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Assss... pls santa ima good babygirl #fetaste #wherethehelldoifindthis

Vilken helg!!
AuelCoffee på @intothevalley
#fetaste #festivalen #intothevalley

Aqui temos dois tipos de sapatilha uma infantil e outra adolescente ou adulto. Feitas com balões Art Latex. Curso ministrado em Sao Paulo e outro no Rio de Janeiro. #artecombaloes #temqueterbaloes #artesanato #fetaste @baloesartlatex @wfbaloeswf

Fan va solen tar här nere. #västanfors #altan #fetaste #selfien #ever

Magiskt! 👌✌️️ #nisomvetnivet #fetaste

#fetaste #lifeledar-frulle! "Det stora växer i det lilla" bra Daniel!!!


Humbleness for the kings and princess
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, well!
Well, humbleness is proof of your intellect.If your humble and you wise you will get respect. A man who cherish intellect, no need to fret
You live and learn, your move, you make another step.Some people blind because of their position.Some people blind because of money situation
Some people think politics are not their obligations.Some others live there life in a frustration.Some people ever win and dem can't take defeat
Some people live behind yeah, by the pasta and just eat I choose to live my life like a Jah apprentice.Because I am a true spiritualist, well!

Humbleness, true righteousness
A busy bowy a come next, well then!
Humbleness, his majesty awareness.For the kings and princess, well!Humbleness, true righteousness
A busy bowy a come next, well then!
Humbleness, His Majesty awareness For the kings and princess, well!

I keep my feet down to earth, and me head 'pon me shoulders
Me nah go kill a bowy, but me still a Jah Jah soldier.The teachings and the wisdom are in the eyes of the beholder
Although the game a get colder
I am not afraid of dem plan, I am not afraid of dem pistol. I am reading dem minds like you see through a crystal
Rastafari Judgement powerful and never partial.The thing a get crucial, well then!

Me put myself togethda, so the rain nah go wash me way, so! Me put me faith inna you, Father me still have a long way to go.Me not gonna look behind me.That tomorrow is a betta day, well then, yeah! Father me humble me self so, and give thanks and praise, yo!

#fetaste #alborosie #revolutionairystep #damianmarley

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