Here’s me fitting the fiamma catching some rays at the same time. This little roof vent has taken me the best part of 10/11 hours from start to finish, it’s been so time intensive due to it covering several valleys on the roof. I’d love to know how the professional #Fiamma installers do it?? Iv mitred and shaped PVC flat D trim designed for window fitting, this has taken up the majority of voids leaving just 2-3mm for pointing with the #sikaflex221. It’s certainly not perfect on top as i decided to over do the mastic on the better safe than sorry side, this took its toll when cleaning up. #feinsupercut #fiammaturbovent #builtbyme #home #vw #crafter

Well this one vent has taken a lot of time!!! #Fiamma #roofvent

Benvenuta!!! Inizi a prendere forma💪 #autodabattaglia #90000km #fiamma

When we get to a big town or city we like to park up the motorhome and explore on our bikes. You get to see so much more than just walking because it's so easy to ride up a little alleyway that you wouldn't otherwise bother going up and we often lively hiddden gems tucked away. #explore #explorebybike #motorhome #roadtrip #francetour #holiday #cycling #motorhometrip #laikauk #fiamma

We already brought everything that‘s big, long and bulky: the Armaflex insulation, the floor panels, wooden slats and the awning as well as some other tools 🛠😊

Wir haben alles was groß, lang und sperrig ist schon mal mitgenommen: das Armaflex Dämm-Material, die Bodenplatten, Holzlatten und die Markise ebenso wie Werkzeug 🛠😊

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