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I’m so excited to be offering my first Pillars of Wellness giveaway sponsored by Kultured Wellness!! One super blessed person will receive 3 super beneficial, super yummy and super simple-to-make cultures.
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I’ve been using KW cultures for over a year and they are one of the quickest, simplest things I make in the kitchen. Plus they contain incredibly beneficial probiotics. In just 1 cup of coconut yogurt your gut will be loving you with over 41 billion CFU and in the coconut kefir there’s 27 billion CFU. Not only are those incredibly high numbers when it comes to probiotics, the strains of bacteria are specific/cultured and not wild – therefore even more beneficial! #fermentingisfun #loveyourguts

I wore a bright white shirt to Tuesday’s fermenting workshop. You don’t really need to know that, except when you think about that pristine white shirt and this deep inky purple liquid in close proximity to each other... Hmmmm. Yes. That.
This fabulous fermenting workshop @daylesfordfarm Marylebone store by resident nutrionalist @rhayajordan (swipe to 2nd pic) was all the things you want in a workshop and none of the things you don’t.
Fun, informative, interactive.
Not stuffy or preachy or dry.
Keep your eyes peeled for future events as they’re currently building a bit of a calendar of activities.
And in case you’ve been worrying, I did actually manage to get home, free of aubergine coloured splashes on my top but would recommend wearing any black thing you own if you go to their next class.

Liz leading todays gut health workshop with hands on sauerkraut making! Liz is a doctor in plant science and shares her knowledge with fellow workshoppers in the nutritional benefits of eating fermented vegetables! #fermentingisfun #vegan #plantbased #foodie #lovefood #workshop

A basket of freshly baked wild yeast breads for today’s gut friendly workshop lunch. A malted Wholemeal sourdough and a lemon water focaccia with fresh thyme and salt flakes with Lemons used from last weeks donut class. Nothing goes to waste. #sourdough #wildyeastwater #wildfermentaryworkshops #handmade #longfermentation #foodie #lovefood #teach #share #eat #fermentingisfun

Had An Awesome Fermenting Class Today At The Firefly Gathering Here In Leicester, NC! Thank You To All Who Came Out 🤩 #fireflygathering #primitiveskills #asheville

I Always Get Asked Serving Suggestions....Well, @whitelabstapavl Crushed It Last Night With A Pork Butt Taco Featuring Our Holy Mole' Kraut! Thank You White Labs Kitchen & Tap For This Awesome Opportunity 🤗 #asheville #ashevillefoodie #fermentedfood

Absolutely Loving These Nappa Cabbages From Root Bottom Farm! These Beauties Are Going Into Our Next Batch Of 100% Local Kimchi 😍 @rootbottomfarm #appalachiangrown #farmtoferment #buylocalnc

Gearing Up For Tomorrow's Big Beer Pairing Event With White Labs @whitelabstapavl ***You Have Until Midnight To Get The Last Few Tickets*** Available Through @whitelabstapavl #beerpairing #asheville #fermentedfood

¿Quieres saber todo sobre los fermentados? Echa un vistazo a nuestro curso integral en www.iberiancraft.com/curso-de-fermentados/ #iberiancraft #barcelona

The Massacre of Summer 2017 💀⚔️⚰️ There once was a booming SCOBY hotel, in that hotel lived GrandMOTHER SCOBY and all eleven of her babies/grand-babies. Suddenly, one evening (June 12th,2017) the hotel manager (me) left without a trace for 3 weeks.. Upon the managers return grandMOTHER SCOBY & her kin noticed two new babies with her, these new babies weren’t quite as slimy and gross as they were.. The SCOBY family began to worry, they were starving to death & couldn’t seem to get the managers attention.
Eventually, all twelve SCOBYs died a slow painful death... drying up one by one.
Months later the manager returned to the hotel only find one big crusty dried up old jar, that once was a luscious breeding ground of bacteria & yeast.
Rest In Peace SCOBY fam.
Anyways, if you’re still reading this.. after I had the twins last summer I neglected my SCOBYs & they all died. #sad

SO! I grew a fresh new one and here is how you can grow your own SCOBY too!! You will need:
- 7c water - 1/2c sugar
- 4 bags of black tea or 1 TBSP loose tea
- 1c unflavoured, unpasteurized kombucha - large pot
- large glass jar or glass drink dispenser
- long handled spoon
- tightly woven cloth
- rubber band or string

1. Bring water to a boil, remove pot from heat & stir in sugar until dissolved. add tea bags & allow to steep until tea cools to room temp.
2. Pour sweet tea into your jar and pour the kombucha on top. if you see the little bits/blobs in your bottle of kombucha make sure that gets transferred into the jar.
3. Stir to combine
4. Cover the mouth of your jar with cloth & secure with rubber band or string.
5. Place your jar somewhere out of direct sunlight, where it won’t get moved around a lot & is at average room temp. leave for approx 4 weeks. a film will cover the top of the liquid and get thicker as time goes on. *I used #organic black tea & organic cane sugar **I left my SCOBY for almost 5 weeks, it’s still pretty thin but will thicken & smooth out as time goes on. ***In these pics I am making a double batch, I grew one for a friend at the same time.
Stay tuned to find out how to brew #kombucha with your new #SCOBY!!!

So excited to announce you can now purchase Zenfield Kombucha @atvarayoga
Please do yourself a favor and check out this amazing space in Kernersville!!!!! I'm fixing to take the hot power class myself!!! 😍
#zenfieldkombucha #kombucha #kombuchalove #kombuchabrewing #kombuchatea #nckombucha #atvarahotyogalounge #kernersvilleyoga #kernersville #fermentingisfun #yogaandkombucha #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #practiceyogachangeyourworld #supportlocal #supportsmallbusinesses #lifeistooshorttodrinkflatbooch #gratefulisanunderstatement

- Fermented mushrooms -
Finally I tried to ferment also porcini mushrooms. The first crops, small and firm.
I steamed them for 20 minutes. Then put in a 3% brine with the addition of wild thyme and some previously fermented onion.
Leave it at room temperature and then put in the fridge.
Tasted after 10 days, they are very good.
Naturally the acidic part is however much less invasive than vinegar.
I think, however, they are fermentations not to be prolonged too much.
#mushrooms #porcini #funghi #thyme #onions #steamed

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