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Bring that stinky ass here goddess 💨👃🏻👅

I should not have to ask
and I will certainly not try to persuade.
If you want to serve me, be a good beta bitch and send.

I’m only 20and still crushing men like bugs. I wonder what I can do to you 5 years from now. 👸🏼💸

Destroying your bank account is a daily routine. 🐷💸

Slow drained him! Just from one little addict. 🤑 it’s plenty more of what that came from! This is what happens when you buy all my clips. I’m such a powerful princess, I get men to spend on me freely b/c they WANT TOO. I love my job & Im SO happy to be a smart and sexy goddess capitalizing off my natural born gifts💰fun fact: I never had a “real job” and I never will. Since 17/18 yrs old I’ve been hustling making my own money. I love Sex work it’s very empowering & I like it this way. I’m my own boss. Money flows to me freely & I AM MONEY. 💕 #findom #financialdomination #femdomme #findomme #ebonygoddess #skype #livecam #DRAINED #submissivemen #goddessworship #clips4sale #IWC #slavetraining #dominatrix #onlinedomination

Do you think you could be a Gigolo or an Escort?

Find out what an ex manager of an Escort agency says about the ESN boys.

Listen to ESN #2.056 : The BDESN Episode (Feat. Lady Andromeda) by Eloquently Saying Nothing Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

In this episode we welcome guest Lady Andromeda & discuss: • Cyrille Regis' passing and his legacy • Ronaldinho's retirement • The BDSM / Dominatrix industry • How the UK laws have affected the UK porn industry and Women especially • How we'd react if our friend had a sex doll • If we'd do an infomercial praising a sex doll for 150K • Tracey Ellis Ross' equal pay battle with Anthony Anderson of Black-ish • L'Oréal's hair product promotion featuring a Hijab wearing model • Synthetic diamonds for engagement rings • Which of the ESN guys would make the most money as an Escort • A list of the many different fetishes out there • How you have a relationship whilst being in the sex industry • The proposed increase in police stop & search • #StavrosSays Recommendation : Freelance service website www.fiverr.com Connect with our guest Lady Andromeda at: @ladyandromedaUK on Instagram & Twitter Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod so we can find your comments www.esnpodcast.com www.facebook.com /ESNpodcasts www.twitter.com/ESNpodcast www.instagram.com/ESNpodcast @esnpodcast on all other social media esnpodcast@gmail.com

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