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Had so much fun at the corn maze with @spaneash and @jpepowski. Don't let this sunny photo fool you. It's totally edited. It was the rainiest and windiest time to go. But still so much fun! Thanks guys! We stole you're umbrella @sashib00. 😆💙💙 #youtube #momlife #mommylife #infertility #fertility #momswithcameras #ivf #love #follow #like #loss #infantloss #miscarriage #comment #inspiration #pnw #ttc #positivity #instagram #jw #autumn #fall #cornmaze #pumpkins

Holding one of my first @austinfertility babies today at our annual baby reunion.
These moments remind me how lucky I am to have a job I love and make such an impact in all these families.
Reminder: find a job you love. ❤️
#austinfertilityinstitute #womeninmedicine #babyreunion

Well, this is the best Monday ever! Another one of my #yesyoucangetpregnant ecourse students is pregnant! She is 41 (about to be 42 in a month) and has been told she has low AMH & should consider donor egg. She’s done several IUIs & one IVF without success. And, now SHE IS PREGNANT NATURALLY. Here’s what she had to say in her beautiful message to me this morning: “I cannot believe I finally finally finally get to write this email to you, I am pregnant! I had no spotting yesterday and took an early test which came back positive on cd 27. I took three more test today and all came back positive!!!I I am beyond scared and hopeful and excited and fearful all at the same time. I have 10,000 questions to ask you Aimee LOL!! I never ever thought I would be one of your girls that would be able to go into your mamas group and I'm crying right now as I write this because I feel so blessed and I'm so scared and so excited all at once. Please send me any advice, wisdom, insight, anything at all that I should do or know? Love to you, thank you for everything please continue to pray for me and lift me up with positive wishes and vibes! ♥️♥️♥️” #yesyoucangetpregnant #fertility #ttc

#letstalkfertility 🙌🏼
Some of you might remember that last month I was fortunate enough to go and see the wonderful @emmalcannon at her clinic to talk about my fertility, and the bumps in the road we have encountered since losing Teddy.💙
Emma was, quite frankly, incredible; and so I’ve written a little piece over on my blog all about how I got on when I went to see her (link in my bio). Happy reading and happy Friday!🤓✨✌🏼
#fertility #iblogged #letsjusttalkaboutit #eternaloptimist #thatsme #emmacannon #featheringtheemptynest

I have spoken before about my first pregnancy loss but never about my second. In honor of loss awareness month below is my story. You are not alone (story starts below and link for full story in profile)
xx Monica
When I experienced my first pregnancy loss I was stunned. After having my daughter without any issues and a strong heartbeat at the beginning of my second pregnancy, it never occurred to me that there was a potential for loss. The days between the undetectable heartbeat and follow-up ultrasound to confirm what they already knew, felt like an eternity. I spent my time reading about miracles hoping that I would find one, but there was to be no happy ending. As they wheeled me into the operating room I remember thinking that miscarriage meant some type of failure. That I had somehow made an error and now was paying the price.
My saving grace was that I had told everyone I knew when I first found out that I was pregnant and now I had so many people to help me through the loss. I firmly believe that we shouldn't have to keep our early pregnancy a secret because we should not have to celebrate or suffer in silence
The second miscarriage was no easier..... ( Please click on link in profile to read the rest of my story)
#youarenotalone #rememberingbabieswehavelost #ttc #fertility #infertility

What is causing this #fertility decline in 15-19 year old girls. (Father of a 4 year old girl asking) Any answers?

Perlengketan dahsyat

Gambar tsb adalah gambar perlengketan yang dahsyat. Rahim, kedua tuba dan indung telur tidak tampak diselimuti perlengketan dari depan, belakang, samping kanan, samping kiri, atas bawah..dari segala penjuru.

Perlengketan terjadi akibat operasi caesar dan operasi kista indung telur lebih dari 5 tahun yl.
Saat operasi dengan tehnik laparoskopi benar benar menguji kesabaran dan ketlatenan. Hampir saja berputus asa meliht medan sangat sulit.

Akhirnya setelah berlangsung 4 jam, perlengketan bisa diperbaiki dan saluran tuba bisa dibuka.
Semoga berikutnya Allah izinkan dan acc dengan buah hati...amin

#laparoscopy #pekanbaru #drsuryo #baby #mybaby #fertility

{2017 Conference} What a weekend! We are so thankful that God did immeasurably more than we could have asked or imagined for the 1st annual Moms in the Making conference. Thank you to all 160 of you who came!
PS. This group of women represents 32+ states and 3 countries! 😭😘 Amazing! Thank you to each woman who took a leap of faith and said YES to coming!
#momsinthemaking #hoperenewed2017


Change is coming!
A new name, a new logo, same old fertility magic.
I'm not doing some big relaunch as yet... as a very busy full-time lone parent and full-time (employed and self-employed) working woman, my work has to be done slowly chipping away... so it will be a process.
A very exciting process. Watch the magic unfold. #fertility #doityourownway #speakyourtruth

👱🏻 男性生殖能力回歸👱🏻💪🏻 👼🏻Fertilsan M Amitamin 90 capsules 👼🏻 好友托我幫忙買的男性保健,不講不知。原來市面上這類型的藥品多的是,但最多好評的便是這款👉🏻經過好友大大力讚賞後及建議我一定要分享後,小編做了一些資料搜集,認為可值得推介分享給大家😊


法國的大規模研究發現,過去50年(1945 - 1995年),精子的質量已經減少了一半。結果證實:

男性精子的平均質量(特別是數量,流動性和形態)每年減少2%。在1989年至2005年期間,在整個研究期間觀察到精子總共減少32%。 🤔科學家估計,這一趨勢在整體人口中更加顯著,因為研究中的男性受試者的健康水平高於平均水平。 👨🏼🔬🔍三個月成熟過程


Fertilsan 利用獨特的高劑量的微量營養物質。用於對生殖力受損的男性進行飲食治療(特殊藥物用途食品)。通過其高度集中,平衡的特定營養組合,有助於提高男性精子質量,例如: 🔖 精子減少(精子數低) 🔖 無精症(運動能力低) 🔖 無精子症(亞最佳形態) 📖主要有效成份:
🇬🇧L-carnitine tartrate, L-Arginin HCl, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule shell), zinc gluconate, ascorbic acid, pine bark extract (95 % proanthocyanidins), N-acetylcysteine, selenium yeast, separating agent (magnesium stearate), coenzyme Q10, colouring E 171, cholecalciferol, beta carotene, pteroyl- monoglutamic acid. 🇭🇰中文釋法:L-肉鹼酒石酸鹽,L-精氨酸鹽酸鹽,D-α生育酚乙酸鹽,羥丙基甲基纖維素(膠囊殼),葡萄糖酸鋅,抗壞血酸,松樹皮提取物(95%原花色素),N-乙酰半胱氨酸,硒酵母,分離劑),輔酶Q10,著色劑E 171,膽鈣化甾醇,β-胡蘿蔔素,蝶酰基單谷氨酸。 💪🏻⭐️其中重要成分之功用:
1. L-精氨酸


2. 左旋肉鹼


3. 松樹皮提取物

fertilsan M每日劑量含有100毫克松樹皮提取物。來自法國海松皮(Pinus pinaster)皮的提取物含有超過95%的原花色素(植物化學物質),以其非凡的抗氧化性質而聞名。在專門的研究中已經表明,直接和間接地以多種方式使男性生育受益。沒有其他男性生育補品🌹含有如此大量的松樹皮提取物。

4. 輔酶Q10


5. N-乙酰基半胱氨酸


6. 鋅


7. 葉酸

在產生DNA的過程中葉酸很重要,它攜帶著這些基因。健康水平的葉酸對於生產具有完整功能的含有健康DNA的精子至關重要。 🔖使用方法:
一盒90粒膠囊,將持續一個月。請每天服用3粒,每天一次,配合大量的水服用,理想的情況是在餐前服用。建議服用至少三個月,相當於精子成熟過程的長度。 😉P.S 健康的生活方式是健康、功能齊全的精子生產過程的起點。所以服用其間也要注意起居飲食作息定時,避免煙酒。 💌歡迎inbox 查詢。

Tired, emotional, nauseated, mood swings, aching body, headaches....
Oh the joys of the first trimester!
BUT it doesn't have to be this bad!
Introducing MaterniTeas professionally formulated TRIMESTER ONE PACK.
A blend for Morning Noon and Night to support your entire body through the challenges of early pregnancy.
An antispasmodic blend to help relieve nausea an settle the digestive system.
An energising and nourishing blend to restore wellness to the body and boost the immune system with essential early pregnancy nutrients.
A relaxing blend designed to help ease muscular aches and joint pain as body starts to change shape, calm the nervous system, improve mood and help you get a better nights sleep.
100% Organic and caffeine free, developed solely for pregnancy by experts.
Conveniently available in Pyramid Tea Bags to help keep life simple and efficient when you need it most!

Can you believe it? One whole year- every full and newmoon, women at every twilight. #photography We had the honour to finish my seed (project ) with another seed @jannicekovacs ❤❤ Tack, kan inte vänta, gudmor är exalted❤❤
Flew over here to watch phase two unfold @whentheblackbirdsings_ please join me #whenTheBlackbirdSings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
#tillsammans #togetherness #urkraft
#pregnant #pregnancy #givebirth #medbarn #barn #fertility #befruktan #pregancyphoto 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

The UK'S first Happy Hormones Subscription Box. One of the four boxes on offer..... just a week away from launching..WOOHOO!
Have you subscribed yet?
From the onset of puberty, a woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes. Some girls sail through this period without a bother, but for others it can be a challenging time. As someone who has experienced some of the more unpleasant side-effects of maturing into a woman, I know first-hand how it feels. And how what you eat, the skin care and beauty products we use, the daily exposure of toxins, adolescents stress and other environmental factors can have an enormous effect on mitigating the hormonal storm going on in our bodies. The onset of puberty is signalled by the release of sex hormones testosterone and oestrodiol. These hormones introduce changes to the body and manifest as physical changes and growth, behavioural changes and psychosocial changes. Teenage years often throw other challenges into the mix, like acne, menstrual pain, irregular and fluctuating moods. Some teenagers even suffer from anxiety and depression which are becoming more common or more like an epidemic. For those reasons and more....is way, It's vital that adolescents maintain a Healthy Happy Hormonal Balance. Happy Hormones Happy You -Teen is specifically designed to help teenagers address those challenges. To join the Happy Hormones Tribe, you can subscribe now here: www.mahaliaswellness.com/supscription-boxes

Good Morning!
A few people have asked what supplements I have been taking during my ivf cycles.
I’ve been taking @zita.west supplements which include,
Vitafem- Premium nutrition for female fertility.
Pre-pregnancy, multivitamin and mineral capsules with antioxidants and CoQ10. Three a day.
Vitafem Boost 1- Premium nutrition for female fertility.
Pre-pregnancy, antioxidant multivitamin and mineral capsules for woman, with fruit extracts.
Three a day.
VitalDHA- Concentrated Omega 3 fish oil & Zinc.
Take one capsule two times a day with meals.
Vitamin D3 Oral Spray- Spray once a day.
#ivfjourney #ivfnutrition #ivflife #zitawest #supplements #ttcbaby2 #mystory #fertilityjourney #fertility #fet #frozenembryotransfer #fetprep

The Gift.

"Sebuah Harapan Mendapatkan Buah Hati"

Tak pernah ada kata lelah buat berjuang menghadirkamu nak.
Cepatlah hadir dirahim bunda.
Jawablah penantian panjang kami Ya Allah. Berikanlah kami keturuanan yang sholeh.
Yang akan menjadi pewaris kami kelak. Percayakan kami untuk menjaga titipanmu, mendidik, merawatnya seperti orang tua lainya yang mendidik anak2nya sampai menjadi orang yang sukses dan berguna. Amin... “Robbana hablana min azqajinaa wa zurriyatina qurrota’ayunin, waj’alna lil muttaqiina imama.” Artinya: “Ya Tuhan kami, anugerakanlah kepada istri-istri kami dan keturunan kami sebagai penyenang hati (kami), dan jadikanlah kami imam bagi orang-orang yang bertakwa.” (QS. Al-Furqan: 74).
WA: 082301823791

There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside you 💫 #pregnantlife 📸 @kvjewelry

Pregnancy & Infant Loss is an eternal heartache for hundreds of thousands of parents around the world.
October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month - a month we recognise and promote the importance of early and ongoing support for the 1 in 4 parents who experience the loss of their baby within Australia.
The impact of any bereavement - each type with its own particular difficulties - is frequently misunderstood. For parents bereaved by the death of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after, few will understand the depth and extent of their loss. It is important to show your love and support always.
#pregnancyandinfantloss #october #awareness #pregnancy #loss #remember

Bad dreams and facing reality.
I had a #groundhog movie type dream during my nap earlier and it is still lingering.
It was a continual loop of me helping one woman after another pick out #prenatalvitamins because they had got pregnant after I put them each on a cycle of other #supplements that helped them to #conceive. They were so #happy and kept thanking me. I smiled big and was gracious but as the conveyor belt of women flowed by I got sadder and sadder. It became harder to hold my smile or even stand up tall.
I kept seeing their happiness and was reminded of my #fertility problems due to #pcos. That there is a large chance i wont be able to have #babies. I hold #hope in my #heart of the #possibility but I #accepted a long time ago that my #dream of giving birth may never happen. Being around all these #pregnant #women and #babies in reality lately is causing these #feelings to come up I think.
I know to #neversaysnever so I will #staypositive about my #infertility and just let what's #meanttobe be. I dont need anyones sympathies, I just needed to out into words what I was feeling so I can #letitgo.

Are you a mother, expectant parent or parent living in the city of Lagos? You have to be at Mamalette Live! 2017 - Nigeria's Largest Celebration For Mothers.
Mamalette Live! celebrates the beauty of being a mother and is our thank you to you because your work is the most important there is!

There would be loads of FUN, LEARNING, NETWORKING, DISCOUNTS, LOTS TO EAT AND DRINK. ADMISSION is FREE!!! Date: Saturday 18th November 2017 & Sunday 19th November 2017
Venue: Plot 241 Ajidagan Street, Gbagada Estate, Phase 1, Lagos
Time: 9am to 5pm on Saturday except Sunday starts at 12PM

Mamalette Live! Lagos brings experts and experienced parents together to discuss, inform and provide answers to most of the common questions asked by mothers and parents in Nigeria. You also get the opportunity to meet and network with other mothers and learn about the latest products and services available to make your role as a mother much easier.
Our brands and partners will be offering loads of exclusive discounts and goodies as a thank you to mothers for the awesome and tireless work that you do. What’s more there will be a free creche for the babies and children as well as lots of fun and activities to keep our little ones occupied.

This is a fun and educative celebration for the Nigerian family and we strongly encourage you to bring fathers along as they have their own space to learn, meet and network with other dads.
You cannot afford to miss this event.

Register at www.mamalette.com/live or Click on the link in the bio👆 to register

Brands and sponsors we have only a few exhibition booths left. To sponsor or exhibit Call 08166218444 or 08171939121
Whatsapp/SMS: 08166218444
Email: kemi@mamalette.com

#mamalettelive2017 #mamalette #papalette #babylette #motherandchildexpo #parentingexpo #fertility #lagosmums #pregnancy #parenting #motherhood #lifestyle #lagos #exhibitor #pregnancynbeyond #yummymummynigeria #wivesnmothers #instablog9ja #instablog #instagood #nigeria

On #radiodoctor today, Dr. Tunde Okewale & @kikimordi look at all the intricacies of "Surrogacy"

Join us at 10am WAT.

Call in live for free consultation on +234(0)7000.917.917 & +234(0)9025.625.455
Text or WhatsApp +234(0)7031.756.537

For live streaming, tap the URL in our bio.

#surrogatemother #surrogacy #wombrent #health #childbirth #medicine #fertility #motherhood #pregnancy #parenthood #medicalpractice #medicallaw #medicalethics #voiceofwomen

Acupuncture influences your endocrine system helping to regulate your hormones and sporadic periods. Controlling irregular menstruation will enable you to better pin-point when you're most fertile!⠀ Share your stories below how acupuncture has helped to regulate your periods ♦️🌺♦️🌺
#acupuncture #chinesemedicine #traditionalchinesemedicine #angeamethod #babybodyready #fertility #hormones #qi #balance

We don't need a gym. We don't need these toxic protein shakes. We don't need steroids. We DEFINITELY don't need dairy or meat.
No, in order to have a HEALTHY and FIT lifestyle. The foundation for this is NUTRITION. 80% to be precise. The other 20% is exercise. And that can be, in the park, at home, anywhere. As long as we are building muscle resistance and so forth. -----------------------+------------++++--------------+--
SO , If you are ready to take that leap of faith and #Govegan .. Then DO IT.. DO IT... DO IT!!!....
I offer vegan start up packages. Just to help one actually GET STARTED, Lol. It can be all so confusing with all the different and conflicting information out here. I've simplified it for you.
DM if interested.
#wearecreators ........................................................................
#Govegan #wellness #bodybuilding #gains #scorpioseason #fertility #innerjourney #intuition #unlock #truths #thirdeye #momswholift #inspirationalquotes #successstory #astrology #liberation #plantbased #vegan #yogi #action #fearless #mompreneur #holistic #healthychoices #motivate #sex #love #passion

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