Who's hungry? Veg (and egg) burger (yes I call anything on a bun a burger, NOT a sandwich)

Together Forever!! Our crazy, amazing, crew!!!!! #wilfords #mertens #carters #royers #holts #fettys ❤️ these beautiful souls!!!

This little beauty is made up of extraordinary flavour. Palak Chilgoza is an enigma... Completely vegan yet tastes like sweet and savoury bone marrow

Going Mexican tonight with Pozole. Don't forget to vote for us for best food truck in Columbus - link in bio

Delicate and perfect. These indian veg and paneer koftas are waiting for the skillet and the most fragrant curry sauce

Something to be proud of... Hurry to @global_gallery for this masterpiece of flavour, texture and deliciousness until 2pm today.

Hurry to @global_gallery for brunch before the rain totally destroys our menu board... don’t forget to vote for us for best food truck in Columbus- link in bio

Seasoning a new wok! Just in time for tomorrow's Banh Mi cooking class. Link in bio for details.

This intimate cooking class is going to be amazing! We'll learn to make real mayonnaise, pork liver pate, grilled pork tenderloin, pickled daikon and carrot, mint and cilantro salad all for an authentic Banh Mi. Also, how to make shrimp summer rolls with all the appropriate knife skills and flavours... Get your tickets at the link in profile

She's in need of a lot of attention. Please send well wishes and prayers her way

#meatfreemonday let's be healthy people. The weather is improving, so my diet needs to too...

Happy Easter y'all. Hope it's been spent with loved ones and full of surprises.

I don't know why but it feels like a Sunday... So here's Sunday brunch, why not...

In the mood for Vietnamese street food - authentic Banh Mi and Gỏi cuốn (summer rolls). April 21, class and dinner. Get your tickets through link in bio

Bowls be trending... Slow cooked peppered turkey, burrata, picked slaw, pepadew and rocket

Zanzibar is also known as “Spice Island”. It’s no wonder they do curry exceptionally well. This summer #fettys will be bringing some African curries to the truck. Can’t wait to share these with you

Thank you @rhulani_lodge for an amazing few days. Food, service, everything was spectacular

Hopefully I can take some of this grey rainy weather to #capetown with me... #homewardbound see you in a few weeks #columbus #drought #water #conserve #waterwise #ifitsyellowletitmellow #fettys #fettysstreetfood #asseenincapetown #asseenincolumbus

@jettila been making fried chicken Panaeng on the truck for a while now... It definitely works ;) I'll treat you if you pop around #ggg #guysgrocerygames #jettila #chef #panaeng #curry #thai #authentic #eat614 #eatwithfettys #fettysstreetfood #fettys

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