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"Sometimes people come into your life & you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or help you figure out who you are & or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be (possibly your roommate, neighbor, professor, long lost friend, lover, or even a complete stranger), but when you lock eyes with them, you know at the very moment that they will affect your life in some profound way." #deusocksus #lightworkers #fifthdimensionbeings #icanseethetripplerainbow

Manifesting is basically creating. What do you want to create in your life? Write a list be very clear in your mind and then look at this image and you can start to create and manifest your life. Energy flows where attention goes. #manifestation #create #fifthdimensionbeings #newage #newenergy

Growing up, I had many images of successful family life placed before me. "Leave It to Beaver" was one of the examples of a loving family support system and "Father Knows Best" was another.
Each week one or two of the Anderson children had some kind of minor crisis. After he or she received wise words from his father, Jim Anderson, the youngster was able to successfully maneuver out of the situation. Often a life lesson was conveyed through the well written plot that I filed away in my young mind.
My own experience was not like either one of these television families. In a time when most of my neighbors were single income households, both of my parents worked full time. They both had white collar jobs.
My father was an engineer for Standard Oil, my mother worked for the California Highway Department. As a child, I was able to enjoy extras that my friends couldn't afford, but what I longed for was to be able to come home from school to my own house and my own mother.
Instead, I went to a neighbor's house to wait until my parents returned from work. I never felt like I was a priority to my mother. It was that early feeling of rejection that provided the inroad to many of the failures I experienced as I matured.
There were many successes over the years, but between the controlling influence of my mother and a deeply ingrained sense of insecurity, I never believed that I would truly succeed at anything.
Those fifth dimension beings that I have been discussing recently took full advantage of the hurts I sustained from family and friends.
Had I understood what was truly at work in my life, I could have navigated successfully around those obstacles long before I did.
I may not have altered every event that occurred, but I definitely would have been able to make better choices in addressing the challenges I faced.
I could have spent decades becoming more adept at winning.
Don't waste valuable time trying to battle unseen forces without the proper equipment.
Take the time to gain the knowledge needed to win.
I can promise you, it will be time well spent.
Your victory can be assured even if you never watched "Father Knows Best".#fifthdimensionbeings #fifthdimension

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Crazier, more creative, and initially seeing Joker as a kindred spirit. What do you guys think? #mxyzptlk #joker #dccomics #dcu #villains #supervillain #supervillains #fifthdimensionbeings #batman #superman #sherlock #moriarty #concept #writer #writersofinstagram #sherlockholmes

Repost from @theresonantwitch
Did you know you 'signed' a Soul Contract before your soul was reincarnated to this Earth? Together, with the Creator, you chose your date of birth which in turn decided your life path. You chose your parents, you even chose your name! Sometimes when we are going through something difficult we ask ourselves 'why me?' or 'why am I always the one to get picked on?' but it's important to remember that you chose this life and all the battles that come with it. You're much stronger than you believe, your Higher Self knows it. Let's shift our consciousness together: let's accept that life does not happen TO us but that it is always happening FOR us. Feel grateful for this beautiful experience and honour the growth your soul has done up until today ✨
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Solar eclipses have long been associated with major biblical and political events. These events have led either to a push forward or backward in the evolution of human consciousness. We are about to experience a HUGE push forward. To find out more about it, go to lunamaryam.com and click blog or click the direct link in my bio 🌬
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It will take courage to keep moving forward alone.
It will take courage to continue going in a direction which seems fraught with difficulties.
It will take courage to purposely take a path that few have been on before.
Don't let those things move you.
If you truly want to see what you are capable of, you have to be willing to push past anything that appears to stand in your way.
So often, people are deceived into thinking that other people are the problem.
"If my parents had believed in me."
"If only my boss liked me."
"If only my coworkers understood me."
"If only my spouse was more supportive."
Please hear me:
There is a very real enemy who will (simply put) play mind games. He will do everything he can to deceive you into thinking that you are powerless to change anything. He will use your past experiences and personal failures to convince you that you will never achieve the dream that is in your heart.
Reach down deep within and discover what you were designed to accomplish.
Once you know what that is, pursue it regardless of what you see before you!
Pursue it regardless of the amount of approval or support you receive from others.
Be willing to take the path less traveled and before you know it, the dream no one else could see will be visible to everyone!!
#pathleasttraveled #courage #excuses #ifonly #walkonwater #obstacles #peoplearenotyourproblem #deception #visibledreams #walkonwater #mindgames #entrepreneur #fifthdimensionbeings #authorvivianlmiller

Every one of us has been uniquely designed for a purpose.
Each one of us was given a gift, a talent, a particular quality that sets him apart from everyone else.
For many, at the first sign of difficulty or resistance, they will hesitate. If one allows that obstacle to loom ahead as insurmountable, he will not progress. That one hurdle will cause him to quit. He will never discover whatever lies ahead of that difficulty.
It has been my experience that when I determine NOT to quit and I move past that stumbling block, that I reach another level of growth or achievement.
Stumbling blocks are there for a reason.
They are placed there by the Enemy of our souls who is seeking a way to prevent mankind from reaching his potential.
Society has programmed many to quit when things become "too hard". That level which is perceived as "too hard" differs from one individual to another. Unfortunately, many (but not all) of the twenty something people today have been trained to expect everything to be easy and everyone to be mindful of their feelings.
Those who parented them did them a great disservice because the real world will not cater to them.
Instead of allowing the least little thing to stop you from achieving your goals, learn to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
Use the very thing the Enemy has placed before you to stop you as a step to help you gain ground.
Before you know it, you'll be experiencing a great adventure in a totally new place!!
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