So happy to be with my fab multi-talented DC grrrls, poet @red_sea_rose & filmmaker @sara_talal_gama ... who has her most recent short film DRIVE screening tonight! (Years AFI I got to be in her John Waters inspired #shortfilm, CatFight 🎥💜🗝 @lafemmefilmfestival

Dear Men:
This is for you. This is for you to copy & paste & to share. This is to help you use language to support us during this time of re-trauma. 🌹
Womxn, queer, non-men: do you have something to add? Do you have something to edit? In the comments, tell me what you need your cis male friends to say to help support you through this week & the rest of our lives. As your comments come in, I will revise & add them to text in this caption.
With love,

“I am sorry for the times I was complicit to your abuse and harassment. I know now that I have the power necessary to stop violence and hold other men accountable without becoming violent myself. I am committed to stand with you for the betterment of our culture.”
Your _______
(Friend, Father, Ally, Husband, Boss, Grandfather, Acquaintance, Lover, Ex-Partner, Brother, Comrade, Enemy, Uncle, or Follower ❤️)

#Feminism2018 we women can do anything a man can do

I gotta get serious for a bit - a few things have come up for some of my friends this morning with sexual assault and guys being creepy - I've been trying to learn more about some of the shit that women have to deal with, and I'm really not okay with it, so I want to say something about it.
Sorry if I haven't got things right or I'm missing something, but this is an issue I want to give support to and talk about. Please comment and give feedback, I want to help people to feel comfortable talking about this.
Being creepy and making people feel sexually uncomfortable is not okay.
Respect and consideration - down with the creeps
#respectandconsideration #downwiththecreeps

Also I'm a bit sick 🤮
#feminism2018 #boyfeminist #fuckcreepyguys

Commercial feminism 🌷

So - on the train and see a beautiful picture of modern feminism. Couldn’t resist a quick candid shot - though I don’t like taking pictures without consent.... (I came clean laters)... 😍#cutecouple #feminism2018 #ilovelondon #theoverground

Photo: @photobyangelicahvass

I used to be ashamed of my features. My big ears, my big and non western nose, my bushy eyebrows. I hated my curls and the thickness of my hair. I remember one school party when this little boy asked every girl in the room if they wanted to dance with him. Everyone except me. The other girls had boyfriends. Having a boyfriend was a measure of beauty. But then something changed. I noticed that I could charm guys. So I started doing that. I could get almost whoever I wanted. It started to become an addiction. I collected flirts, sex partners and guys. I felt I gained control over my body and sexuality by having sex and by acting like a dude. But that was not the case. I acted as if I was in control, but I still felt empty. And since I wanted to be seen as a strong and independent sexual woman I didn't want to admit what I felt, and what situations I experienced.

Being a woman is always wandering a thin line between being too much or too little. A prude or a whore. A frigid or a maneater. And life is a fucking rocky road of adventure and exploitation.
#realtalk #feminismandsex #beingawoman #beingafeminist #feminism2018 #slutornut #femininityisasuperpower #girlgaze

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