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is it bad that my ass still listens to the monster high movie soundtracks orrr 👀

lmao im done


me checking to see if i actually have time for your bullshit... NOPE.


i want someone to ride my thigh and whimper while i degrade them

comment on my intro for a tbhhh 😪🦋 also hi 😳🤠

hello im back should I change my pfp

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Max J. Novak.
17 years of age. Professional procrastinator. Loves skirts. Will have late night phone calls with you. soft voiced princess. Soft hearted. Bisexual. Smiley. Her friends own her heart. Kinky. Will probably tell you to fight her. 5'1. tastes like vodka honey. Stutter issue. Rolls her eyes a lot. Kinda rude. Latina. Open-minded. Could use more friends.

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reagan. jamie’s little girl. since ‘98. jamie kisser. submissive. five year old in a nineteen year olds body. the little girl, in mdlg/ddlg. a clingy princess. probably cuddling a puppy. overexcitable. adores everything and everyone. daddy’s little girl. secretly a kinky brat. gets panicked and scared easily. afraid of the dark. doesn’t want to annoy or disappoint. rules make her feel safe and secure, even if some of them are ‘made to be broken’
comment for a new friendship!! 💕💗💓💘

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⠀⠀⠀KAYDEN WOODS. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
nineteen. single. canadian. coffee addict. dirty jokes. conspiracy theories & horror movies enthusiast. dog lover. hella protective. hates small talk. loves his friends. indecisive. very, sarcastic. desperately needs friends, say hello.

janiyah. 💭🍒🐻🍌🌱🌈
comment for a tbh and rate.
seventeen. taken. cancer. pansexual. switch. canadian. demisexual. moody a lot. wants to marry sza. says mhm a lot. wants more friends, speak to her. #openrp #anyrp

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