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“We see the kind of women we know in our real lives reflected on screen, it’s extremely important to us”. #feministallies

We need more spaces to practice #HealthyMasculinity - I’m still reeling from the deeply intense & emotional film #TheWork. Prisoners at Folsom Prison process their pain together, as men, in viceral, vulnerable & physical ways. Powerful stuff. The film suggests that the programme has strong effects on #rehabilitation with not one of the released men returning to prison. Every man I know is carrying around some kind of pain & maybe if there were more spaces for us to express ourselves openly, where we are supported & not judged, there may be less guys lashing out in an attempt to hold something in or prove themselves. ...Thoughts?

This calendar is everything. My family knows me well 😂 🙌🏻💗 @laurenlindsay @nickvic

🤰Pregnant in Prison. Women being forced to give birth more than 100 miles away from where they’re based

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