Single : available immediately, original first hand, 0 kilometer 🚘💕👨🏻 (the team, not the car) ! Real sticker on this mythical Ferrari Dino 246 GT 🇮🇹😂 Never tire of seeing these splendid curved lines and a good way to find love 😏. The Dino was waiting for the #TourAuto 2018 start. About this, stay tuned, we got a surprise tomorrow 🤗

Ferrari 288 GTO, no words to describe this beauty.. 💗
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Spring has sprung. Time to fold the roof back and revel in the open road and all of the places it may take you. #488spider

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Such a hardcore car, and still so beautiful 😍😍
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🇮🇹 Questa ’65 Ferrari 275 GTB Shortnose S/N 7373 ha una storia molto interessante. Ordinata dal signor Carlo Benelli, alias Riccardone, con l’intenzione di gareggiare. Numerosi i successi con questa Ferrari, si ricorda: 25 aprile 1967 – Monza 1000 Km – con il numero #54, coopilota Giovanni Galli, alias Nanni Galli. 🇬🇧 That ’65 Ferrari 275 GTB Shortnose S/N 7373 has such an interesting history. Carlo Benelli, alias Riccardone, ordered it with the intention of gentleman racing. He was very successful with that Ferrari, it is seen as particular: 25th April 1967 – Monza 1000 Km - #54, co-driver Giovanni Galli, alias Nanni Galli.

The red lady 👠

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