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Happy Saturday friends! ☀️☀️
So I am up early for 2 egg retrievals, a few ultrasounds on patients in treatment cycles, and one IUI before the party this afternoon. My bestie from residency came down from Dallas and is staying with us - and watching our little girls run around the house holding hands and playing make believe was priceless. ❤️
In reality, I'm up early at work while I have a million other things to do and people I would rather be spending my time with, but it's ok. I seriously love my job, and I'm happy to be here helping these families today. Sometimes I can't believe that I really get to do this everyday. 💕
Talking with my friend last night - it reminds me of how hard that season of life (residency) was - the work, the hours, the hierarchy, the stress over fellowship, trying to find time to study, missing out on so many "real life" moments and events...
But guys! It's a season, a chapter, it will pass and the hard work will be worth it. Don't give up on your dreams because you are afraid of the work or the time or the effort. Believe in yourself and go for it. Maybe one day you'll be up working a Saturday morning and not really mind at all. 😘
(And there might be too many party planning pics headed your way on stories #sorrynotsorry)
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We are SOOO thrilled to say, Baby Melito is finally on the way!!!!!! Praise God for our little miracle! Thank you for your support and prayers along the way during our IVF journey. We ask for continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! Arriving February 2018 👶🏼 #thebabymelitostory

"I'm just an ordinary woman. A daughter, a wife, and a mom to two little girls. I believe with all of my heart that life is extraordinary. I believe this because as a missionary, I put my life on hold to love those who are ignored. I believe this as a physician assistant who spends my working hours promoting health and healing with the goal of living as long and abundantly as possible.

I believe this especially because God gave me the opportunity to create life. When we conceived our first daughter just two months after our marriage, we expected it. We planned, we tried, and we were blessed with new life. Nine months, and then seven months later, we found ourselves pregnant again. This time, we hadn't planned it. We weren't trying for it. Was it still a blessing just as much as when we planned and tried? Of course! We faced anxiety, doubt, and stress - but we had been given the gift of awareness of our fertility, we understood it, and we trusted that God knew the plans He had for our family even if they weren't ours.

Nine months and 11 months later... you know how this story goes now, right? Just like the second time, we definitely hadn't planned it and we again hadn't tried. Unlike the first time and the second time, though, only two days after the pregnancy test flashed positive, God welcomed our baby home to Him. Was this life a blessing as much in its loss as in its conception? The blessing, I believe, lies in the hope that God has a purpose for all of this. And I don't need to plan or understand life and death in order for this purpose to prevail.

I #StandForLIFE because my first baby, my second baby, and my third baby were all given to us by His grace. In a world where fertility is considered a disease, I will never tire of sharing that I have learned that fertility is a gift that we have the ability to understand. My family is proof of this, because we make clear that His purpose contains within it a far greater blessing than our best plans." - Kendra @marebearmom #StandforLIFE

❄️🐣FET Update🐣❄️: Had my first uterine lining check 2 days ago and the appointment went well!! My uterine lining measured at 9️⃣ and had the tri-laminar appearance 👏🏻 just after 6 days of Estrace!! We got an updated FET calendar and we got our FET DATE set for next Wednesday! We are over the moon 🌙 and are celebrating this milestone of even just getting a FET date! We are nervous and cautiously excited at the same time! OMG...I also started 💉PIO shots💉. The injection is not as bad as I thought, it's really the soreness of the muscle that you feel throughout the day but it's tolerable. I'm also on endometrin, doxy, medrol and I remain on aspirin, estrace, and prenatal vitamins. I am no longer taking Lupron shots. I did acupuncture today and will do another acupuncture session the day before FET day! I'm kindly asking for 🙏🏽 prayers 🙏🏽and positive ➕➕➕ vibes! Will keep y'all posted. You are all in my prayers. Happy weekend!!! 💙💙💙

Seedless Watermelon #watermelon #fertility #comics

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is a commonly reported symptom associated with early pregnancy, affecting between 60-80% of women. Commonly referred to as morning sickness, if you’ve ever experienced it, you know this term is way off - more like all day and night sickness! -

There are certain thigns you can do to make this period a little easier though. Ginger can help ease the symptoms associated with nausea (if it this doesn’t work for you try peppermint) - teas like the ones we stock by @mamabodytea are great for this. -

Eating foods that are high in Vitamin B6 are also beneficial - lots of bananas, chicken and potatoes will help alleviate your symptoms and also hit the spot for those early carb cravings that most women experience early in pregnancy. Don’t let yourself get too hungry and have small snacks throughout the day that have a decent portion of protein. -

I can give you personalised and practical advice based on your circumstances to make your pregnancy the healthiest it can be for you and your bub. Contact me today to make an appointment. -

If you suffer with heavy + painful periods, there's a good chance that when I talk about our menstrual cycle being a shamanic + spiritual practice, a power source + a map to understanding our experience as a woman, you want to stab me on the eye with a fork.
I get it.
I used to bleed more days than I didn't every cycle, I got called a flake for having to constantly turn down social engagements I'd said yes to because my vag was recreating a scene from 'Carrie'. Now I don't claim to have the answers or a cure-all, but the more the releasing of subconscious patterns, suppressed emotions + low vibe energies like fear, guilt, shame (along with SHE Flow movement + massage + yoni steams + great orgasms) meant that my menstrual cycle actually began to become way lighter + less painful. (I've also seen in hundreds of my clients over the last five years too, the more they release + let go + surrender to the patterns that have been keeping them small (our vagina and womb holds memories + beliefs at a cell deep level)
Pain, heavy bleeding, emotional trauma can all be signs that something is out of balance: either emotionally, physically or spiritually - yep, your womb is clever like that.
By getting to know your lady landscape, by getting conscious to your menstrual cycle and the phases and the powers in each we can begin to clear a lot of these blocks that keep us in pain + emotional turmoil.

I'm sharing everything I've got in Care For 'Down There' a 28 day immersion to explore, navigate + find big love for your lady landscape.
You bring your questions + I'll share over 13 years of womb wisdom gained from working with women's wellness doctors AND indigenous medicine mamas - and together we'll be in virtual circle + we'll get super practical + deeply spiritual in calling back the power that lies between our thighs.
There's been a date change to Care for 'Down There' - we now begin our lady landscape exploration on July 9th - full moon - through to August 5th - if you feel called, deets are in the link my bio @sassylisalister
#wombwisdom #womenshealth #carefordownthere #menstrualcycle #fertility #womb #yoni #periods #painfulperiods


Welcome! I'm Kate. Just over ten years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS and have struggled with my health (and weight) for nearly my entire life. I smile every time I think about the day that someone calls me "mom" and want to do everything within my power to ensure that happens some day. I'm not exactly sure what this platform will hold or how my public story will unfold, but I'd love for you to join me as I figure it all out • #pcos #fertility #health #weightloss

La realización del ESPERMOGRAMA es indispensable cuando hay un diagnóstico de INFERTILIDAD. Consiste en entregar en el laboratorio una muestra de semen recolectada en un período de tiempo de 3 a 7 días de abstinencia sexual, la cual es procesada a través de técnicas especiales para evaluar la concentración de los espermatozoides, su morfología y motilidad. Independientemente de la presencia o no de antecedentes personales o familiares , así como de signos y síntomas que indiquen una posible alteración en la producción de los espermatozoides , es de suma importancia realizar este estudio de rutina. Muchas veces pueden existir procesos infecciosos, trastornos hormonales o genéticos que pueden pasar desapercibidos y afectan la calidad espermática. El ESPERMOGRAMA, nos permite realizar un diagnóstico de INFERTILIDAD por FACTOR MASCULINO, el cual cada día es más frecuente. Este estudio debe ser revisado y analizado por un ESPECIALISTA EN FERTILIDAD, para que la pareja pueda ser orientada de manera efectiva hacia la Técnica de Reproducción Humana más conveniente para lograr un embarazo.

#Reproducción asistida

"Having had unsuccesful treatment at another private clinic in central Cardiff.My friend recommended I give CRGW a try as she(unbeknown to me had also had treatment to have her twin boys!).
I cannot believe the difference in the 2 clinics.My first clinic only seemed interested in getting money out of me and had lots of “extras” which were added to the bill.Amanda at CRGW is a fantastic,empathetic and caring woman.I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
CRGW are head and shoulders above the other clinic."

Come join me at the Herbal Medicine (and Then Some!) Fair on Sunday, July 16 from 10am – 5pm. I'll be applying and educating on earseeds, the fantastic way to extend your acupuncture sessions' effectiveness at home, in addition to answering questions about Japanese medicine, how acupuncture can treat a variety of conditions, and my practice in San Francisco and Oakland. If we haven't met yet please come by to say hello!⠀

I'll be sharing a booth with Back to Life Physical Therapy, my officemates in SF who also have a community-oriented treatment and classroom space just down 49th St from Temescal Alley. They'll be doing movement analysis at the fair so come sign up for an assessment of your gait or posture along with your earseed treatment.⠀

5th Annual Herbal Medicine (and Then Some!) Fair⠀
Temescal Alley (486 49th St Oakland)⠀
Sun July 16 10am – 5pm ⠀
Details: HomesteadApothecary.com/herbal-medicine-fair/⠀

#hamedicinefair #healer #acupuncture #acupuncturist #sanfranciscoacupuncture #oaklandacupuncture #needles #gentleneedles #tcm #traditionalmedicine #traditionalchinesemedicine #integrativemedicine #japaneseacupuncture #moxa #moxibustion #womenshealth #fertility #chronicpain #sportsmedicine #yourtableawaits #acunap #acunaptime

#SELFCARESUNDAY Have you tried Womb Reiki? Benefits include:

#wombcare #wombwellness #womb #wombiverse #fertility #shakti #reiki #wombreiki

Starting over. Every single day. Because there is no "there". Only here and now.
As hard as it has been getting back to good habits, I know I will get there. If not now, then later. And in the meantime, self-love and forgiveness 24/7 🙏🏼💙
And radish @salamader16 😂😂
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Now that I know the 🐋🐋🐋 is on its way ... I've got to make my body a temple again (ever) ... so I've been baking ALL day and I want to get my face in this fresh granola and snaffle it all ... Must. Resist.

this sweet girl is ready to grow her garden! 🌺 thanks @julianna_woehrle for sharing your #oviababy 💕

Brie meets Sauron, or perhaps gains enlightenment, at @juliesteagarden.
📷 : @liam.photography_
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It's been a relaxing Sunday so far. Got in a great lower body workout, shower😜 loads of laundry ✅ shake for lunch. I've been feeling more confident as I'm doing my shots(I might have a change of opinion once the Menopur starts😂) I've noticed I've been a little more tired these past few days and the birth control has not being good to my skin(breaking out on my chest some) I only have 2 more of those to take though so YAY!!!🙌🏻 We are so excited for the future!!❤️
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Encounter for first time: world's first IVF baby with USA's first IVF baby #baby #ivf #usa #uk #ttc #meeting #encounter #women #children #offspring #parenthood #family #stage #conference #chicago #fertility #infertility

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