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Last Thursday was the first official gathering of the 'Diana Circle' in Philly. Imagine "goddess Girl Scouts" or the red tent. A sacred feminist space for girls ages 8-11. In this gathering we honored our ancestors and the indigenous ancestors of this land. We created a an offering of grains and flowers. We sang songs and told stories. I am in love with them already, and can't wait til we meet again next month!! #dianacircle #insacredbalance #feministgirls #sacredsisterhoodtraining

We've read this book countless times since the day our country was so badly robbed. She adores @hillaryclinton and even though reading this inevitably brings me to tears, I keep reading. Because, we are most definitely #stillwithher And we will fight on. Do good. Pray. And #werally

Luisina 🙆🙌🌈💃#Friends #feministgirls #loveher❤️

Who better (other than myself of course) to teach my daughters to do and be whatever they want to, than the women who have already done just that? Ordered this book for my girls, and simply can NOT wait for it to get here! #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #rebelgirls #feministgirls

This beautiful thing just arrived. The illustrations are rich and warm and witty, and the stories are presented as fairytales about real and remarkable women. A fascinating and very varied collection of women from all over the world who did amazing things in their fields. Long overdue. What a fantastic gift for friends who are pregnant or have small children. And no, not just for girl children! #powergirls #childrensbooks #feministgirls #rebelgirls #rebelgirlsbook

♡ finally dropping below 15 at night = jumper season.

The Perfect Outfit For the pool, thanks @thestoryoffive for the pic ❤️

Legacy: what do you want to be known for when you're no longer here? Today we lost a giant in the African feminist activist space her praises have been all over the digital space. Her passing made me reflect that indeed all people will remember you for are the lives you touched to make better. Not how many cars you had, not how large your bank account was, not how many houses you had, not how many magazine features you had, not how many accolades you won, but how you made people feel, your impact and your character. Life is too short to be doing anything outside of what you are supposed to be doing, that which is your calling or as I would call it your heartwork. Find it and do just that and only that. Rest In Peace to every activist who has left this earth and Rest In Peace to #PrudenceMabele. Photo credit @gessierrraleone .
#heartworkerhighlight #heartwork #girlsrights #sierraleone #feministgirls #empowergirls #girlleaders #titinapowa #gessl #legacy #impact #passion #purpose


Już się nie mogę doczekać, kiedy będę czytać to córce, ale to za jakieś pięć lat. Tymczasem czytam sobie. Na stories pokazuję dziś jak książka wygląda w środku, a w poniedziałek wrzuce tam pewnie krótką recenzję tego, jak wypada treściowo. Ale juz wam moge powiedzieć, ze jak nie wiecie czym obdarować małą dziewczynkę, to juz wiecie 😁 #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #feminism #book #opowieścinadobranocdlamłodychbuntowniczek #feministgirls #książka #książki #ksiazkidladzieci #instakids #feminizm #bookshelf


beautiful shot by @lesterremotos ❤️ Thanks for sharing 🙏🏼

Last days of summer

Chicas #feministas del libro "Ciencia, subjetividad y poder". Ya casi se imprime! Jujuy! #portadailustrada

One more of this gorgeous girl @missminnis 💕

Tiny feminist by @missminnis ❤️ thanks for sharing 🙏🏼

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Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big

The future is bright ☀️ thanks @meganoco for sharing 📷 by @megperotti

Luisina 🙆🙌🌈💃#Friends #feministgirls #loveher❤️

My kind of Sunday ☀️💕 Thanks @hellogalilea for sharing

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