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“You have a boy, Mrs. Grey. Check his Apgar.” “Apgar is nine.” “Can I see him?” I gasp. Christian disappears from view for a second and reappears a moment later, holding my son, swathed in blue. His face is pink, and covered in white mush and blood. My baby. My Blip... Theodore Raymond Grey. When I glance at Christian, he has tears in his eyes. “Here’s your son, Mrs. Grey,” he whispers, his voice strained and hoarse. “Our son,” I breathe. “He’s beautiful.” “He is,” Christian says and plants a kiss on our beautiful boy’s forehead beneath a shock ofdark hair. Theodore Raymond Grey is oblivious. Eyes closed, his earlier crying forgotten, he’s asleep. He is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. So beautiful, I begin to weep. © Fifty Shades Freed

They are very happy!😍I so want that they were together😢😌
It is a pity that Jamie hasn't met Dakota before the wife😢😢😢😢

Good morning everyone , have a nice day 🌈💕!
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Which Christian looks better?🤔❤
Good morning fifties!😇 I hope you all will have a good day at school or work!😊 I will try to make today a new video and photo edit❤ ~A💗 #fiftyshadesofgrey #fiftyshadesdarker #fiftyshadesfreed #fiftyshadestrilogy #fiftyshadesmovie #christiangrey #anastasiasteele  #dakotajohnson #jamiedornan #50shadesofgrey #eljames #fsogmovie #fsdtrailer


i miss them

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