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My kind of Sunday ☀️💕 Thanks @hellogalilea for sharing

Last Thursday was the first official gathering of the 'Diana Circle' in Philly. Imagine "goddess Girl Scouts" or the red tent. A sacred feminist space for girls ages 8-11. In this gathering we honored our ancestors and the indigenous ancestors of this land. We created a an offering of grains and flowers. We sang songs and told stories. I am in love with them already, and can't wait til we meet again next month!! #dianacircle #insacredbalance #feministgirls #sacredsisterhoodtraining

We've read this book countless times since the day our country was so badly robbed. She adores @hillaryclinton and even though reading this inevitably brings me to tears, I keep reading. Because, we are most definitely #stillwithher And we will fight on. Do good. Pray. And #werally

We've got ANOTHER little something up our sleeves... There are so many amazing little feminists out there, and we have to raise them to be the next generation of empowered leaders. Tag your feminist friends with kids and stay tuned for this launch (hint: it's happening NEXT WEEK!). Visit our website to get on our email list and be the first to shop the collection.

Who better (other than myself of course) to teach my daughters to do and be whatever they want to, than the women who have already done just that? Ordered this book for my girls, and simply can NOT wait for it to get here! #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #rebelgirls #feministgirls

♡ finally dropping below 15 at night = jumper season.

Happy #internationalwomensday #twfeministaf 📷 @macbobbins: ⠀
"My bold outfit today, along with a commitment to call out bullshit when I hear it. When I talk about equality I mean it at all levels. I will support my sisters, not just my cis-ters. Feminism is not a white middle-class able-bodied thing. It's led by women with different experiences and, as Audre Lorde said: "I am not free while any woman is unfree, even if her shackles are very different from my own" ⠀
T-shirt from @too_wasted
#IWD2017 #fbloggers #whatiworetoday #feministaf #bebold


My kind of Sunday ☀️💕 Thanks @hellogalilea for sharing

It's Friday I'm in love ❤️

The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence 💪🏼 thanks @houseofwhite_ for your words and the picture 🙏🏼

This is what a feminist looks like 💪🏼Thanks @hellogalilea you are so cute 💕

Summer vibes by sweet little @mylittlelovelia 💕 shop link in profile 👆🏽

I love this little girl's attitude! More beautiful 📷 in @lilliesandleon blog

Vacation time!

Smile it's Friday 😊 picture by adorable @hello.scout . 👆🏽shop link in profile

Lovely Arlo was celebrating her 9th birthday wearing our feminist swimsuit. Happy birthday sweet girl ❤️

Love yourself and MissAnnette's final sale! 35% all swimwear ❤️shop link in profile 👆🏽

For one week only! Shop link in profile 👆🏽

My little feminist ❤️ shop link in profile 👆🏽

Sunset in Tel Aviv by @evenchen3 Thanks for sharing ❤️

Just love her ❤️ thanks @____zuri for being so cool

It's never too early for feminism 💪🏼 thanks @loveandlarock for such a great picture ❤️

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