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✨“PATRIARCHY SUCKS” is a Witches Hit Back exclusive design inspired by the fire and strength of feminist fighters rising their fist in a women´s march.
You can see the spirit and conviction in their faces. 🌙Find this drawing printed in tees, sweatshirts, school backpacks and more in our online store.
Let´s make feminism visible everyday! Remember that what we wear is a political act.
🔮Thanks for your support! It really means a lot to us
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In my womb, I’ve grown 10 babies. Only four were born alive, but how fucking miraculous nonetheless. And I’ve never loved myself more. I’ve never felt more feminine. Shaved head. Stretch mark stomach. Deflated breasts. Thighs that touch. Society does not defy me. My inner self does. ⚡️⚡️

Barely more than a year ago, many women were hiding their voices in secret groups across social media and among friends. Today, we can feel your collective frustrations turning into MOBILIZATION and ACTION. No longer will women be ashamed of the actions and offenses against us by men. We ask you to continue to reject those who blame survivors, that we hold those who abuse and exploit women and girls accountable for their actions, and that you never again feel the need to hide in a secret group. #ChoirUp

some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must lead — Bukowski 🌙
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"I had this expectation that I had to “bounce back” a month after the baby was born, and I know now that it is extremely unrealistic, but I just wasn’t completely comfortable in my body On top of not liking the way I looked, I felt like I could not talk about how I was feeling because I was still considered small. I thought my feelings would be dismissed because I still looked “normal”, but I was struggling with my postpartum body. I realize now that I was being really unfair to myself by not sharing my experience. Even while writing this I’m fearful of how people will perceive me talking about body insecurities, while looking at a picture of my small frame."~Alex 💙💙💙💙💙MORE ON THE BLOG👉🏾LINK IN BIO💙💙💙💙💙
📸CREDIT: @jaminaveaseyimages .
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Tell men to have the babies if they want to control reproductive rights so badly.
📷📝: @dickoupageproject


It's Thanksgiving here in the United States. I'm thankful to have a strong support network of family, friends, a cool doctor, and a wise therapist, to help me along in life--especially lately! I'm also so thankful for the women activists and women writers who work tirelessly to further the cause of intersectional feminist values. When I think of that kind of nose-to-the-grindstone energy, I think of American journalist/activist Jovita Idár. She spent her entire career advocating for equal civil rights for Mexican Americans. Her strong energy is a fantastic representation of the 9 of Wands in Our Tarot. It's been too easy this year for me to slip into 100% doom-and-gloom mode about the bigotry that keeps permeating in our culture. I'm thankful for people like Jovita Idár, who demonstrate that we have other options--we can fight, talk, sass, and write back. ✊️
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The innocent program is a thing that helps prisoners who are innocent prove they're innocent (its not as easy as saying youre innocent, and they won't pursue a case unless they REALLY think you are innocent) and they're most often won cases are of sexual assault, meaning sexual assault is the most often falsly reported crime. The rate is something like 7.1%. Furthermore, sacrificing the innocent in hopes of it furthering your personal political agenda only makes assault/rape victims like myself look bad and like liars, as well as makes your movement look bad and like, well, liars. @emilylindin .
#feminism #feminist #migtow #meninism #rape #assault #rapeculture #feministasfuck #antifeminist #antifem

Okay ik I'm gonna get a lot of backlash for this but suck it up. Sex workers are just as human as anyone else. I think there are some pretty shitty things going on regarding them, like people treating them as if they're self worth or respect is inversely proportional to their occupation/sex life/how much skin they show. Or the fact that the same people who shame their services are often also the very people who demand them. Sex workers are people, and their occupations do, in no way, correlate to the amount of the respect you should show them/that they have for themselves. (Continued in comments) -Robin 🌺🌊

It’s Thanksgiving eve and I’m thinking about all of the tasty snacks I’ll be nomming on tomorrow, but mostly I’m thinking about how much you all rock. This league is the best league 🖤 and a big thanks to @therealfemaleentrepreneur for this great shot!

A silenced woman.
I have been sexually assaulted. I have PTSD from my past traumas.

Art helps me deal sometimes. The fact that Trump is supporting a pedophile makes me fucking sick to my stomach. The fact that people who call themselves Christians have said "some 14 year olds look 20" as a defense is abso-fucking-lutely reprehensible.
Do not defend rapists. End of story. .
... #feminist #feministasfuck #silencenomore #artist #art #nomore #survivor #metoo #ptsdrecovery #inkdrawing

Itty bitty tittie committee / be natural ☮️ by @sugarhighlovestoned

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Cannot believe im in the @bust_magazine holiday gift guide!!! As a baby riot grrl BUST was my bible, and im so damn excited!! 😽❤
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