💯Christina Dalcher's debut feminist dystopian novel 'VOX' explores a world where women have been limited to speaking 100 words a day... 2018 has definitely been a year of powerhouse women taking control with movements such as #TimesUp. I am so interested to see how Dalcher plays with the power of voice and communication! I'm already sensing an Atwood feel to this tale ❌⭕️
Thank you to the amazing @hqstories for sending me a brand new proof to read and review! 📚Although "silence can be deafening," I believe this book will speak volumes! ⭐️
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Powered through this amazing piece of #feministliterature tonight. Feminist theory and queer theory have some wonderful similarities when applied to #parenting This is written by the brilliant Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who has become a really influential author in my life. It’s a short read, 30 pages, I didn’t even need the audio book.

Rosario Castellanos is one of my favorite authors. Balún Canan is like a love song to the indigenous people of Chiapas. /. Rosario Castellanos es una de mis autoras preferidas. Balún Canan es como un canto de amor a la gente de Chiapas, su gente. #rosariocastellanos, #baluncanan

“The most subversive thing a woman can do is talk about her life as if it really matters.” •
Mona Eltahawy’s Headscaves and Hymens felt like a call to arms when I first read it. I don’t always agree with all of Mona’s assertions/conclusions but it’s still worth a read. Her critique of purity culture is cutting and she writes with clarity, passion and sheer eloquent rage. She doesn’t sugar coat her words so she’s earned herself admirers and detractors in equal measure, so I urge you to read and make up your own mind. •
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illuminating & healing.

“There is no aspect of sexuality that is not studied, talked about, or demonstrated. How-to classes exist for every dimension of sexuality. Yet schools for love do not exist. Everyone assumes that we will know how to love instinctively. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we still accept that the family is the primary school for love. Those of us who do not learn how to love among family are expected to experience love in romantic relationships. However, this love often eludes us. And we spend a lifetime undoing the damage caused by cruelty, neglect, and all manner of lovelessness experienced in our families of origin and in relationships where we simply did not know what to do.”

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Some creative progress photos from the book cover!! Empress of Fortune by @brennafynes is a historical fiction novel about Belinda who is an entrepreneur before her time! She leaves Ireland and goes to America to do her own thing against the norm!
The front cover is irish lace so when I was going about making my own lace design- I bought different laces and found images online. Referencing all these different types of laces, created my own!! If you wanna check out the creative process more in detail it's all on my latest blog post on my website www.stephanytalavera.com


Ich bin ein Spinster Girl! Du auch? Eigentlich ist Spinster ja ein eher abfälliger Begriff für eine ältere, unverheiratete Frau - oder wie man auch so schön sagt: „alte Jungfer.“ Natürlich gibt es noch etliche weitere Bezeichnungen, komisch nur, dass alle irgendwie negativ behaftet sind, während man dem männlichen Pendant eine eher postive Bedeutung zugedacht hat. Den "Bachelor" gibt es ja sogar im Fernsehen und "Junggeselle" klingt lange nicht so abfällig wie "alte Jungfer". Ist es denn wirklich so schlimm, auch mit 40, 50 oder 60 unverheiratet und kinderlos zu sein? Ist das denn gleich immer was Negatives? Immerhin gibt es auch genug Frauen, die eben genau das wollen: NICHT heiraten und KEINE Kinder bekommen, ganz gleich ob 20, 30, 40, 50 oder älter. Umso mehr freue ich mich über Bücher wie "Was ist schon normal" von Holly Bourne, die dem Begriff "Spinster" mit ihren Buch wieder eine positive Bedeutung zuspricht. Ein Spinster-Girl ist eine unabhängige, selbstbewusste Frau die ihr Leben so lebt, wie sie es möchte, ohne sich von irgendwem, auch nicht von unserer Gesellschaft, vorschreiben zu lassen, was richtig und was falsch; was normal und was unnormal ist. Wenn unabhängige, selbstbewusste Frauen, die wissen, was sie wollen, sich von Niemandem reinreden lassen und ihr Leben so leben, wie sie es möchten, unnormal sind, dann bin ich sehr gerne "unnormal". Ich bin ein Spinster Girl und ich freue mich riesig über die Überraschungspost von Lea von @liberiarium 😘 die mir das Buch in Kooperation mit dem @dtv_verlag kostenfrei als Rezensionsexemplar zur Verfügung gestellt hat 😍 Ich habe es tatsächlich bisher noch nicht gelesen, möchte es aber bald lesen und freue mich sehr darauf, insbesondere nach all den positiven Stimmen, die ich zu dem Titel gehört habe. Seid ihr auch ein Spinster Girl? 💛
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"'You must never behave as if your life belongs to a man. Do you hear me?' Aunty Ifeka said. 'Your life belongs to you and you alone.'"
My very first book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie! I read it two years ago when I first moved to Spain and I just fell in love with her writing. I could feel the heat of Nigeria's sun as I read it. I'm super excited about reading Americanah, which is on its way to me as I post!
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What is femenine writing (l’ecriture femenine)? What does it mean to write as a women? What’s the difference between ecriture femenine and literature written by women? Where should we start? Let’s begin by talking about the three analysts that used l’ecriture femenine as a category. #luceirigaray #hélènecixous #juliakristeva #ecriturefeminine #postestructuralfeminism #feministtheory #feministliterature

New #inbriefreview up now! This was a quick, clever read, and although it lacked the nuance of, say a Kate Forsyth retelling, it has a great feminist slant. Full thoughts are #ontheblog.

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Gestern Nacht hab ich diesen Schatz beendet und ja ich muss sagen "Schatz".
Mein erster Gedanke nach beenden des Buches ?
Es ist eins der Bücher bei denen ich mir wünsche, dass es sie schon gegeben hätte, als ich jünger war - so ein großartiges und wichtiges Buch! Wichtig warum ? Weil es die richtigen Werte vermittelt und das auf eine ernsthafte und gleichzeitig humorvolle Art. Dieses Buch zeigt die Art von Feminismus mit der ich mich identifizieren kann und möchte!
#ichbineinspinstergirl, weil nur wir selbst das Recht haben sollten Entscheidungen über unser Leben und unser Körper zu treffen und bis das auch endlich bei dem Letzten ankommt , müssen wir alle mit guten Beispiel voran gehen - die Vorurteile loslassen und uns von Klischees und typischen Geschlechterrollen lösen.Wir müssen aufhören uns gegenseitig Stempel aufzudrücken!
Das Buch erscheint am 20.Juli beim @dtv_verlag und dann wird auch meine ganze Rezension folgen und ich hoffe dass wir ganz viele #spinstergirls werden !❤
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Yahoo! The Cover art for my novel is in by the very talented @stephanytalavera and I just got the back cover blurb too... Stay tuned for the exact launch date, coming in August!

Empress of Fortune, the first novel in the two-part Klondike series, is based on the real life of Belinda Mulrooney, Queen of the Klondike.
At fifteen, Belinda is forced to leave everything she knows and loves when her parents send for her to join them in 1880s America. She is uprooted from her life with her grandparents in rural Ireland to a new life in Pennsylvania that brings only unhappiness and homesickness.
It’s not long before Belinda runs away from the bleak future her family has planned for her. She sets out on a course for a big city with hopes of earning enough money to return to Ireland.
Belinda finds domestic work for the prominent Cummings family where the lonely Mrs. Cummings befriends Belinda and teaches her about business and politics. Realizing that her unusual and comfortable position camn’t last forever, Belinda must make choices not only about her working life, but also about love, and a future that makes her one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in history.
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Ich bin ein Spinster Girl! ❤️🙌🏻 Was das heißt? Spinster ist eigentlich ein abfälliger Begriff für eine ältere, unverheiratete Frau - quasi die Crazy Cat Lady. Oder alte Jungfer. Oder ... fällt euch was auf? Es gibt etliche Bezeichnungen dafür - aber das männliche Pendant wird positiv als Bachelor oder „ewiger Junggeselle“ bezeichnet. Warum eigentlich? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Die Protagonistinnen in Holly Bournes “Was ist schon normal?” fragen sich das auch und beschließen, dem Begriff wieder eine positive Bedeutung zu geben. Für starke, unabhängige Frauen - die lieben und leben, wie sie möchten. 🙏🏻
Ich finde es großartig, dass immer mehr solcher Jugendbücher auf dem Markt erscheinen und wünschte, es wäre zu meiner Schulzeit schon so präsent gewesen! Aber besser spät als nie ☺️
Sucht ihr gezielt nach Büchern, die Themen wie Feminismus behandeln? Und würdet ihr euch mehr in diese Richtung wünschen?

I really wanted to like this book. It’s billed as a feminist dystopian/speculative novel about an America where abortion is once again illegal, in vitro fertilization is banned, and the Personhood Amendment grants rights to life, liberty, and property to every embryo. Sounds relevant as hell, right? Unfortunately it fell massively short of its mark to me. ⏰
1.) It was very abstract and very, very myopic. While everyone had problems, there was never a real day-to-day sense of how the legislation impacted each woman. This is especially true for Susan, the unhappy wife character. What her story really had in common with the "point" of this book is beyond me. And outside of babies/pregnancy, the effects of the law seemed very limited—which I don't buy for a minute. This kind of legislation would completely shift cultural conversation. ⏰
2.) Following that point, the world-building was phoned in. I would've liked to see more connections to our reality, where these laws could conceivably happen. The only real connection I felt was a brief mention of a politician who wanted women to be forced to have burial services for their fetal matter (cough cough Mike Pence). ⏰
3.) It was priveleged as hell. There were two POC characters and they were both offscreen. The choice to set it in an almost entirely white, fairly liberal Oregon town is baffling to me. Why not talk about how black women are way more likely to die in childbirth? Or how our government practiced sterilization on black and Puerto Rican women without their consent? Or how this law would impact poor or minority communities? ⏰
Overall, I couldn't bring myself to give Red Clocks more than two stars. Have you read it? What'd you think? ⏰

Colori d'estate (solo quelli)

. As a woman in a leadership position it’s so difficult to get respect in the work place. It can take months of relationship building tactics and kind words to get respect as a leader. But men don’t seem to have the same issue. If a man is assertive and demands to be treated with respect he is a boss and gets nothing less than respect. But if a woman is assertive and shows the slightest bit of frustration after being disrespected in the first place she is considered to be a bitch. People will try a woman to see what they can get away with and what she accepts is what sets the standard for the way she is treated. But a man, no one dares to cross him for fear of the consequences. Why is this? Why do women get a negative label when they make any sort of requirement or standard?

Have you seen this stunning collection of twisty feminist fairy tales? They will completely capsize what you think you know about those classic fairy tales from Rapunzel to Snow White and have you mesmerised by the author’s prose. #bookstagram #instabook #beautifulbooks #bookcover #feministliterature #fairytales

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