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I ❤️female orgasm!
Recent studies have shown that over two thirds (68% to be exact) of women have admitted to faking orgasms! There are a number of reasons for this to occurs whether it'd be being boring sex or just simply not enjoying what is happening and wanting it to end while still sparring your partners esteem/feelings. However this goes leaving you unsatisfied! This is why sexual communication is key. It's important to know not only your body but your partners body as well. Make sure you truly know what they need so you can make every moment together count!
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And the next orgasm petal is well on it's way 😜 #keepemcoming !! #embroidery #femaleorgasm #feminism #art

✨ Golden Years ✨ Thanks @nikolatamindzic for #fuckingnewyork 📷 #femaleorgasm

@ryanhudon of Have Heart 06'. Ladies get in touch! #femaleorgasm

I'm giving a free online workshop in 1 hour ✨ "Learn to Unleash Deep Female Orgasms" ✨ Live from Berlin! Register for free via the link in my profile. A replay will be provided if you cannot make it live. Hope to see you there 💞 !! #workshop #femaleorgasm

Free online workshop in 2.5 hours: "Learn to unleash deep female orgasms" with Mariah Freya. Register for free via link in our bio (replay provided if you cannot make it live)  #soulsexsunday #femaleorgasm #workshop

I did not have my first internal orgasm until I was in my early 30s...and it wasn't because I was short on practice. The female orgasm should always be approached with respectful sensuality and an eager playfulness...with that combination you can't go wrong. I found that being on top allows me to really bring my gspot orgasm on and it always happens after slow movements...not jackhammery. Everyone is different and everyone has a different way that works for them. If you haven't found yours yet...keep relaxing and adventuring. #practicemakespurrfect #findyourposition #makeitwet #cumonbaby #youcandoit
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💦cum on in, the water's warm💦
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Pat Cleveland Blue Water Series by #antoniolopez (1975)

I am an expert at helping women achieve this state of being. Call me to make a booking on 0468 484 591

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In order to encourage people to use #Thalys to go and explore nearby cities, Rosa Park agency created an interactive billboards with 1000 unique sounds from that city. At the #ThalysLounge in #Brussels, you can plug in with your headphone and start exploring #Paris. The #FrenchCapital has 1460 things to tell you... indeed, you can also hear a long #FemaleOrgasm 🙉 located close to the #ArcDeTriomphe 🤣
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🌱it all starts here, people🌱
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caturday priorities 👅 #quimrock #youknow make sure you got that 🎶🔛 via @sainthoax

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make up by @marikaaokimakeup
movement by @kiatavernier
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In 'Vagina', Naomi Wolf refers to pornographic and culturally conventional models of intercourse which are 'quick, goal-oriented [...] and focused on stimulation of [only] one or two areas of a woman's body'. If a female's erogenous areas are ignored during sex or only used to work towards male pleasure (such as where the male penetrates the vaginal zone only until he has reached orgasm and then neglects that zone afterwards), this implies that the goal of these models is male orgasm and ejaculation. If this is the goal of sex, then once that goal of male pleasure reaches climax, it implies there is no need for that sex to continue. Also if these models work towards male orgasm then this would explain why Wolf describes these models of intercourse as being based on 'quick' sex; it is usually more complex and takes longer to bring a female to the highest and most fulfilling point of climax. Wolf emphasises that women 'experience triggers to orgasm, from skilful caressing and rhythmic pressure of all kinds over many, many parts of their bodies', which she says requires time. In these models, when sexual acts end after the male has ejaculated or orgasmed, this could be the stage where the female has not even come close to being physically pleasured, or has not been pleasured enough. This presentation of sex should not be idealised, even if it used as a model for pornography. Sex which fails to include the stimulation of female pleasure and orgasm as a 'goal' as well, including after the male has orgasmed, will not allow women to experience the full potential of their sexual response and they will be unsatisfied. Sex like this uses a woman more than it arouses her. In turn a woman will be less sexually attracted to a male who is selfish and who uses her in a way that does not satisfy her own desires for pleasure. Even if a female does orgasm from sex like this, she won't necessarily feel transported by her orgasm because she has not been aroused in a way that is profound to her desires. Photographed by @the.f.sex

🌱just a couple of ladies and their plant🌱
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make up by @marikaaokimakeup
movement by @kiatavernier
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in honor of #humpday, we're giving away one of our Muse T-shirts. To enter, tag a friend or 2 who would like our page or should know about our products! We'll select a winner and send you one of these awesome shirts. Because they're tight and you're awesome. Shipping within the US only.
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hey Bay Area - you ready to get SEXY and FLEX those muscles? We're doing a sexual-awakening-yoga collaboration with @ganjayoga this Friday. Cannabis enhanced, libido enhancing breathing and movement. Still a few tickets available, head over to her page and get yours before they're gone! You don't want to miss this.
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"I love that Sensitive only has three ingredients: coconut oil, cannabis oil, and tea tree oil. The sensation is mildly cooling after the initial application and after waiting the recommended amount of time. I used a vibrator and had an explosive and powerful orgasm! Then another! I'm definitely going to have to work #quimrock into the regular rotation!" via @ashleymanta, @cannasexual

😽 Atreve-te a descobrir as Novas sensações!!! com: Gvibe Mini -> http://bit.ly/2uyUdcL
Estimulador / Vibrador - Aquático 💓🛀😊
1️⃣️Sua forma se adapta a cada anatomia.
2️⃣️A localização dos motores permite que os homens massagem também sua próstata.
3️⃣️Seis modalidades da vibração com intensidade mutável-dos tremores leves à vibração intensa.
4️⃣️Design ergonómico com botões de controle intuitivo.
5️⃣️Feito de silicone de classe Premium hipoalergênico médico.
6️⃣️Silencioso, Inodoro, 100% impermeável.
7️⃣️Até 4 horas de operação com uma carga de bateria.
️8️⃣Tamanho: 10,5 x 2 cm.
️9️⃣1 ano de garantia.
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appreciating all shapes, sizes, colors
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