @lindsaymaitland Healthyish Cookbook!
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These words are easier said than believed.
I get it.
As a (recovering) Type-A planner personality, I am used to finding comfort in checklists, constructing outcomes, and having answers to everything.
This move to Australia has thrown out my methods of life.
And although I am in the middle of it all - I am finding peace in what the old Amanda would have called an absolute shitstorm.
Nothing has gone to plan.
All expectations were flipped.
And my fears, my anxiety, and my emotions have certainly gotten the better of me some days. #justbeinghonest πŸ’
You ever feel like you have two versions of yourself?
Amanda #1 handles all of this chaos like a boss.
Amanda #2 feels defeated, hopeless, and full of fear.
This is what I mean by heart self and fear self.
This is what Strength of Heart is all about.
This is what my business is built on.
So whether your fears are about food and your body, your relationships, your career, or your life - it is all about stepping up to your fears and CHOOSING the life you want.
It is about learning how to listen to your heart, and handle all of lifes stresses (or unplanned adventures as I am now calling them) with grace, excitement, and of course - a good sense of humor.
So if you are struggling with this - keep following my adventure. If nothing else, you'll get a good laugh and hopefully some life lessons you can carry with you.
And if you would like to talk to me directly, send me an email.
You deserve to have a life full of adventures. And I'll help teach you how to enjoy it. ❀
#choicetrumpsall #fightfoodfear #backtothebasics

Man oh man has it been an interesting month.
Hindsight, I wish I shared every day what was happening.
You know, I didn't think I had set expectations for this trip...but apparently I did. πŸ˜‚
Nothing, and I mean nothing, had gone to plan.
From strep throat in BC, sinus infection in LA, large unexpected expenses in Hawaii and nearly staying at a campground notorious for theft, beatings, and now murder, to running into numerous issues buying a vehicle to live in and travel, to getting covered in hives and having your eyes nearly swell shut...well, if this hasn't been God's way of teaching me and making sure I am really learning these lessons then I don't know what is.
I will share more in depth about all of the lessons specifically...both on here and on my site. Cause we all know I like to talk, and talk, and talk. 😊
So if you are struggling with anxiety, perfection, people pleasing, food, body image, stress, worry, depression, anger, relationships, well then you are in the right place my friend. ❀
And before I go, I just want you to know that you can get through this. You can learn how to be easy. You can learn how to create the life you want. And I will help you along the way.
Sending you all SO MUCH DAMN LOVE. ✨
Now, time for coffee. πŸ’
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January 2017 I made a list of Intentions for the year.
At that time I didn't have a single stamp on my passport.
But on that list I had written to plan 2 trips overseas (including learning to surf).
Even though it wasn't in my budget and I hadn't even thought about where to go, the ink clung to that paper.
Today, I am currently sitting at the airport, on my way to Hawaii.
After that?
This Canadian girl is moving to Australia.
Ever since the day I heard a voice saying "You were made for more", my life has surprised me in unimaginable ways every single day.
Was it quick to get over my addictions, eating disorder, body image struggles, anxiety, and depression?
Lasting change, TRUE lasting change, takes time, patience, understanding, and love.
But friends, I did it.
And my clients do it as well.
Just when I think I've created my best life, something new and wild happens. πŸ’ƒ
This journey is never-ending, but I am ALWAYS satisfied.
I am present.
I am free.
I am who I chose to be.
If you feel stuck, lost, fed up, or hopeless - send me an e-mail.
Life is too short to be unhappy.
And there is WAY too much to see.
Let me teach you how to create your best life.
What do you have to lose? ❀😎
#fightfoodfear #choicetrumpsall #backtothebasics

The minute I learned grace, was when my whole world changed. ✨🌎
There is great power in compassion, in love, in kindness, in forgiveness, in stepping into the discomfort and becoming the person you were meant to be - the person you are.
Grace is how I developed relationship with self.
Grace is how I learned unconditional love. ❀
Ready to learn what self-love truly means and how to actually experience it every day? Send me an e-mail, let's chat. 😘
#strengthofheartproject #dailydose #fightfoodfear #choicetrumpsall #recoveredperfectionist

Where do you go when you're stressed?
What do you do when your emotions are so intense, so real, so overwhelming?
I used to feel powerless and didn't know how to cope or manage those emotions...ultimately I would numb out to avoid feeling vulnerable.
But there is great power in feeling your feelings and surrendering.
As part of my daily practice, I have developed a spiritual relationship.
I now have a safe place that I go to every single day to decompress, to surrender, to ask for help, to be thankful, to sit in silence, to listen, and to pray.
This is where I go to learn and grow.
This is where I go to gain perspective, strength, and stability.
This is where I go to connect to my heart. ❀
What do you guys do as part of your spiritual practice? ✨
What do you struggle with spiritually? πŸ‘‡
If you've been feeling stuck in your life and are ready for a change, send me an email - let's get you what you deserve. 😘
#dailydose #fightfoodfear

As you begin to step out of the brokenness.
As you choose your best life every day.
One of the most important things to remember is courage.
Courage doesn't mean being perfect.
It doesn't mean not failing.
It doesn't mean that you are always positive.
Courage means that you step forward even though there is uncertainty.
Courage means that you try no matter what the outcome may be.
Courage means that you show up for yourself because you trust that you are worth it.
And courage means that you WILL succeed. πŸ’πŸ‘Š
Having courage doesn't always come naturally.
It can feel very foreign.
That is because it is a learned action.
The more you do it, the easier it becomes.
With the New Year comes new goals - set ones where you have to get out of your comfort zone.
Ones that scare you.
Ones that you will need to practice courage.
Because that's where your best life lives.
And you deserve to be there. ❀
Want to know more about how to get out of the brokenness and live a life you actually love? Send me an email. Let's chat. 😘
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Normally, the New Year doesn't necessarily bring a new start for me.
It is all the same story, just a different chapter. πŸ““
I believe in new beginnings any time of year, any day of the week. πŸ’
I don't wait for the perfect time for change, I create it when it must happen.
That life you want?
It exists whether it is January 1st or July 1st.
Whether it is Monday or Friday.
The beautiful part about life is that we have the power of choice.
So yes...
Spend time reflecting.
Spend time creating goals.
Spend time creating your best life.
But don't do it just because it is December 31st and you feel obligated, do it because you want to.
Because you are READY and WILLING.
Because you DESERVE to take the power back in your life. πŸ‘Š
So I pray that all of your dreams come true, not because it is the New Year, but because you deserve to be who you want to be.
Who you truly are.❀
#strengthofheartproject #dailydose #recoveredperfectionist #fightfoodfear #choicetrumpsall

Freedom or fear? ✨
A while ago I was driving home from visiting with my best friend.
A lot of transformation was in the works during this time.
My life had two paths to choose from.
As I was driving, I pulled over on what happened to be a crossroads.
I fell to my knees crying, screaming out for help. (I can be very dramatic πŸ˜‚)
For advice. For guidance. For a sign that what I was feeling in my chest was the right decision.
In that moment, I got all the answers that I was asking for.
I felt it in my heart what I should do. πŸ’œ
A strong pull towards the life of my wildest imaginations.
But the fear set in and I became so filled with doubt.
With uncertainty.
Those fears tried to lock me into "comfort".
But the coming days I received more and more signs of what I needed to do.
And I listened.
I flipped my life completely upside down.
I let go of familiarity and routine.
I took the risk, having no idea what would happen.
And I couldn't be happier about it.
This wasn't the first crossroads that I hit, nor will it be the last.
If you feel like you are at an impasse right now - I ask you to open your eyes and look to your left, then look to your right.
There are always possibilities.
There are always choices.
My advice?
Listen to that fear and go straight in with courage, strength, and excitement.
The life you always wanted?
It's down THAT road. πŸ™
#recoveredperfectionist #fightfoodfear #choicetrumpsall

Channeling my inner basic biatch πŸ˜… a hot chocolate was my only man after today 😴 also first time I've ever ordered one without inducing guilt and dread over calories/sugar/fat so surely that's cause for celebration too πŸ’• I have been missing a trick for years! #basicwhitegirl #basicbitch #hotchocolate #hygge #yummyinmytummy #bopo #mentalhealth #eatallthethings #fightfoodfear

Ever notice that when you try SO hard to control something, it ends up having control over you?
Yeah, me too. πŸ™‹
Some of the biggest shifts happened in my life when I let go of perfection, expectations, and just surrendered.
Not only did my depression and anxiety improve.
Not only did my eating disorder and body image struggles go away.
Not only did I find the love of my life.
Not only did I pursue my wildest dreams.
I was happy.
Truly, deeply, intensely happy.
If you feel like you are fighting a losing war.
If you feel the need to control and manage your entire life.
If you feel unworthy of love.
If you feel like you can't have the life that you want.
Send me a message.
Let me show you otherwise.
Give me 45 minutes and I'll give you something powerful.
Let's do this. πŸ’™
#strengthofheartproject #recoveredperfectionist
#fightfoodfear #choicetrumpsall

Do you ever have those moments where you are 100% present in your life?
Where you are so full of pure joy, pure happiness, and pure wonder?
For a very long time I didn't experience those feelings at all.
I was trapped in a life of hopelessness, sadness, anxiety, and fear.
The light in me felt dimmed.
On a daily basis, it was as if the world was a snowglobe, and I was on the outside looking in.
Honestly it felt like I didn't really exist.
Until I reignited the fire in my soul. πŸ”₯
I became so full of passion and adventure.
I began exploring like I was a child again.
No expectations, just curiosity.
Yesterday was a prime example of that.
I grew up snowboarding, it had become a big part of my life...but in the last 10 years between my drug addiction, eating disorder, depression, and anxiety - it was no longer even a thought in my mind.
Yesterday, was my first time out since I was 18.
I reminded myself to let go of expectations, not be such an asshole to myself, and just have fun. (Practicing what I teach erryday πŸ’)
For a minute fear and anxiety kicked in, and I told myself "Nah girl, this is excitement! Let it happen. You deserve this."
And you know what? It went BETTER than I thought it might.
But even if it didn't, above all else I had so much fun, my goofball was in full force, and I just experienced the beauty of life.
I jumped right in with courage and confidence. And let go of fear and worry.
I released the need for perfection and just played.
Anywho, moral of the story: Don't be afraid to look stupid, do what makes you happy, be courageous, step into your fears with excitement, and do fun shit. 😝
#strengthofheartproject #dailydose #recoveredperfectionist #fightfoodfear #choicetrumpsall

I used to be viciously afraid change.
It would create so much panic, anxiety, and worry within me.
I felt safe in my routines.
In knowing what was next.
My life was completely rigid and calculated.
And I was terribly unhappy.
Every day I was in a constant battle with food, my body, and my life.
And then one day I chose to surrender.
I listened to that inner voice I had inside of me that said I was made for more.
I trusted that feeling.
Even when I felt hopeless and didn't know what to do.
I know you have that same feeling.
You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't.
So I am challenging you to trust it.
You were made for more too.
Believe that. ❀
#strengthofheartproject #dailydose #fightfoodfear #recoveredperfectionist #choicetrumpsall

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