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Two of my favorite people at lunch today #ferusgallery #billyalbengston & @lofteson #mozzapizza

Offset Lithograph Poster from Andy Warhol's first Pop Art show of Cambell's Soup Can Paintings at Ferus Gallery LA, 1962. #andywarhol #popart #art #modernart #ferusgallery

Ed Ruscha at the Kenny Scharf show BLOX and BAX. I spot Ruscha at every opening, book signing or honor for any of the artists from the Ferus gallery era. He is a damn loyal dude! @KennyScharf #EdRuscha #KennyScharf #HonorFraser #FerusGallery #CoolSchool

50 years ago #ellsworthkelly (age 43) NEW WORK BY ELLSWORTH KELLY, FERUS GALLERY, LOS ANGELES 1966 "The Ferus Gallery was a contemporary art gallery operating from 1957-1966. In 1957 it was located at 736-A North La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. In 1958, it was relocated across the street to 723 North La Cienega Boulevard where it remained until its closing in 1966. Under the directorship of Irving Blum from 1958, the gallery exhibited both the West Coast and New York art of the period. It was the first gallery on the West Coast to devote a solo show to Andy Warhol, whom Blum had first met in New York in 1961. Blum also ventured to show other East Coast artists, including Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, and Frank Stella. Ferus closed in 1967 when Blum sought "a financial leg up" by opening Ferus/Pace with Arne Glimcher, owner of New York's Pace Gallery. That venture lasted less than two years. Blum operated the Irving Blum Gallery until his departure for New York City in 1972 where in partnership with Joseph Helman he opened the BlumHelman Gallery; he returned full-time to Los Angeles in 1998 as a private dealer. From 1965, the offices of the art magazine Artforum were situated above the gallery, before moving to New York City in 1967." Verbiage from Wikipedia. Pictured is a detail of exhibition poster #ferusgallery

Late John Altoon at Michael Kohn #johnaltoon #kohngallery #ferusgallery #lahistory

An older assemblage art I did sold to a young movie star from Ukiah #beatpoets #ferusgallery #takebacktheartworld #summernightscocktailhour


Bruce Conner. Poster for his early 1962 exhibition at Ferus. The poster is illustrated with a photograph of his assemblage Portrait of Allen Ginsberg, with lit candles and women's stockings. More information on the poster and assemblage at DL. #bruceconner #ferusgallery #assemblage #pacificstandardtime #allenginsberg #beat

Not a happy camper. No photos allowed at the brilliant Ed Ruscha drawing show at Gagosian. Ed's whimsical prose is on full display. "Get Out Of Your Spaceship and Fight Like A Man" was my fav. #edruscha #edwardruscha #edruschaismymancrush #gagosian #gagosiangallery #ferus #ferusgallery #gunpowderdrawings #thecoolschool

#ferusgallery #wallaceberman #avalanchemagazine and #delmaguey cant top the sweet beauty of that snoozy #westtexas pup sleeping in the corner. Feeling very blessed.

Ed Ruscha close up. Another epic Vegas trip in the books. Each one more insane than the last. Sorry it had to end. Miss my Dad already. #edruscha #edwardruscha #gagosiangallery #thenationalgallery #ferus #ferusgallery #gagosian #theend #mydadisthebest #thesire

Of all amazing photos I took today, I had to post the one that displayed 2 master works of art. One by my man crush Ed Ruscha of one of his iconic "ribbon word" paintings and the other is a madman who is a master work all by himself, my genius inspirational partner Gregor Pryor. It was a great day with a fantastic Reed Smith crew. #edruscha #edwardruscha #lisp #ribbonwords #reedsmith #madgenius #nationalgallery #nationalgalleryofart #gagosian #gagosiangallery #ferus #ferusgallery @gregorpryor

#FridayFeature There are some big resin paintings that I did based on Navajo blankets. They were first grid paintings and then diagonal paintings. The artist Tony Berlant had introduced Navajo blankets to me, and to our circle of friends associated with Ferus Gallery. I stretched canvas and put strips of wood at the edges, and used a carpenter plumb-bob to make lines. You pull the string out and snap it and it instantly makes a line, which I found magical. Then I put masking tape in different places to make "lazy lines," which are also part of the blankets - the places where the thread goes off the warp or weft. I lived in New Mexico for a while to look at all of these sources...I also did drawings on vellum, some of which were based on Navajo chief blankets. I was interested in making delineations of patterns. I wasn't interested in the space, but they became very pictorial; people always commented on that. The pictorial space was a byproduct of the activity, and I do like that idea that you do it for one reason and something else results. Often, when I am working on a series of paintings, I am going in one direction, and out on the edge something flutters. I say, "Yeah I see you. I'm going to finish this now, but I'll come back to you." That thing flashes in the corner again, and after about three or four times, I give in. That is when one series ends and a new one begins.
Ed Moses interviewed by Jennifer Samet, Beer with a Painter, LA Edition: Ed Moses, Hyperallergic, July 25, 2015
Artwork info: Ed Moses, White Grid, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 52 x 42 inches
#edmoses #moses #Friday #whitegrid #grid #painting #painter #contemporary #artist #ferusgallery #ferus #navajo #inspiration #canvas #acrylic #tonyberlant #newmexico

So there I was at the Hirshhorn and I walked around the corner and I got to see this masterwork "The Los Angeles County Museum On Fire." 🔥 What a day. Kusama and Ruscha. Not bad. #edruscha #edwardruscha #gagosian #gagosiangallery #ferus #ferusgallery #hirshhorn #hirshhornmuseum #thecoolschool #edruschaismymancrush #masterwork #thelosangelescountymuseumonfire

Tax day is here! One of the most dreaded days of the year was pushed back 3 days because of Emancipation Day, which is a legal holiday in Washington D.C.. This watercolor by Ed Kienholz came from a 1969 show often referred to as “The Barter Show,” where each watercolor was ink stamped with the name of an object or a value which told the viewer the purchase “price".

Pictured: Ed Kienholz, “For $105.00.” LAMA October 13, 2013 auction.

Ed is still my man crush. Great cover shot of an awesome mountain drawing. "I’m not really painting mountains, but an idea of mountains. Maybe I faltered and started thinking it was acceptable to do a postcard-pretty picture.” Ed Ruscha #edruscha #edwardruscha #manoftheworld #ferus #ferusgallery #irvingblum #leocastelli #gagosian #gagoaiangallery

Edward Kienholz & Nancy Reddin Kienholz
Caddy Court,
Mixed Media, Collection of the Artist Edward Kienholz (October 23, 1927 – June 10, 1994) was an American self taught installation artist and assemblage sculptor whose work was highly critical of aspects of modern life. From 1972 onwards, he assembled much of his artwork in close collaboration with his artistic partner and fifth wife, Nancy Reddin Kienholz. Throughout much of their career, the work of the Kienholzes was more appreciated in Europe than in their native United States, though American museums have featured their art more prominently since the 1990s. Movement: Funk Art

#EdwardKienholz, #NancyKienholz, #cadillac, #fondationprada, #prada, #milano, #italy, #lombardia, #americanartist, #beatgeneration
#ferusgallery, #lacma

Ferus Gallery ad in Art in America magazine. Andy Warhol.

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