another family ❤️
we looks like serious
but we are crazy too 😜
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Finally everything has come to an end ( okay it’s not the end but a coma , another exciting chapter ! ) 🎉🎊 As you all know bed 🛏 is my best friend but a full week of rehearsal , bday celebration coordinating , not seeing my mamma and still working on every next morning has distancing my bff and I A LOT😭 .
Thought physically exhausted but spiritually I’m filled with great great joy and really satisfied . I really heart my serving a lot a lot a lot a lot and I’m more than thankful for this appointment , this position , this serving , and this gift He has given to me all these while . I can’t express what I’ve received on the past week : his faithfulness , His wisdom given , His love , His grace , His people . Not only through God alone but the people He placed around me 💌 [ 1 Corinthians 10:13 ] No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

God knows clearly how’s our ability and our limitations . If He has appointed that to you , then bear in mind that : ‘ He knows you could handle and overcome it . Never judge nor underestimate yourselves. ‘
Or when you do , pray ! Just pray . Den back to work and you shall noticed that .. how efficiently your work has done in JUST AWHILE .
Believe in God , believe in yourselves and believe in what God believe about you . Simply because God = love 💕
#eastermiracle #fgacyc #fgacycsm

「Abby,我很开心叻!我第一次吃到那么厚的Banana Cake🍌。」
她是一个满满喜乐的女孩,永远都在笑😁我在Briefing还一直鼓励我,虽然每个星期都在做,可是还是做得不够好。😂真的很开心我们可以一起服事,比可以吃到厚厚的Banana Cake还要开心。💛Yeah~!! 😘



Love my team so muchie, StageManager💂


My beloved Stage management team ,not just a team is a big family. Really appreciate you all.😇😇😇 #fgacycsm

It's my honored to serve cyc serdang church christmas celebration! I really learnt a lot in this serving and broaden my horizon.But btw,Merry Christmas!🌲🌲

Kepong Christmas Production in 39 seconds 🤓🎥 #fgacyckepong #fgacycsm

謝謝你們一直那麼的manja我 👼👼
知道一路走來 不簡單 很珍惜
My beloved Sm team😎


Thanks for being a good mentor and guide me on the right way. Truly blessed to serve with you guys. 😙


Great weekend and joyful serving with them 😁 Tired yet joyful
#qualitytimespent #servethemosthighGod #loveisintheair #bagikemuliaanmu #fgacycSM

Young David Fantasy Kingdom 💚
Min Xu in da House 💛😍 #FGACYCSM #StageManager💂

祢的同在如同一種愛流入每個人心中 使我們感受到我們是配得.

我愛你 上帝.🌈🌈

Thanks god for giving me so much precious experience for serve him! Even though we are faced the problem that is challenging! Thanks you guys tolerance and understanding,and No matter which service we are or what languages we used,but we still are family!! Definitely we still have a lot of opportunity to cooperate to serve him forever!😇
I'm so pound I'm a part of FGA Stage management team!❤

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