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Thank you all so much for the kind comments on yesterday’s post. Each one meant the world to me!! (And I hope it goes without saying I wasn’t courting attention or sympathy, just trying to keep it real here.) • So, question: if you go to Italy and you don’t share at least one photo of a vintage Fiat or any kind of Vespa...did you really go to Italy? 😝 🚙 The thing I love about being on vacation vs. being on a work trip is that this visit to Roma with my ♥️ @dante.vincent gave me all the time in the world to roam the streets seeking Fiat and Vespa moments. I’m not a resolution person, but if I made any for 2018 I think one of them would have to be that I want more time to actually vacation, and not just travel to work. I want to get back to my roots of exploration and curiosity. I LOVE my job and I’m so grateful for it. However, working in travel does change the experience and I’d like to bring back some of the balance that’s been missing the last few years.

If I can do that, where would you like to see me VACATION vs travel for work? Or what destinations would you like to see me feature no matter what circumstance takes me there?
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