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Репетиция балетной школы из Австралии «Национальная консерватория балета Австралии Inc», до начала международного конкурса #DancingItaly #pesaro #italy #fiestalonia #festival

Спасибо всем, кто за меня болел, переживал и поддерживал🙏🏼❤️ #1место#fiestalonia#milenio

#fiestalonia 1-орын 🎉🎉🎉! К.Кожамьяров атындағы ұйғыр театрында гала концерт өткіздік! Италиандык аншилермен ән салдык!

Dates of the event:18 – 22 March 2018, SPAIN
International choir contest “GOLDEN VOICES OF MONTSERRAT” – it is one of the biggest international choir competitive festivals in the world for professional and amateur nonprofit choirs. Annually this festival gathers a lot of choirs turning the Costa Brava – one of the Spanish coasts – into the center of the singing world. An impressive opening of the contest and a bright memorizable final concert will become an emotional framing of this grand event in lives of all the choirs and singers.
Apart from the professional competitive program among choirs from different countries and you get a possibility to sing in the basilica of a monastic complex Montserrat together with a choir of boys Escalonia which is known all over the world. This competitive choir festival “Golden voices of Montserrat” is full of friendly meetings, master classes given by the conductors of the best world’s choirs, round tables, specialized trainings which have no analogs in festival motions, final rehearsals, revelation of leaders, memorizable flash mob on one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts near the town Hall of Lloret de Mar.
MORE: http://ow.ly/xJBx30cQKQy
#fiestalonia #festival #GoldenVoicesOfMontserrat

ada choir indonesia nggk ikut kompetisi ini? @fiestalonia - International #choirs contest& festival #GoldenVoicesOfBarcelona #fiestalonia #lloretdemar #festivals www.fiestalonia.com


The International festival-competition-tour Mediterranean Legends (Legends of the Mediterranean) – runs along the route Barcelona – Costa Brava (Spain) – Cannes (France) – Nice (France) – Monte Carlo (Monaco) – San Remo (Italy). The festival is unique in its scope and richness of programs. Contestants will see remarkable places and events, become familiar with the cultures of Spain, France, Italy and visit the Principality of Monaco.
More: http://ow.ly/Plis30evVHU


International contest “FOLK FESTIVAL IN CATALONIA” contributes to preservation and a popularization of national traditions, ethnic culture of different nationalities and strengthening of international relations. International festival of #Folklore in Catalonia is directed for the propaganda of peace, #friendship, fraternal relations and world nations’ solidarity by means of folk art of dance and music, rich traditions and respected national standards of self-expression and communication.
Communicating with the language of fantasy and art, representatives of different world nations meet and exchange cultural and art works which reflect their traditions. It helps them to find new ways of communication by means of collaboration and the art language. We all know that the art language kills all the barriers like cultural, social, economical and others, leaving the communication level free and easy. This festival is held by the Spanish festival committee #Fiestalonia Milenio jointly with the town hall of Lloret de Mar (Spain, Costa Brava) and starts with a big parade and friendship.
All of our programs consist of two parts:
Participation in the competition and festival
Participation in the #Festival without competing in the competition*.
* For those who don’t want to participate in the competitive program, but wish to participate in the festival. They will still participate in the other festival activities including: joint rehearsals, workshops and master classes, where they receive advice and an official certificate from the renowned international experts during a brief discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere. Non competing participants will also perform at international friendship concerts combining different kinds of art.

Dates of the event
04 – 07 February 2018
03 – 06 February 2019
02 – 05 February 2020
MORE: http://ow.ly/I9Ho30dptuV

International choir contest #WorldOfChoirs is an international event organized for development, spreading and popularization of choral singing. Choirs from all over the world meet on the same stage as rivals but in a warm, friendly atmosphere to demonstrate not only their mastery but also their culture, uniqueness of choral singing. Not only widely experienced choirs can participate in the competition but also those for which participation in a contest of such scale will become a new step and motivation for developing of their talents. It perfectly suits the events of this kind. Also we cannot help noticing that you’ll be surprised while reading the list of the judges of this contest.
29 April – 02 May 2018 – Pesaro, Italy
#fiestalonia #chorus
MORE: http://ow.ly/pGl530d2P9q

O Samba Chula João do Boi foi criado em 2015 pelo líder João Saturno, mais conhecido como João do Boi, após deixar o Samba Chula de São Braz, grupo que ele fundou com seu falecido irmão Alumínio em 1995. João do Boi é um dos maiores representantes da tradição oral do Samba de Roda do Recôncavo, que é reconhecido pela UNESCO como Patrimônio Imaterial da Humanidade, desde 2005.
Com seu pandeiro em punho João do Boi e seu grupo entoam um repertório ímpar de chulas autorais e de domínio público que cantam o samba, a viola e a mulher. E também retratam a vida do trabalho da roça e do mar. São chulas lúdicas, piadas e conselhos irônicos, em pequenas parábolas ironizando situações e tragicômicas da vida cotidiana de São Braz, uma vila da cidade de Santo Amaro-Bahia, terra de @caetanoveloso, @mariabethaniacarreira, Roberto Mendes e outros artistas.
Acompanhado dos músicos da região, o grupo Samba Chula João do Boi se renova e busca manter viva a Chula, essa forma de canto que é uma técnica vocal dominada somente pelos mais velhos das comunidades negras do Recôncavo Baiano.
Foto: Esperança Gadêlha @esperanca_gadelha

#sambachula #saobraz #santoamaro #reconcavobaiano #sambadabahia #culturapopular #sambachulajoaodoboi

International competitions, held under the brand #Fiestalonia contribute to the preservation and a popularization of national traditions, ethnic culture of different nationalities and the strengthening of international relations.
These cultural activities are directed to the propagation of peace, friendship, fraternal relations and world nations’ solidarity by means of folk art of dance, singing and music, rich traditions and respected national standards of self-expression and communication.

Как же давно это было и ведь вроде бы совсем недавно. @fiestalonia #3_место заняли наши маленькие #сладкоежки в возрасте 4-5 лет. Русскоязычное музыкальное сопровождение было не к месту на международной конкурсе 😿🔫
#1_МЕСТО у наших старших. Важнее победы было то, что #хореограф с большой буквы #germanoderossi подошел к нам после конкурса и объявил, что мы его #фавориты, затем долго болтал с нашими девчонками, а англо-русским переводчиком служила наш худ.руководитель и, по совместительству, наставник конкурсантов Исаева Т.С. что-то уже опять хочется кого-нибудь победить 😄 уж очень это #сладкоечувство.
#архив #победа #международныйконкурс #фиесталония #FIESTALONIA #1МЕСТО #лучшие #ALEGRIA #choreo #choreography #modern #win #winners #wearethechampionsmyfriend

This impressive event you should not miss!
International #festival-competition #SeaSunFestival which will be attended by representatives from 27 countries, will take place on the Spanish coast of Costa Brava on 17th - 22nd of September 2017. #Fiestalonia is preparing a special program that will surprise you with the opportunity to get involved in art and gain new knowledges. In addition to the contest, bright concert programs, a memorable award ceremony, there will be organised a direct exchange of experiences between the leaders of creative teams. Teachers from 27 countries will share their experience and talk about the trends in art in their own country - everyone can take this event, and for a better understanding there will be translators.
Hurry up to apply!

Welcome to 11th world stmposium on choral music. This event will held till 28th july in Barcelona, L’Auditori. Our expositor is #7. #wscm #ifcm #fiestalonia #barcelona #choirfestival

Welcome to 11th world stmposium on choral music. This event will held till 28th july in Barcelona, L’Auditori. Our expositor is #7. #wscm #ifcm #fiestalonia #barcelona #choirfestival

The unchanging core of the politics of the international competition #FiestaloniaIsrael is the unwavering desire to provide the contestants with the best conditions for their personal and professional fulfilment. The organizer of the forthcoming festival-competition in Israel, the Spanish company #Fiestalonia is constantly striving for further development and improvement for the benefit of participants, partner organizations and host cities, as #Fiestalonia is also responsible for your success.
Constant striving for the quality of the events and the presentation of original ideas make contests organised by Fiestalonia unforgettable for all the participants -they experience the best emotions and the ocean of positive creative energy.
Read more https://goo.gl/c72Txt

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