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Nice to see again my 2nd home. #FEU #FEUEAC #FEUTECH πŸ”°πŸƒ

Be informed. Keep safe, iTams!

That genuine smile. (4 years ago, Kick-off Celebration) #ArtistConnection #FEUEAC #vscocam #vscoph

Lagi raw una sa klase πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #tbt #feueac #itams

it's nice to be back
#feu #tamaraws #piyu #piyudays #feueac

Author since 2012 πŸ˜‚ #thesis #feueac


Officially Graduate na! (with picture) Confirmed na po talaga to mga neighbors, cousins, titas, friends, ninongs, ninangs, relatives etc. Nakapaggraduation march na po ako, FINALLY! *insert wipes tissue gif here* 8 Months nyo kong tinatanong kung gagraduate na ba talaga ako, Hi po engineering po course ko, here's my answer with proof lol!
These 5 years have been a journey full of ups and downs, experienced overwhelming stress, undergone all the emotional distress and mental breakdowns, mukha lang talagang chill ako on my façade but I'm actually dying on the inside 😭. Apologies to my setbacks on everything. Almost transferred school and shifted my undergrad course but I remained, pursued, struggled & finished it on my now Alma Mater, FEU IT.
I dedicate this degree to Mama, Papa, Miko, GP, & Kenji.
Also, I am really, very, jinjja, jeongmal, neomu, daebak, real, heol, totally, wanjeon, seriously, considerably, hontouni thankful to everyone who contributed to my success, λ‚΄ λ§ˆμŒμ†μ— μ €μž₯ (Nae maeum soge JEOJANG) ❀❀❀ Thank u for understanding my circumstances, for all the skipped gatherings, parties, debuts, lakads, tambays, school meetings,Β  thesis sessions and classes and for being there my dearest elementary, high school and college friends. Thank you din my kpop and kactor biases, Japanese ichibans(including my fave anime characters and seiyuus), Tw-actors,Β  JaDine, and other asian and non asian idols for inspiring me. πŸ’ harteu harteu πŸ’—πŸ’ž Special mention to all those who helped in financing this journey. Very magastos FEU TECH! HAHAHAHAHAAA i crie
Tumatanggap po ako ng grad gift fam 😘

Erika Mae M. Granados
BS Electronics Engineering
Major in Instrumentation and Control systems
Batch 2017 πŸ”°πŸŽ“

Note: Sorry late post na
#graduation #feutech #bsece #undergrad #degreeholder #electronicsengineering #feueac #batch2017 #ece

A person who graduates from college, has to prepare for the new challenges waiting in the new chapter of life. Learning every day is the key to success! Someone as special as you has the ability to create a beautiful world of tomorrow. Bilis ng panahon beh, I still remember carrying you: in my arms – then, in my heart – always. Congratulations ate! Mommy loves you so much! β€πŸ‘­β€πŸŽ“ #timeflies #graduationday #gradeschool #highschool #college #feueac

360 wrist boy. Ray gomez with the shot nigga πŸ€

I may not be the "Right One" for your friend, at least you guyz are the "Right Friends" for me., And I ❀ U for that. Thank You FEU-EAC friends.😘❀😊 #friendship #giftoffriendship #FEU #FEUEAC


Meet the new face of Hershey's Philippines. Model na model na ang dating mo Pink! Kung dati hindi ka mahilig mag make-up, ngayon pak na pak na! Hahaha! Send my regards to your mom. Hope to see her very soon. ☺

It's always a good feeling to #reconnect with #oldfriends. #feueac #collegeofengineering #ece101 #tropanganime

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