When the object lesson for family night leaves you with much to ponder on... #yesthatisadiaper...andaflightsuit

We had a great time at the FHE Disney-themed PTO tonight!!! #fherocks #disney

#goofyselfie #fhe botched a simple song "Book of Mormon stories" learned about The sons of Helaman and ended with prayer. #nailedit #FHEROCKS

Who can catch the most whipping cream in their mouths? #tylerwins #fherocks

This girl prepares a family home evening lesson every week. She helps keep us on track! #ilovemads #fherocks

I like posting about my family's FHE's because they are such great times-I love you guys!!❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 tonight was SO fun thanks to Bree who planned the whole thing and gave the lesson! we watched "He Knows My Name" Bree told shared her sweet testimony and said that she felt the spirit watching this movie in her primary class and wanted to share it with us. I recommend anyone to watch it!! it was an amazing reminder of the powerful love that our savior has for each and every one of us🤗 to top it off we played UNO DARE..we got to mess up my moms hair, draw a mustache on Bree's face, have McKay crab walk around the room, my dad do his Donald Duck and yoda impressions, Carly pretend to itch herself the whole time. for me...I never had to do a dare😎😏 #fherocks

Bulldog Brag Night! My students had so much fun making their "selfies" #FHErocks #ilovemyjob #bulldogbragnight2016 #BragNight2016

So proud of Stewart tonight! He rocked an awesome lesson about how our family is like the temple, and then we did this puzzle (each person had a piece), and then his testimony about the temple. It was all his own idea, and I loved every minute! #FHE #fherocks #familyhovemeevning

How have you seen miracles in your life? On Monday (Aug 17) we'll be watching #TheCokevilleMiracle at 6:30 for FHE Before the movie we'll meet together for opening prayer and will have the opportunity to hear from a survivor that was there that day. We'll be getting a count for tickets on Sunday but if you won't be there text 3072203530 and we'll grab you a ticket! #SeeMiracles#FHErocks!

Tire changing and soap carving for FHE tonight! #sharegoodness #FHErocks #yeswenowadvertisecoastsoap

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