SHE SAID YES 🌈 So, I’ve been planning this proposal for 3 months. Tegan and I have had a kind of unspoken agreement that should one of us propose, it’d be her doing the proposing. However, I wanted to beat her to it & surprise her. She had recently asked if 4-6 months from now would be too soon, so I knew my September plan would work. I’ve been conspiring with my lovely friend, Oceanna (Thank you. I love you. You’re my hero.), who made my set up happen. Tegan and I have been wanting to go up to Maloney Peak together for a long time, but haven’t wanted to take Oliver because *yikes* unpredictable toddler & cliffy mountain tops don’t mesh well. Anyway, I knew if Oliver had a slumber party with his nana the night before, it wouldn’t seem suspicious that I’d have this spontaneous last minute idea to go to Maloney Peak together in the morning. I waited for the all-clear text from Oceanna, who I had given all of my things to be taken up (along with specific instructions and an illustration because of who I am as a person), and then we headed up. She suspected nothing and I made her walk ahead of me to comfort my fear of a bear or something being up ahead. When she came upon the layout, she thought it was for someone else and was like “Babe, we should go.” When she turned around, I was on one knee with the ring box open. She immediately started sobbing and kept saying, “Wait what?” over and over. Then I played “our song,” Cat Power’s “Sea of Love” in my pocket and we slow danced and cried. When the song ended, there was a rainbow!!! I let her know that I asked her parents permission and that my friends were in on it, too. I’m so glad everyone was able to help me keep this secret because she was truly shocked. The ring was also delivered to the wrong address and was “missing” for 8 days before I had it in my possession, which caused me a great deal of anxiety. It was such a hard secret to keep from her. I love her so much and am beyond grateful to have her in Oliver and my’s lives, for the rest of our days. Our meeting was fate; I don’t care how cliche or cheesy that sounds—it’s true. Thank you, universe. 🖤🌈✨

А Кунику 16! Решили с ней выйти замуж одновременно). Но, не сегодня. Мы обе ещё слишком молоды. Точнее, юны! 👰👰❤️💙👩‍👧#кунигунда #dottir #we #are #brides #fiancees #family #famiglia #motheranddaughter #bridelook #white #whiteness #beauties #mydaughter #дочкиматери #september #September14th #mafille #fille #filles #love #happiness #joy #beaute #beauties #beautiful #tenderness #amour #birthday #happybirthdaydaughter

Officially one month from today Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank will be getting married!!! Let the official countdown begin!! #eugenieandjack #princesseugenie #jackbrooksbank #fiancees #weddingcountdown #royalwedding @princesseugenie 📷: are not mine, they belong to the rightful owners

had to share my favorite shot. #fiancees #engaged #friends #mountain #az

So strong, so loveable, so sure, so true, that’s you... @sallymacgowan 💗
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Last night at Mellow with @iaanquintanilla 😍 #latergram #fiancees

I don't think I have to even say much but I know I will hahaha. This one has been there for me through some of the hardest times... She's so encouraging, motivating, inspiring and so damn beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being my best friend and putting up with me @natty_catty_ You're a stunning Christian woman. I hate sharing you with Bryan but I'll put up with it. Again... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I love you Nath!! ______________________________________________________________
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Pillow fight with Nova after a rescue mission of our baby from the Union and Admiral Mirra (I hate her!😠) and the knowledge of our baby gender is a girl! We’re gonna have a baby girl!❤️😍 Guess who win this pillow fight?🤔#lovestruck #lovestruckapp #lovestruckgame #lovestruckvoltage #starshippromise #nova #starshippromisenova #pillow #pillowfight #love #happy #fiancee #fiancees #happyparents #moms #gottahaveababygirl #babygirl #adaughter #littleoneisagirl

-3 months - 'Love is light and makes you light'.
Kamand Kojouri

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Now that the cat is out the bag (or the ring is on the finger, or the engagement post is on the Facebook), it’s really quite a joy to be able to share with you all, insta-world, that I GET TO MARRY MY BEST EVA FRIEND N STAY BESTIES FOR LIFE !!!111!1!1!1!1!1!1 This will defo not be my last post about this but gimme a break pals, it’s kinda like the biggest thing that’s ever happened in ma life (aside from deciding to follow Jesus n being born, probs).
To dispel a few myths: the proposal was PERFECT, the anticipation of the proposal WAS NOT. I knew we were getting engaged this summer (we discussed it) but I didn’t know the specifics (when where how) n it drove this gal CRAZY. Never before have I been so convinced that Toby would forget to think of something ultra important (he didn’t) or go loco and spontaneously propose in a bin bag (not that there’s anything wrong with bin bags, to be clear).
Turns out I need to be a bit better at relinquishing control n trusting, as well as focusing on the process rather than the end goal (HELLO I wrote about this 3 instagrams ago, should’ve listened to past me). As tobes knelt before me, I didn’t contemplate whether the moment was perfect (it was), instead my mind was consumed by the beautiful, insane journey we’ve been on for the past [almost] 2 years. Of learning to love one another and being patient as we fall short. Of forgiving our weaknesses and championing our growth. Of doing conflict better. Of understanding our families, our fears, our dreams, our passions.
That’s why engagement is exciting !!! Not for the moment itself (though he flipping smashed it, I mean LOOK at this view), but for all that has come before, and for all that is ahead 😍😍😍

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