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Press day one for #daretodream lets go!
Having received so many amazing and moving messages & videos over the last couple of days, I feel so lucky to be a voice about fertility. No one should have to go through the struggles alone and in silence. Doing this for us all! πŸŒŸβ€πŸ™Œ

This is such an exciting week for so many of you in medicine!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
To all the news interns starting - welcome to one of the most challenging but inspiring years of your professional life.
Residency is hard. The learning curve is steep, and the stakes are high. But it is also great and fun and it will change you. And it will pass before you know it. When I was early in my medical journey, I was always concerned about the time it would take to get to the end goal. And then somewhere along the way, I realized the journey is the real fun. So take the time to go all in, be present, ask questions, learn, engage, volunteer, try, fail, learn to ask for help, make best friends, be confident, and grow. Embrace the journey. 😘
#womeninmedicine #internyear #residency #youcandoit

That Look😍 Just As Pretty as Can Be β€οΈπŸ’‹ Tap Pic For Tag πŸ’‹β€οΈ Featured by @pocaraines ❀️ #puffs #blackexcellence #blackmagic #naturalbeauty #tokyo #cesdtalent #lions #melanin #love #godscreation #blessing #Smiles #indian #mtv #vh1 #pocahontas #gifted #cutekids #fertility #ovaries #bomb #shop #instadaily #nativeamerican

For this child we have prayed, and the Lord has granted the desires of our hearts. πŸ’•πŸ’• -1 Samuel 1:27
There have been many medications and needles along our IVF journey thus far, and 6 more weeks of daily shots to go. But I know they are ALL worth it, because I'm finally going to be a mom to our miracle baby!!!!!!!! And mamas going through fertility treatments or who are trying to conceive, I know God is on your side and your time is coming. You will be a mom. I have been telling myself that everyday for awhile. And now the words are true. There are no words to explain our joy and love for this baby already. Thank you Lord! And thank you friends for all of your prayers! Baby Melito Coming February 2018! #thebabymelitostory πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

Today is a big day! It's our party celebrating 5 years and 500 babies. We have many joining us today to celebrate at the Royal Society of Medicine #ivf #fertility #royalsocietyofmedicine #zw500

Hoje tive novamente a oportunidade de compartilhar meus conhecimentos no evento CryoTalks da Merck sobre criopreservaçao de ovulos e embrioes! #huntingtonteam #tentantes2017 #fertility #fertilizacaoinvitro #embrioescongelados #biopsiaembrionaria #congelamentodeovulos

Seedless Watermelon #watermelon #fertility #comics

Who's joining me for #champagne and nibbles on Wednesday evening in Sydney ? We're talking #fertility #preservation, #eggdonation and #career choices. DM if you'd like me to reserve you a place #australianeggbank

New blog post today - Why hearing others' fertility and #IVF stories will always bring me tears? (Link in bio) πŸ’šLast week a friend told me how it took her 6 years to get pregnant with the help of fertility treatmentπŸ’šMy heart sinks every time πŸ’šFertility issues affect so many peopleπŸ’šTomorrow I'll be chatting alongside celebrity Izzy Judd (wife of Harry Judd from McFly) about our journeys to motherhood πŸ’š@Mumsnet has invited me to be on this amazing Facebook Live at 12pm-12.30pm on Wednesday 28 June 2017. πŸ’šFancy joining us? πŸ’šYou just need to like the @Mumsnet FB pageπŸ’š I'd love you to be there too, especially if you're able to sneak onto Facebook during your lunch break or whilst the kids are busy or the baby is napping.


Is it just me? I hate using condoms and birth control pills mess up my whole system. So happy to learn about this natural birth control method! β €
.β €
@NaturalCycles is a birth control app. Clinical studies have shown that the app is effective for contraception, comparable to the contraceptive pill. β €
.β €
It also acts as a tool for fertility tracking and planning pregnancies. The company’s mission is to increase contraceptive choice and empower women to take control of their fertility, championing a vision where every pregnancy brings happiness. β €
.β €
Natural Cycles was founded by husband and wife Dr. Raoul Scherwitzl and Dr. Elina Berglund, who was a part of a Nobel Prize-winning team."β €
.β €
Share your thoughts 'bout it!β €
.β €
#birthcontrol #fertility #women #empowerment #menstrualcycl​e​ ​#contraceptiveβ €
β €
(πŸ“· naturalcycles)

What an amazing opportunity to connect with other women who are in the wait! Who's signed up for the conference already? Wish there would have been something like this one I was in the battleπŸ’ͺWe are so much stronger togetherπŸ‘―

Busy evenings getting these ready for St. Helens Open Art comp. Lunar: Oils and gold ink on linen.
#lunar #fertility #openart #oilpaint #gold #bearfour #paint #familybusiness

So HuffingtonPost UK want to run an article on my blog! Email from them today:
"It's a really good blog and we'd love to host it" WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
But... I'd have to waive my anonymity. Gah! What to do????? #mother_of_none_blog #motherofnoneblog #motherofnone #TWW #TTC #ttc #ttcc #ttcuk #ttcover30 #ttccommunity #ttcstruggle #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #ttcsucks #infertilitysucks #thisiswhatinfertilitylookslike #fertility #infertility #blog #blogger #HuffingtonPost #HuffingtonPostUK #HuffPost #HuffPostUK

IVF Injection Class! πŸ€“

In our waiting room we have rotating artists donning the walls with their work. This season we have Meg at Uniquely Wise Photography, who captures family milestones specializing in maternity 🀰, newborn πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ , and lifestyle portraits πŸ“·.

Are you trying to get pregnant or know someone who is? The Fertility Spell Bottle is filled with natural magickal ingredients that are believed to aid in fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy! Available at The White Witchs Garden on Etsy!
Link in bio!

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These beauties are Fertility bracelets (with and without Saint Gerard) made of Rose Quartz, Rhodolite, Moonstone, Tigers Eye and Clear Quartz. #handmadejewelry #handmade #madewithlove #fertility #healingstones #healingstonejewelry #rosequartz #rhodolite #tigerseyes #moonstone #clearquartz #quartz #saintgerard

It might not always look this way on instagram, but I don't actually eat perfectly healthy. This was my gooey grilled cheese lunch today! Sometimes you have to eat what you want and what feels good in the moment. We get nutrients from food yes, but we get so much more too! We get comfort and connection and satisfaction and fun! I don't want you to give up all those things! That's not life. But the difference is making a decision to eat something less than healthy and knowing how it will effect you later and what you need to balance it. If I'm having a grilled cheese for lunch, I need to add some protein in purposefully. Maybe a handful of nuts! If you are going to eat cake at your friends birthday know that you might feel tired and sick after and not want to party, so maybe it isn't the best choice after all, or maybe have a less sugary cocktail to not make things worse!

I can "feel" my ovaries. and that is a strange sensation. a very heavy and weighted feeling in my lower abdomen. sneezing and laughing adds a weird pressure. I'm most comfortable if I'm sitting slightly reclined, and even more so when I have a heating pad on my belly.
but this is what happens when you have thirteen follicles that are measuring from 13 to 18mm big! (can you see the size difference from the picture from my ultrasound on friday? it's crazy!)
so this bloated, icky, uncomfortable feeling that I am feeling, that so many other women who have been in these shoes have felt, is exactly what is supposed to be happening. .
i'll take it. it's temporary. and it's for the best reason possible.

On this #TestimonialTuesday, meet beautiful Delphina! "...From the first time we walked in, we were treated as family. Despite the amount of patients Neway has, every single nurse, receptionist and doctor knows you and your partner by name. We were always greeted with a warm smile- which made even the hardest days feel a little less dark..." -Lindsay H.
Visit our website at www.neway.nyc to read the rest of this #testimonial and learn about #fertility, #IVM, #IVF, and more! #Neway

14lbs/1 stone down πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #shebelievedshecould

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