🌟Longer Lashes🌟
Lash serum just arrived back in stock. Visibly longer, fuller & darker lashes within a few short weeks.
Only $49.95 📞9763 2256
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Meet Maddie ❤️ If you’ve ever complimented my nails - Maddie was the artist behind them! She’s hilarious, has a beautiful soul and is insanely talented! She’s also located in Ferntree Gully if you need your nails done @yougot_clawed 😉 She has super long lashes so all she needs is a Lift & Tint 🌸

Sneaky action shot 😉 I get a lot of clients show me photos of my work and ask if their lashes can look like another client’s lashes. We’re all unique and so are our lashes, some clients have 90 or less lashes per eye and others have 150+ lashes per eye (crazy right?!) This means the overall look will be different between clients. We can try to make them as alike as possible but the truth is, we simply can’t recreate a look on two separate clients, sometimes even on the same client depending on where they are in their cycle. What we can do though is create the best set for you - this is why I hand make all of my fans, I take into account your natural lash and choose the length, diameter and curl depending on what’s best for that lash! You’re in safe hands here 😘❤️

Who else is super excited for warmer weather? ☀️😎

Saturday morning Hybrids for Ebony 😍

Volume for Mia ❤️

All hail lash queen Tayla.
Set: Natural Volume
Stylist: Tayla

Your Friday morning goal is to practice gratitude! Think of 3 things you’re grateful for today, and see how your mood improves! Drop 3 emojis below of what you’re grateful for! Mine are: ☀️🙋🏽‍♂️🌸

Ash had some damage from a lash lift gone wrong so we’ve given her some beautiful wispy classics while her lashes recover ☺️ Such a pleasure to meet you Ash!

Meet Michelle ❤️ Michelle has been one of my beautiful clients since before Lush Beauty Studio was even a thought. She’s a mum to 6 children, a doula, a Doterra Queen, and an overall hilarious woman! She has the brightest, bubbliest personality and has helped not only myself but my family with her oils. If you’re interested in essential oils, or just up for a chat with a fantastic gal - message Michelle 😘 @livingessentiallywithmichelle

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