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I can't explain how difficult it was to pick some girls for my #FGGCF and I don't know how anyone could only pick one!! These ladies give me life, support, & so much happiness. 😚😚😚 #fitgirlphotochallenge

Looking for #fitspiration? = These amazeballs ladies right here! These mermaids are the true example of dedication and hard work! I πŸ’œ them, I have followed them since forever and their progress is WOW. I really admire you girls! Thanks for your daily inspiration! This is today's #FGGCF or #WCF πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ @fitgirl_ksl @fattoothick @fitgirl_lacie @fitgirl_livinglifestrong keep kicking ass and inspiring us fellow #FitGirls!

Well I have been confined to bed or bathroom most of the day so I figure I at least have time to do my #fggcf for the @fitgirlsguide #fitgirlsguidephotochallenge and while there is no way I could say enough good things about all of the beautiful ladies I have encountered, I wanna say I frequently instastalk these beauties. They are real women, each with real lives. They struggle, they work, they have families and loved ones, they are down to earth, sweet and funny. And they inspire. Thanks to you beauties for keeping the motivation and inspiration games strong @tattooedfitgirl @fitgirlnicki88 @honeybee.fit.girl @fitgirlsteffers

My #fggcf is @fit.girl_cmarie She is super inspirational! She is beautiful and she is so supportive! Her and her bf are also super cute and I love stories of him helping her be the best fitgirl she can be. #fitgirlphotochallenge #fitgirls

Day 12 #fggcf goes to @fitgirlnitzy817 you have been their since the beginning always supporting me every step of the way! All your pics and videos always inspired me to workout and push hard! I think if it wasn't for you always cheering us fitgirls up I wouldn't be where I'm at now! Thank you for being so awesome! #fitgirlsphotochallenge #fitgirlsguide

Dear @fitgirlsguide Diary,

Last Night. I'm still kinda rubbin' my eyes in disbelief, but it really happened and this is PROOF!! Living only 20ish min away, how could I say "No" when my hot, FIERCE momma @Forever.a.FitGirl is in town and wants a little #FitGirlsMeet action at the Happiest.Place.onEARTH?!?!? And on a Friday? With the #FGGCF CEO ( @FitGirlForMe ) herself? I mean...I HAD TO BE THERE MAN!!!!!! I thank you guys for making my Friday FG.Magical!! I feel like, yea (nodding), we really ARE mermaids. I love you both to infinity and BEYOND!! SMOOOCH!

Feeling EPIC.FitGirlsMeet FINE!!!

#FGGCF goes to @fitgirlhufflepuff πŸ’› she loves to read as much as I do and is super active in #fitgirlbookclub as well as being an author herself! And she rocked a bikini this week and looked like pure πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ she's really funny, feisty and encouraging and I'm glad to call her a fit sister! #fitgirlsguide #fitkinibodychallenge #28dayjumpstart

I didn't forget it's Friday...that means #fggcf ! @fitgirlforme is the famed creator for #fggcf. She's so super hilarious, kind to humans and animals, she's a pretty groovy dancer... Man, she's supes motivational. She's a fantastic #fitgirl . Please give her all the love today. πŸ’• #fitgirlsguide #28dayjumpstart

Our #FitGirlCrushFriday goes out to @fitgirlada who's been a Fit Girl since the October 27th Group Challenge. Such a fab chick. And, yes, Fit Girls are part unicorn. #FGGCF
Start your #28DayJumpstart!πŸ‘‡
Tap the link in our bio @fitgirlsguide
#28DayJumpstart #FitkiniBodyChallenge #FitGirlsCook www.fitgirlsguide.com


My #fggcf goes to these sweeties @fitgirl_mel79 @buckeye.fitgirl @fitgirl_meggiemoo @fitgirln_stacysway @fitladybee @fitgirlbep 😘😍😊 Thanks so much for all the love fitsisters! πŸ’–I appreciate all your kind words and support so much! πŸ˜˜πŸ’• #28dayjumpstart #fitkinibodychallenge #iamtheperfectfit #fitgirlsdontquit #fitgirllove

It's Friday y'all! πŸŽ‰An that means is time to share our #FGGCF #FitGirlCrushFriday 🎊
My gal is non other than πŸ’πŸ… she is @beyoutifulgetsfit MariJo you are an amazing fit mermaid. She never lost a day and she is an inspiration for me and others. You find always a happy photo in his TL because we need to be happy for ourselves. Sending love to you beautiful. mexicanfitgirl πŸ’πŸ½πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ #AbandonTheBandwagon πŸ˜ŽπŸ–•πŸ½πŸ„πŸ½#FitGirlPhotoChallenge πŸ“Έ#FitGirlStyleChallenge πŸ‘—πŸ’‹ #28DayJumpstart #FitGirlsGuide #FitGirlRevolution #FitGirlDetox #FitGirlsCook #FitGirls πŸ’Ÿ πŸ—‚@fitgirlschefs @fitgirlsguide

I don't remember the last time I did a #fggcf.... today I am majorly crushing on my local FitGirls 😍😍😍 Shout out to some of the most amazing people I've been able to meet!
I was talking with my coworker last night (after @fitgirl.ness came to visit) about how it's so easy to meet with you all in person. Making friends as an adult isn't always easy, but when you're surrounded by positive, forward thinking ladies it's so easy to feel welcome and to be yourself.
Have a great Friday everyone!!
#fitgirlintersession #fitgirlsguide @fitgirlsguide

Remember it's #fitgirlgirlcrushfriday #fggcf and my four girl crushes are these amazing women! They are so inspiring and fitmazing!

So it's officially Friday here in Ohio... I haven't done a #fggcf in awhile but these two ladies have made me laugh this week! @katethefit and @fitkjn thank you so much for your awesome personalities... You both are amazing😘 if you don't follow these two yet make sure you do!!!

It's about time I do a #FGGCF again. Today and every day it's the wonderful amazing gorgeous and inspiring @fit.girl.vegan who is rocking this lifestyle and has come such a long long way that even though I don't know her in person I feel immensely proud of her (is that weird? lol!) She is witty and funny and smart and how can you not love someone who wears Christmas jumpers in June? Her dedication to this lifestyle and journey is admirable and an every day inspriation to me. You go girl!

#fitgirlsguide #fitkinibodychallenge #28dayjumpstart #squadgoals #beyourownfitgirl #fitgirls

I haven't had the easiest of weeks as I often let myself get overwhelmed with stress, take things too personally or simply get stuck in my silly little brain a bit too much. Not only this week, but at all times, having a support system like these lovely ladies is absolutely invaluable. They never fail to lift me up and show me the bright side of life.

Not only on this @fitgirlsguide journey but also for everyday life, I can't say THANK YOU enough for having these girls in my pocket the whole time. Thank you for encouraging me, for giving me advice on my CV, for letting me ramble, for checking in on me when I seem down, for sharing silly toilet selfies and stories, for just being there to listen, for never judging.
You're all amazing and I love you all tons, I'm very grateful to call you my friends!
@v_londonfitgirl @healthy_happy_uk @fitgirl_jordan25 @fitgirlfayfay @anamericanfitgirlinengland @london_fit_girl

#fitgirlsguide #FGGCF #fitgirlfriends #friends #womenfriendships

I have a triple H situation going on. I am Honered, Humbled and Happy to be a fellow #fitsister 's #FGCF . Today beautiful Carolina AKA @opflabbegone surprised me with this amazing post. Gracias Carolina 😊😘. You inspire me daily as well and it's a true plessure and blessing to follow your journey and to have your support while you follow mine xoxo πŸ’•. #28dayjumpstart

Dear @fitgirlsguide Diary,

I'll leave you with this till I'm back on Monday:) This was posted by my fit girl prima a while back and it amazes me how powerful words can be bcs anytime I feel or make "the excuse" in my head?
I quick replace it with, "Those are the days champions train" and many times it WORKS and my brain's all, "Daaaaaang this #FitGirlAwakens thing is legit yo!!" And then I'm all, "In yo face! Thanks Michelle!" Rofl.
Michelle @forever.a.fitgirl . Thank you for being such an amazing woman and for every word in ALL YOUR FREAKING CAPTIONS which provide the ultimate Grade AAA Fit Girl Fuel to keep my Fit Girl Fuego Blaaaaaazing for DAYZ! You're always in my heart and mind fit sis. I love you!


It's a shame that I've never done a #fggcf because I'm always crushin' on you fine ladies, but it's super fitting for this pretty mama to be my first! Lindsay is so inspiring to me. She's the real deal folks. She's dedicated, plates her yummy food like a freaking profesh, is a rockstar mom and one of the friendliest and most down to earth people I've ever met. She's about a zillion times cooler than me and her health and fitness journey is crazy awesome to witness and follow. This community is so amazing because of people like @tulsa_fitmom. #fitgirlsguide #operationselflove #fitsisters #fitspo

I haven't posted a #FGGCF choice in a long while...however, I feel after a crummy week for me, and her recent post, I'm callin' you out @fitgirl_lacie!!! Every once in a while, you come across a life changing person. Maybe they are a catalyst for something major... or perhaps something minor, however, they have an impact. Lacie was that fitgirl who brought me into the FGG family. She had NO idea. And did nothing to actually MAKE me join in...but she was the one who made me take the leap. While dealing with the ups, downs and all arounds...she still maintained a positive profile. Stepped back when her mind and body needed it. And her progress was staggering. It still IS. She made me believe. Believe in myself. Believe in the process. No matter how damn slow I go. No matter how frickin' frustrated I get. I know I have to keep coming back. Doing the work because it's a lifestyle change that leads to results. For being the #fitgirlsguidepowerhouse that you are, YOU, Miss Lacie...are my #FitgirlsGirlcrushfriday. Keep up the amazing work, mama....you rawwwk. \m/

@fitgirlsguide #fitgirlsguide #2016isMYyear #fitgirlsdontquit #fitgirlfamily #fitgirls #FitGirlDetox #fitgirlsisters #fitgirl #fitkini #fitness #fitness #fitgirlfriends #fit #fitgirlstrong #28DayJumpstart #fitgirlvarsity #fitgirlfollow #fitgirlsisterhood #fitgirlchallenge #hypofitgirl #fitgirlnewclass #fitkinibodychallenge #fitgirlnewyork #OnePoundAtATime #slowlybutsurely

I just gotta shout out my #bayareafitgirls for the #fitgirlphotochallenge Love on a FitGirl even tho I already posted πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•You ladies inspire me soooo much day in and day out! Thank you for all your love and support! It's so awesome to see each other's progress! Looking forward to more meetups in the future! @fitgirlsguide #28dayjumpstart #fitkinibodychallenge #fitgirlsdontquit #operationselflove #FGGCF #bayareafitgirlmeetup #wegotthis

Throwing out my #fitgirllove to these ladies: @fit_girl_colleen @fitgirl.shannda @fitgirl_donzo @fitgirlmick you ladies have been an inspiration to me this week as I'm starting out. I am so impressed with all of your journeys! It has been a huge #fitspiration looking at all of the incredible spirits out there embarking on this lifelong goal of being healthy. I look forward to all of the challenges ahead and knowing that there are so many people out there who are on so many different parts of the same struggle has really kept me going. I am so grateful to have found #fitgirlsguide and the #fitgirlscommunity happy Friday!! #28dayjumpstart #newbie #fitgirls #fitfam #fitsisters #fggcf #FitGirlPhotoChallenge #day5

I don't always do the #fitgirlphotochallenge but when I do, it's for these kind of love fests!!πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’˜ My Love on another #fitgirl is 4-fold!! πŸ‘―πŸ‘― Can I get a πŸ”₯🚨BABE ALERT🚨πŸ”₯!! These ladies make my heart soar😍 Every day I am inspired by them, they make me laugh, they cheer me on, offer unwavering support, and actually have gotten to know the real me 😊😊 My #fitgirlsoulmate (s) @andigetsfit @fitgirlwikas @opflabbegone @fitgirl_onthefly I couldn't ask for truer, more beautiful friends, inside and outπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ¦„πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈ #fitgirlsguide #2016ismyyear #operationselflove #socalfitgirls #28dayjumpstart #fitkinibodychallenge #fitgirlbootcamp #fggcf

So it's #FGGCF and I want to share some love with these 4 beautiful ladies! You girls are a daily inspiration and motivation. Keep on your good work! (P.S. sorry for stealing your pics for this collage ;-) ) #fitsisters #fitgirlsguide #28dayjumpstart #fitgirl #2016ismyyear

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