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I have some edit that have my old name and I can't change them.
Sorry if I haven't been active but yesterday my sister is been 4 year that she died for the cancer, and it still hurts a lot. Wake up at the morning and you do realize that she isn't with you anymore, that she won't be with you in your grow up in your step of your life. It"s horrible when a person who you loves with all your heart he is not protect you, stay with you, make you happy when you are sad, when you are lost. She was the only one that she could understand me, who I could talk about my problem with, who I could cry with, who i laugh with, who I share the worst and the best moments of my whole life, and it hurts a lot not doing this thing anymore. I will never forget that moment when I came back to school and I saw my mum seat who was crying, I realize what happend and I couldn't believe.
I love you sis, you know better than me how much I loved,I love and I will love you.
Thanks for everything, for what you did and for just your present, I'm glad that I had i sister like you, the best, I couldn't ask betrer. Get rest, I know you will see me and look after me like a big sister can do.
With all my heart, I love you. PAOLA
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Dakota at the "Suspiria" Press Conference at Venice Film Festival [September 2nd]
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❃ new pictures of Dakota spotted out in Beverly Hills, on 21 Sept.♡ #dakotajohnson
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Dakota out in Beverly Hills yesterday, September 21st.
She was carrying Givenchy Calf Leather Chain-Trimmed Bag ($2,290).

Dakota at the "Suspiria" Press Conference at Venice Film Festival [September 2nd]
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