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gold and pyrite from the next valley over.
rosemary from the garden.
finding simple delight in true magic.

@avantgandi val karacsonyra (vagyis queeracsonyra) polot festettunk magunknak. ez az enyem 💜 #vulva #vagina #vulvapride #femininst #diy

Happy International Women's Day! Sending extra love & light to all my ladies today. Nothing can stop the power of women united!
By the way spiiirits, did you know it's Women's History Month all month long? Sure is❣️From sales to events & more, we've got some amazing things in store for the #FreeSpiiiritTribe this month. Tag a goddess & show her some love ❤️ #FreeSpiiirit #internationalwomensday #womenshistorymonth #equality #femininst #womanist #wcw #women #appreciation #divinefeminine #liiivefree #freespiiiritlife

Emma is Supporting @camfed !!!! She just want more education to all women around the world !! Good morning #emma #harrypotter #love #girl #princess #femininst #actress #makeup #actor #movie #power ❤️

Spotted Khun @mo_amena wearing Dorateia Midi Dress #wilass17 .Thank you.

Working on a little project, what are people's thoughts about A Room of One's Own and is it still relevant today?
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gold and pyrite from the next valley over.
rosemary from the garden.
finding simple delight in true magic.

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always to the water.

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this new moon is all about the heart.
take time, create space, and sit with your heart. make a study of her courage, strength, and truth, while tenderly, honestly, holding space for her pain.
let this moon teach you to move from your heart. let this moon teach you to show love, to face your fears while anchored in a state of peace, calm and steadiness; to grow your place in this world not by force but by truthful, heart-centred action.
let this moon see your most holy vulnerability.
tonight, drop your roots to the core of mother earth while you send your light up to grandmother moon; ground fully to allow for limitless expansion; release fully to awaken infinite receptivity.
cleanse yourself of anything that does not align with the steady beat of your heart. allow only that which is, or holds the capacity to be, in the vibration of highest love.
then set your intentions.
set intentions that are in alignment with the rhythm of your heart. set intentions that offer your wisdom medicine both out into the world and inwards to yourself. set intentions that map out the growth, the evolution, and the expansion that you are called toward; ready or not.
use your words. imbue them with the magic and holy strength of who you really are. drench them with the truth of your heart, your spirit and your soul.
get out of your own way and let your heart pour her words of love, truth and strength into your waking reality.
then love and let go to grandmother moon.
and so it is.
p.s. owl and butterfly guidance this week. read about those two in the comments.
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. . .
building altars.
furtive roots find purchase.
i am listening.
and so it is.

. . .
they're pulling up handfuls of dank muck and silt, sluicing it in the cool clean water; excited and hopeful to find gold.
their faith that their efforts will yield gold is unwavering.
it's the perfect metaphor/reminder for what i am doing with life and what life is doing with me.

. . .
what do you want?
she asks.
again, so often lately, the words are right there, tumbling from my heart through my throat and out my mouth like a raucous parliament of magpies; vibrant, loud, slightly abrasive and entirely impossible to ignore.
i want purpose and passion and peace.
i want to not feel trapped.
i want human-kind to wake up, to do better.
i want my blue-eyed boy to weep a little less and my hazel-eyed boy to defy a little less.
i want to feel at home.
i want to be content here and now.
i want to stop seeking something that i may not be able to ever find on this earthly plane, in this flesh and blood.
i want healing; theirs and mine.
i want to be released; from trauma and grief, from belief systems and patterning, from ancestral wounds and spiritual depression.
i want to be released. free.
i shout all of these things at her. at the stars. at the silent sentinels of the forest.
until i am hoarse.
until tears blind my vision.
ah, but that is not your path.
she says.
i know. i know. i know.
so, sweet child.
she says.
as she again tips my chin to the vast dark of the night sky.
as she again runs fingers like mahogany across the base of my throat.
as her hands again, old and as weather worn as the mountains, guide my spine long; tailbone to the earth, crown to the stars.
stop fighting it so.

. . .
womb song from the water.
sweet rest tonight.
in our sleep may we wake further, wiser and wider into our animal knowing.
and so it is.

. . .
as we walk in the river he stays up on the bank; keeping pace with us as we move upstream, only venturing down to the water to occasionally caress his hands along the surface.
as he traipses through the long grass he collects a bouquet of wildflowers for me.
red clover.
a daisy that i am pretty sure is a type of noxious weed.
something purple that i can't identify; delicate bell-shaped blooms dangling from a fragile stem.
yarrow. always yarrow.
and we move.
my one boy in the water. boisterous and loud, diving right in. demanding to be seen. willing the world to match his energy and resolve. a little and incredible force of nature.
and one boy up on the bank. on the outskirts, an outlier, but still moving in parallel with us. slower paced, quieter, uncovering treasures the other misses.
one hazel-eyed boy, one blue.
one yang and one yin.
two halves of my heart.

. . .
beautiful creatures.
i'm tired. like to the bone tired.
and sad.
and everything feels heavy but light and in limbo.
so i'm going to postpone my sunday night #ipulledacardforyou until tomorrow night ok? cool.
tonight though, let us all drop deeply and honestly into our dreamscapes. let us request that in that land on the other side of sleep we do the healing that needs to be done, receive the guidance that needs to be received and release the shit that needs to be released. let us relinquish ourselves, completely and without hesitation, to the wisdom of our hearts, spirits, souls, guides and sleep.

. . .
good medicine for my tired and aching heart.
sweet dreams to you lovers.

. . .
and connect
at the river.

. . .
grief is good,
she tells me.
grief is a holy fire lighting the way.
grief is your tumultuous magpie heart letting you know what mattered. what matters.
she tells me so many things these days though.
and i am listening, i am.
but i am also tired.
and when i look around, with my wide eyes and tear-stained cheeks, and i am shrouded in smoke, ankle deep in ash and running my fingertips over the rubble of crumbling facades, i cannot help but feel small.
and an unfathomable exhaustion.
because the rebuild has barely begun.
because this, so far, has simply been the release.
but she's still here. her voice soothing and steady, ancient; like stones being tumbled by water.
she's still here. lifting my chin so my eyes catch the light. scratching her symbols onto my chest. holding me to her and working, no, weaving her stories through me.
she's still here.
in my reverence of the forest floor. and the black horse i ride. and the thunderstorms in my hips. and my reclamation song. and my well of creation. and every drum beat. and the length of my spine. and each cellular memory. and every awakening. and the prayers that fall, sometimes soft like petals and sometimes electric like lightning, from my lips, my hands, my heart.
she's still here.
she was always here.

. . .
you, with your old hazel eyes, tell me you think you are a glitch.
and you, with your eyes as blue and expansive as the prairie sky, tell me that sometimes you don't want to live anymore.
and me, with my amber eyes, i'm lost.
i don't know what to do or how to help you.
so i fold my body around yours while you sleep; my forehead pressed to your ear, my chin tucked against your heart.
i whisper to you, to your sleeping sweetness.
i whisper prayers and promises.
i whisper offerings.
i barter.
i tell you that i lived and i need you to too.
i tell you how our hearts have shared a home in my body and that to lose your heart would destroy my own.
i call in the ancestors, the guides, and the angels and demand that they hold you safe.
i tell you about how beautiful and kind and strong you are.
i tell you that you hold medicine that will one day be a lifeline for someone else.
i tell you about how your laughter is like the sound of fresh water bouncing off pebbles and it is the most wonderful, nourishing sound in all the world.
i tell you that i love you.
that it's ok.
that being human is exquisitely hard and excruciatingly beautiful.
i weave words and whispers and love over the sweet heaviness of your sleeping being.
i press my hand to your beating heart until its cadence is imprinted on my palm.
and i love you.
and love you.
and love you.

. . .
spirit animal oracle decks, cleansed and charged in the heart of the mountains with this most recent full moon, are shipping today!
i still get so excited to sit and package these up for their new homes.
want yours?
click the link in my profile or go to @liminalrootsbotanica and click the link in that profile.
the next round will ship after the full moon on august seventh.
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tonight i dance to grandmother spider's heartbeat.
tonight i sing down the moon.
tonight i sit at the feet of ereshkigal,
persephone and sedna,
the cailleach and the morrigan.
and these dark women, these wisdom keepers, these holiest of space holders, they burn through me.
they move like the earth through my being.
anything that i carry,
anything that i hold,
anything that i cling to that is not in resonance with this current iteration of me, or with the spiral dance of evolution that i am on, is held to the flame.
the destruction in their wake leaves me awestruck,
rendered tiny yet heightened.
they stomp,
delight their way through my being.
their wildfire clears the undergrowth, the brambles, and the deadfall, until they reach the fertile ground they seek; the sacred space to plant the seeds of who i am to be, of who they need me to be.
their long fingers weave truth into my heart.
their voices sing gold into my spine.
their skin patching the places in my own that i have worn thin.
their own hearts beat nourishment and courage into my throat.
their fingernails tear the fear, resistance, and doubt from my flesh.
tonight it's me and a grandmother drum.
me and my blood and the moon.
me and the smoke.
me and these women.
that i may release.
that i may receive.
that i may become stronger, richer, more courageous and more clear on the path.
that i may birth the fecundity of my darkness into the light.
that i may be of service.
and so it is.

. . .
full moon reading for us!
the first card {otter} represents the release we need to honour.
the second card {squirrel} represents the overall energy shift we will experience as a result of this release.
and the third card {badger} represents our growth/focus as we move forward from this release.
such a funny little trio of creatures!
diving in:
1. the key medicine of otter is play; the invitation to play, to exist in a state of joy, and to explore every aspect of your existence from a place of exuberant curiosity.
otters are also incredibly bold, fearless, and courageous.
so, you? on this full moon?
release your inhibitions.
release your fear.
release your oh-so grown up list of to-do's and should's.
release anything that is creating or harbouring stagnation.
release what blocks you from play.
write it out and burn it away.
2. then the key medicine of squirrel is readiness.
as we release what blocks our ability to play and as we release in to the flow/exuberance/delight of play, we need to be ready. i see/feel it almost like a dam breaking; as we play we catch spirit's attention and the dam will burst and we'll be flooded with ideas and relationships and conversations and evolution and so on.
so be ready and be open.
3. and finally badger. badger medicine is fierce self expression. the medicine of digging deep and unearthing our stories and our roots.
badger is letting us know that, as we play, we will not only spiral higher and deeper into who we truly are, we will also expand our capacity and tenacity to bring our truth to light.
. . .
so, beautiful beasties, hold the knowing close to your heart that you are an evolution, that you are on a journey home to who you were before you were told who you should be, and that, right now, play is the path home.
p.s. spirit animal oracle decks are available through my site here and at @liminalrootsbotanica until tonight at midnight. this round will ship {cleansed and charged by tonight's full moon} on monday.
not the right time? not a worry, the decks are always in stock and the next round will ship after the full moon on august 7th.
{links are in profiles}

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