Another you from @spirulinaplus I tried to take some photos with that, it’s a really slow camera, specially when you are using a 135mm fixed lens f3.5 you must have good light conditions, he is trying also his first film on that, check his Instagram for the future analog man!

Akai Shuichi , fiction character, Detective Conan.
FujiXe2 ~ 35mm1.4f !

From the book ”Horizon Draws a Line Between Me and My Story”
#portrait #portraitphotography #fictionphotography #hat #photographybook #diyordie

hair & styling - @sanika_p19 make up - @saka_ska
photography by me 🖤 @salonidahanukar



moooood 🥀

circa 1965 💄

friYAY 🤘🏼

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