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Committed to the Mohawk and got #rainbowpits today! What a day

What do you need, what do you want? Call it in, lunar babes, and take a bite out of it. Happy full moon 🌕 #thehighpriestess #fullmoon #fullmooninsagittarius #feministwitch

I watched this last night with one of my moon sisters and got so inspired! Mostly by the fashion/jewelry and not so much the murdering part. So I'm thinking about making some large statement pieces inspired by The Love Witch ❤🔪#thegypsyfawn #inspiration #thelovewitch #feministwitch #70svibes

If you're a witch, you will understand this film right away. #feministwitch #mothermovie


Been binging #Charmed on @netflix and wouldn't mind finding a coven (I say that as if I could stumble upon them) the 90s were such a pure time. (Porn culture- again I digress)

RBF forever👊🏻✊🏼👊🏽✊🏾👊🏿 #hexthepatriarchy

The frequency you emit is the same one you attract- be mindful🍂

So I don't celebrate #mabon exactly but I DO celebrate the #autumnalequinox which is at 4:02pm EST today! This art is by @camillechew who did the art for #basicwitches which I may end up finishing today. It had been on my list so long- I'm glad I got it!

Todays the day! First day of #autumn and I'm in love. ♥️🍂

Staying up till midnight bc I love holidays and I LOVE autumn so I am v excited rn 💕🔮🍂🥀🦇🎃💀👻👽⚰️🕯(got carried away w the emojis lol)

It's not just for #defenddaca but it is also for #defenddaca #hexthepatriarchy #contactyoursenator

Got this book today and I'm already 25% done/ I can't put it down! 10/10 would recommend an easy read for any level of witch on any path. #basicwitches

Seeing crows eating roadkill is beautiful; roadkill is not. There is something beautiful in the natural-the crow scavenging and the mammal not dying in vain. There is nothing natural, however, about cars and thus roadkill. Technology is not natural. Aboriginal peoples hunting and and farming/foragingy is not a disturbing image. Modern day peoples eating cows and pigs and chickens etc who were born and bred and lived long enough only to profit for consumption-when there are totally viable options for heathy diets on plants alone-that's disturbing (run on sentence I know). Plants feeling or sensing does not negate the horror that is perpetuated in omnivorous culture. It is not natural, it has evolved into something sinister. Because it is so engrained in the culture it feels natural, but it wasn't over night that farming became horrific. The insidious nature of regulations and demands on "products" (animals who love and feel just as much as dogs and cats) has created an idea that we still have happy cows who willingly give milk- not thinking about how the cow was impregnated-and if they wait around for her to be ready and willing she won't be so profitable so it's forced (rape) then the milk is taken. It was for the baby, so the baby is taken too. That baby will either die in a few days or a few years. This is repeated till she can't handle it and then she's impregnated one last time and sent to slaughter (more product that way). Then she's eaten. The remains of these animals, ligaments/tendons/bones/eyeballs/anus/etc ends up in pet food, candy, marshmallows, car oils, etc. that is not natural. If you value one species life but would take another's (they can not consent so..) then you are speciesist. Take time and think. Nature is light and dark yes; is this dark the natural? Or is it something else in masquerade?

@the.vulva.gallery displays pussy power in all shapes sizes colors etc and I'm in LOVE 😍

It didn't feel appropriate to post this on 9/11 but it doesn't feel appropriate to not post it at all either. RIP. PRAY FOR PEACE AND THEN LIVE PEACE

It's not Tuesday but it's always time to listen to your higher self @bunnymichael

I'm not here to follow cultures lead and be a blind member of society. I'm here to protect and speak up for those who aren't heard otherwise. I'm here to love #verb #lovewins #loveislove

Time for a next level spell😈 @the_witchbitch has memes on memes and I'm binging Charmed on @netflix

New post up on the blog! If you haven't checked it out yet go ahead- #shereadscards is #whatwitchwhere ! 🔮✨

Got quite a few small ceramics stocked up now and would love to share! Thinking about selling- would anyone be interested? #ceramics #handmade #altar #ashtray #ringdish #dish #homemade

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