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In terms that are easily understandable, a law would have to go through a series of committees to even be considered; it then has to be voted upon, and finally, checked again. If it doesn't make it through any of these stages, it will not be passed. Do not fear Trump. #ffott #fott Do not #bandwagon !

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Racist? Trump is particularly sharp about Muslims and Mexicans entering and "disturbing" America's quality. He has said absurd things that people took negatively, and it deserves to be, but he had said it for the benefit of the country, just that the plans were not as practical as the problems themselves are. These things are stretched and are intentionally put on as a bad image on Trump. Do not let the anti-Trump group overwhelm you with the #fott and let's #ffott again today!

This is another political cartoon hat was on The New York Times. This is the exaggeration of what Trump had said in the public. This exaggeration gives a very unpleasant sense of division of the world with harsh tags to go with the continents. Trump may have talked without much filtering, but the cartoon depicts his words and opinions in a more crude way than what he actually said. This implants a nervous conscious into the reader's mind, thinking that if Trump is to be elected, the America is going to turn back from the so-called "terrorists" and "rapists". This may be a some sort of propaganda to lead away from the election of Trump in the 2016 election. We are perfectly able to #ffott if we do not pay attention to how the society is trying to train us. We don't have to like or dislike #trump but we still can fight the fear of the Trump. It is a perfectly viable plan. Do not #bandwagon this matter!

Donald J. Trump cannot be seen just as a bad person for America. He is a business man who may be the few who could solve the America's issue of debt. So please, #ffott and do not be biased by what the anti-Trump of pro-Trump groups tell you; believe what you think will be better for America, better for you.

Our 2016 presidential election candidate, Donald Trump, is a businessman. He is a millionaire. If he tries to use America as a tool to double, triple, and quadruple his wealth, we have the power to decide the fate of his future political life. #impeachment #ffott #freenation #trump

Hey guys! Here's a reminder to fight the fott! There's no reason to worry about it because we the people do have a voice in our government! #ffott Don't gorget to follow us on Twitter!

People fear Trump because of what they imagine America will turn out into after the presidency of him and his rules and philosophies. They are forgetting that America is a free nation and presidents may be impeached if shown bad potentials, so that they may never hold office again! FFOTT, for we can always impeach Trump if he were to be elected in the 2016 election and make disliked decisions for the U.S.! #ffott #impeachment #freenation #2016election #trump

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Hello! We are the FFOTT, Fight the Fear Of The Trump! We are an organization to help Americans FFOTT. But first, please calm the FOTT down! #ffott #trump

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