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Women's March LA 2018...
Props to LA for coming out strong in support of women, equality, and the #FeministRevolution! It was beeutiful to see folks of all different backgrounds and lifestyles come together in solidarity in the name of justice and equality. Shoutout to my young Queen Beez, CateBug & Muchacha for holding it down and making the best signs ever! You are the Future 💜 #QueensUnite #womensmarchlosangeles2018 #herstory
#womenrising #humanityrising #feminismmeansequality #equalpayforequalwork #mybodymychoice #blacklivesmatter #nohumanisillegal #immigrationreformnow #pathtocitizenshipnow #metoo #dangerbeez #laluchasigue #cantstopwontstop #hastalavictoria

Wish I wasn’t working today bc after one year of this shit oh I would’ve been marching and agreeing w the sign that said, I don’t love being in crowds for hours but I DON’T like Donny Thornberry more. He just isn’t connected w the right help and acts reckless just like in the show. Life is hard. And life is fun and awesome and beautiful. Yet in gen pretty fucking hard. Photo @cleowade also check out her ted talk that came out yesterday it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏿💜 oh and in case you haven’t caught the memo yet #feminismmeansequality . #togetherwerise #womensmarch2018 #metoo #cleowade .....and #thewildthornberrys.

I wish I could have been there in person with my sisters of this WORLD. (women's rights and equality is a World-wide issue. Not just a local issue. Good for you if you don't feel oppressed.. other women DO. We fight for them too. We march for ALL women.) It makes me so proud and happy to think how far we've come, but the fight is far from over. Keep being amazing, women. Keep fighting for equal rights for all. Keep fighting for our reproductive freedom. Keep fighting for equal pay for equal work. Keep fighting for women of every race and creed. Keep fighting for LGBTQ rights. Keep fighting for our right to take up space, exist in this world, feel safe and heard in this world. Keep inspiring. Women AND men who understand why we so desperately need feminism, and who marched today, THANK YOU. You're all my heroes. ✊💗👁️ #womensmarch #feminist #feminism #proudfeminist #weareallfeminists #togetherwerise #FEMINISMMEANSEQUALITY #impeachtrump #womensmarch2018 #nastywoman #equality #equalrights

we've had enough of mediocre men who don't understand their conditioning, fragile egos, and toxic masculine tendencies. ⠀
#feminism #feminismmeansequality #ecofeminism #eco #sustainability #environment #community #women #thefutureisfemale #girlpower #grlpwr #intersectionality #intersectionalfeminism #patriarchy #socialinnovation #ecobitch #whoruntheworld

My sentiments exactly! After 4 decades we are still marching for equality? Look how much technology has evolved in 40 years, yet women are still worth less than men on the workforce? Minorities are still a target? We need to remind ourselves that #blacklivesmatter ? #feminismmeansequality #equalpayforequalwork
how is #patriarchy still a thing?

✨✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✨ #womensmarch2018 #feminismmeansequality

🖤 Since I can't be there today, here's a throwback to last year's righteous march with my badass grrrl gang--rain, mud, soggy cardboard signs and all. I'm still with ya, ladies, forever n' always! Let's hear it! #feminismmeansequality #grrrlstothrfront #tooloudtobequiet #riotriotriot #girlgang #womensmarch #thesicksicksicks

Young, old, female, male...all in support of equality and respect. Women’s March Denver 2018. Thanks @shopfiercely for the shirt and @sam___sonite for her poster art #womensmarch #fieryfeminist #feminismmeansequality #respectothers #respectyourself #womensmarchdenver #womensmarch2018 #femalesarestrongashell

Feminist doesn’t mean feminine, it means equality. -REPOST-
@hegrayhivecoI says: was at the mall today with a friend and her son, and after doing a little shopping we decided to let the boys run around a little while we drank our Starbucks. Not long after we sat down we noticed a male in probably his late 20's watching our boys. It made us somewhat uncomfortable, but he kept his distance. Eventually Archer wanted to chase his friend around, so off we went, of course, right into the path of staring dude. Before I could even fully understand what was happening the guy says (with a chuckle) "oh he's a feminist already?" I didn't quite know how to reply and all I could muster was a "clearly." As I turned to walk away, Archer in my arms.
What I wish I would have said to him was yes, my son is a feminist. He will be raised to be a feminist, and one day he will go about his life and do as he will with the values we instill in our home.
He will be raised to have empathy and respect for all living beings.
He will be encouraged to form meaningful bonds with people of the opposite sex and allowed to delve deep into topics that may be considered predominantly "female only". He will be allowed to question traditional gender roles.
He will cry, feel, and explore his emotions on all levels without being teased or mocked.
He will play co-ed sports.
He will witness a healthy relationship between his mother and father, and know that treating women as equal is the only way.
He will not be afraid to be who he truly is.
He will not be put in a box and surrounded by "boy only" toys and activities.
He will be brave, but he will also be sweet, kind, sensitive, thoughtful, and beautiful. And he will be a feminist.

"Qualunque fosse il suo umore, Virginia scriveva sempre. Teneva un diario, scriveva poesie, romanzi, recensioni. Scrivere era il suo modo di capire con più chiarezza i suoi sentimenti e, così facendo, di gettare luce nei sentimenti di ognuno." #storiedellabuonanotteperbambineribelli #virginiawoolf #feminismmeansequality @freeda

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