@ignition0 and @4footsix kicking off with some early morning Deadlifts... chased up by Windmills, goblet lunges, renegade rows, tempo push ups and block runs. 💪

Flagstaff is always a blast. One of the coolest towns if you love the outdoors. Looking at summer homes for next year!

Field graphics. Endlessly beautiful.


//Iskate Bangka Lakad//repeat 😅
manato bridge to Victoria
#fieldworks #tagkawayanquezon

7 marathons in 7 days across the Grand Canyon coming up for @ross_juice.... a little bit of suffering practice on the sandbag💪😓😖😤

METAPHONICS was created in collaboration with @stuarthyatt. We designed, edited, and produced this 265-page hardcover book as a companion to Hyatt’s 7-album Field Works box set. (Each copy includes a download card for all seven albums.) We commissioned essays on four soundscape ecologies: geophony, biophony, anthropophony, cosmophony. Contributors include Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Cheryl Tipp, Enrique Ramirez, Leah Barclay, Gustavo Valdivia, Yiorgis Sakellariou, Sarah Laskow, Stuart Fowkes, and Bernie Krause. @manujawaldia created artwork the accompanies each essay (as well as the book’s endpapers). Peter Liversidge created a series of prompts that precede each section. // Published by @japsambooks and printed by Graphius, METAPHONICS launches Sept 20 in Indianapolis, followed by a tour through Brussels, London, Rotterdam, and Berlin, Sept 22-Oct 8.

#Gobi2018. All we have to do is load 5 trucks, go west, south, cross the dune field, enjoy the rain, further south, fix the truck that broke down (again), and after 11 hrs on the road we are... Half way. #explorer #further #NatGeo #mongolia #unibo #arvajheer #sciencetelling #dinosaurs #fieldseason #fieldworks @bapufilm @insidenatgeo @jerricantelli @zoofactory @chisadino

Some of the favorites from #fieldworks this past weekend

I would like to publicly thank my Kuya’s (Filipino word for older brother) for being fun to work with. I am enjoying fieldworks so much that I don’t feel I’m doing this as a job. Another bonus are these guys, they feel like home! I can’t imagine my fieldworks without you. You all have a special place in my heart! ❤️ #fieldwork #work #field #botany #plants #fieldworks #nature #tropical #Quezon #plants #forest #tropicalforest

Next Run Strong dates are now live on the website. Designed for runners looking to improve performance and reduce injuries by adding an element of strength training to their current regime. The course will run every Monday evening at the gym with plenty of online support between sessions. Limited to a maximum of 4 participants. Link in bio for pdf download of course content and booking. 🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

Hanging around with @thelennylowdown. Awful core complex from @ironmacfitness - check out his online 'No Weak Links' program if you want to be tested...! This one exposed a few chinks in the armour that need addressing 😂😉 Top 📸 from @mrtomreader - thank you mate🙏

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