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#BossBabe = Work Ethic(Pretty Things + Witty Words)

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#prgirls Are you wondering how I landed on set to work Fearless Magazine and to meet @devonfranklin @meagangood! They were so amazing! I cant wait to share what I learned from Devon! How I landed at Matthew Knowles super bowl brunch, New York Fashion week, @americanspamag @foxnews and the list goes on! I became my own pr for my business! I have so many dope new classes for 2018 to ensure your success! How to become your own PR is one of them! This year has been so amazing and I know for a fact 2018 will be better! If you missed coaching membership I have something just for you! Send a dm to get this special! It will not be on the website! I have 20 spots! Also check out my insta stories! This will sell out! Dm NOW! #spabosstribe #queenofmassage #sixfigurespachick #spaplug #matthewknowles #nyfw

Ladies... Let's talk about MONEY! I really wanna talk to you guys about how I changed my money mindset but I need to sit down and work out in proper sentences what I did and how I did it. This will probably sound a sloppy or come out the wrong way but I'll try... Basically I've gone from seeing £10k as a huge never attainable amount to something easy to have and make in one go.
All I know is that it all happens in little incremental steps and before you know it you're asking someone for £3k instead of £300 without batting an eyelid. It's really quite something and people respond to the energy behind how you ask which is why you have to do it in small steps. It's all about pushing the number and getting confident with it, then pushing up again.
But the only way you're ready to do that is by a series of other things that happen behind the scenes, like making sure you are confident in the value you provide, being able to see your worth, believing in what you do and how you can add to the company or the person you are asking for money from.
I love money and talking about money now but I used to be so worried about it!
I want to talk more on this subject. Women especially I see constantly scared to ask for what they deserve. Do you have questions about this? How would you want this done, an Instagram live session or a blog post or proper video? Let's TALK ABOUT MONEY! What holds you back?
PS... do you know how hard it was for me to find a picture of a woman with money who wasn't having in thrown in her face or taped to her body?! If that doesn't show we need to get more comfortable talking about money as women then I don't know what does! .
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Any expert was once a beginner who simply started working on their craft, never gave up and kept on learning... you can’t become an expert overnight so why not take the first step today so you can start your journey? Read our interview with @marseboss founder of @edlynessentials_llc on #ladybossblogger here: bit.ly/MarsieLR

Sunday workflow! 💪🏽☕️💁🏽🍂 #business #collegelife #entrepreneur #networkmarketing #femalentrepreneur

I may have a girl crush - doesn't happen often but when we meet super creative women that are not afraid to travel the world to follow their dream and who create such beautiful products, then yes we are a little bit in awe (and No idea why I am talking in plural. It's not we, it's I, me me me). .
So here for you, @genevievedesign who should become a poster girl for @wonderound_london (she's wearing a dress of theirs here). A designer whose creations you can find in fabulous hotels as well as our very own @johnlewisretail (have you seen her rugs for JL?!!! Come on!!)
Genevieve has such an aura about her. She's glowing from inside. Her stand was bang on trend with green love and she was super charming. Please go check her designs (scroll for more photos) and stop by her account to say hi 👋🏼 .
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Autumn makes me happy!!! Time for new books warm coffee and cosy blankets!
What's your favourite thing to do this Season?

Today is Friday but Hey!... I'm allowed to throw back to when I travelled to Lagos and stopped by @nellies.ng for a lunch of Zucchini and heavenly meatballs (Now I'm feeling munchy and hungry just remembering that day) 😊
I had made a mental note before I left Warri to by all means stop by @nellies.ng , first to meet the fabulous @naijabrandchick then treat myself to something I haven't eaten before ☺ .
I didn't get to meet one of my favorite boss-lady as I really dreamed of to at least chat with her and "beg" her for a picture so I can frame it on my wall and show my kids😢 but her business packaging and food paparazzi did a number....Plenty numbers on my head
Hey bosslady.... I'm a fan.... A die hard one and you inspire me. .
#tgifridays #throwback #bosslady #femalentrepreneur #naijabrandchick

Upgrade or not, I'm forever grateful✨ #HappySunday



How many of you use Cinchshare in your online business? A total game changer in the World if direct selling, this has to be my favourite resource!!!!
It enables me to preplan online parties weeks in advance, scheduling posts from the train, while shopping, when having a sleepless night...
With a virtual Party, my Hosts receive all the usual rewards they would holding an event in their own home while giving their friends and family the opportunity to join in from their smart phone!
With Cinchshare, my phone runs the party giving me the freedom to join in, respond quickly to comments and have fun 😊❤🌼 #cinchshare #virtualparty #onlineresource #havingfun

November is such an amazing month. It’s like everyone is getting ready for the new year, while enjoying the end of the year. .
It’s like a Thursday before a long weekend 😋
November marks the day i decided to join my husband @davidmjherrera 💕➰
Seriously, it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done. .
Yay for getting out of the comfort zone. 💕🤟🏽 girrllfriennnn seriously, a little uncomfortable times to get closer to your goal is totally worth it. .
👇🏾 Tell me when you got out of your comfort zone!!!!!

Most  think that they need a lot of money to start a online business but that's just not true. With the right information and  tools, you can create that second stream of income in  2018.

Over the last few months, I've been creating a class that will to help you start an online business.
All of my classes are designed with you in mind.. So that you can avoid costly mistakes  that I made when lunching my ecommerce business. I break down the exact strategies that I've used to expand my brand.

What you will Learn :
How to decide what to sell
Where to get your products from
How to Ship Your Products
How to market your shop
How to design your site yourself OR we can take care of that for you
Where to get high quality photos from
How to build a list
How to engage your subscribers
How to turn your subscribers into dollars

Investment $450
Return on Investment: Priceless
If you have been thinking about starting an online business the class is perfect for you and the best thing about it is that it doesn't have to be your full time job. We all have different goals ....so how would an additional $500 to 1,000 a month change your life. Remember the sky really is the limit !! Payment plans are available
Date: Jan.6, 2017
Location : Houston TX @texasrealestateking

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the way in which a person or group lives.
"the benefits of a healthy lifestyle"
synonyms: way of life, way of living, life, situation, fate, lot; conduct, behavior, customs, culture, habits, ways, mores; lifeway
"their privileged lifestyle"
denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.
modifier noun: lifestyle; modifier noun: life-style

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I was looking myself in the mirror and realized I hadn't really paid attention to the Denise staring back at me in the mirror. As I got older, I just kept moving and life became busier. But now, I want to know this new Denise as I continue to learn and evolve. ⠀

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#BossBabe = Work Ethic(Pretty Things + Witty Words)

#influencerlife #mondaymotivation #mondaymood

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are the “glass ceilings” of your business. Also, YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS’S MOST VALUABLE ASSET. Therefore taking care of yourself should come first. Who else has trouble putting themselves and their health first? I know I struggle with this big time with my workaholic self!!! Read our Business How To post by @katiepcreative on #ladybossblogger here: bit.ly/GLASSCEILING

As a teacher, wrapping up for the holidays was really hard work. However, I couldn't give up on sending some love and inspiration to ya'll. My belief in all of you is shaping my world for a better place.⠀

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Get in touch #brummies if you want my grandmas recipe #xmaspud on your table this year. They're nearly all gone already!!! mrsmillsmakescakes@gmail.com

Let go of your fears and embrace your future. You're ready enough. You're confident enough. You're clever enough. You're pretty enough. You have enough skills, time and money. You've done all your research, stop waiting for the 'right time'. There is no 'RIGHT TIME'! You have today, 24 hours. What will you do with those hours? Make the right choice. The world needs more women that above all, choose themselves first.

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