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Flight back from Aberdeen cancelled - frustrating because I was excited about seeing @eddie_hodges and Max but lovely to have a bonus night with this fabulous person and her family. Chloe is also beyond excited (“it’s what I wished for mummy”).
I’ve know Caragh for twenty-five years, a life time by any measure. We met aged 12 and 13 the day I started a new school (mid year). We were both smaller than everyone else, equally geeky, with a mutual loathing of maths and love of ‘Now that’s what I call music’ compilation tapes - so bonded quickly. We’ve been through every stage of life together - from sleepovers and cinema trips to first kisses and underage drinking. University applications and travelling, sharing a flat in London and both falling in love with soldiers in the same regiment. We were one another’s bridesmaid and are godmother to one of the other’s children.
We have different lives and attitudes to many things but there is an ease in each other’s company which can only come from decades of friendship. We’ve known one another at our worst and best, cried in each other arms and spent the equivalent of months laughing together. We have in jokes and stories about one another we’ll take to the grave. We have at time driven one another crazy over the years but are fiercely loyal and protective of each other. Her number is one of the first I call with or good or bad news. It’s a female friendship at it’s life enhancing best and I’d be lost without her. So with another night of wine and conversation ahead I can live with the cancelled flight. Don’t tell BMI airline that though - want my compensation! 👭❤️
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Still got a cheesy sentimental smile on my face after our Galentines brunch 💗💗 we spent the morning discussing the power of empathy, navigating the world as a mixed race woman, sex taboos, confidence at work, and how we can better support each other. Women are the best, and I’m very lucky to call these ladies my friends. And yes we all at some point cried ✌🏽 #ladylove #galetinesday #feelthelove #riseup #femalefriendship #loveweek

Love, Laughter, Friendship // Day 5 of our #yoguhchallenge is all about fun with your friends. Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s not all about being perfect, achieving the perfect pose and perfect picture for instagram, but also about having fun. 💫 What pose makes you laugh, what have you never been able to do before, who are your friends that bring joy to your yoga practice?
Share your image on your feed tagging @yoguhlondon, make sure you are following us and you use the competition hashtag #yoguhchallenge for a chance to win our prizes at the end of the competition. .
Today’s prize includes our #warriornotworrier yoga tee’s as seen on yoga buddies @Taralondon and @natashascarlet
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Reunited and it feels so good. 🍻

LESSONS IN FRIENDSHIP // I have another daughter for a few days and Clara couldn’t be MORE pleased about it 💕 the story of how these two met is my favourite - it was in a playground about a year and a half ago, and the three kids (Finn was there too) just started playing together in the way that kids do. Finn was being all big balls about it and was trying to talk the two girls into being Princesses for him, as Prince Charming 🤴🏼🙄😷, to come and rescue from the make believe dragon 🐉 And then like a match made in heaven these two little fire crackers showed him girls don’t mess about being saved anymore. Nah-ah ❌ so THEY were the dragons and chased him around the playground instead 👊🏻 and then me and the other mom were like “UMMM HELLO 👋🏻 do you like prosecco too?” 🥂 and the rest, as they say, is history ✔️

Know that we are there for you!
Regrann from @nostigmas - ‪Just for you. 💚 - #regrann .
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#femalefriendship, y’all 😘

We’ve experienced some really awesome displays of #femalefriendship over the past few days! Thank you to all who joined us from #WomensLife or to celebrate #GalentinesDay WE had a blast and hope YOU did too!
#peacelovebling #ethicalisbeautiful #empoweredwomen #empoweringwomen #expcols #friyay

when ur ready for a weekend of drinking n validation n complaining about men w ur gals xxxxxx (image @thenudelabel )

Loving this list from @livinglyofficial on ways to celebrate Galentine's Day all month long! Spoiler: NASTY WOMAN WINES made the list! Check it out using the link in our bio.⠀
#galentinesday #femalefriendship #nastywoman #girlgang #livingly #womensupportingwomen

I don't know what I did to deserve Rachel. We moved to Denver at the same time to work at the same library. Shortly after we met, we took a joint trip to IKEA followed by brunch at Snooze. During that outing, I realized that I wanted to be friends with Rachel for a long time - she had great taste in Swedish home accessories, she was incredibly calm in a chaotic maze of modular furniture, and she wasn't shy about eating a giant plate of breakfast foods.

Working with Rachel, I envied all the skills and qualities she had that I lacked - patience, organization, attention to detail, and the ability to control her emotions. I loved working with her because she improved everything I did. She is an energetic, thoughtful teacher who respects and admires students, and her creativity in active learning is off the charts.
Leaving Rachel in Denver when I moved away last summer was really tough. She was generous enough to let me stay with her while I was in town for Midwinter and it was so good to be around her. Because I associate Rachel with Snooze, we have to have pancakes and coffee whenever we see each other. And that's what I love best: sitting next to her, eating, talking, laughing about the ridiculousness of everything. I am so glad to be friends with such a sweet, brilliant woman.
#latergram #galentinesday #nationalpancakeday #lovelettertoafriend #bestiebehavior #femalefriendship

What better way to spend your Galentine’s than surrounded by amazing women and their friends?! Big love to everyone who came down tonight, especially @shechoirmcr @cthulhucatcult @mayblossoming @amymizrahi @maisieplatts @lehcarenryb @saffa.k @murmurmcr @bohemiandrifters @emmaillustrate and our hosts @chapteronebooks. See you next time homies!! ☺️🎉 #galentinesgathering #chapteronebooks #shechoir #femalefriendship #galentinesday #northernquarter #manchestermakers #joy

✨We’ve got a winner for the Galentine’s Giveaway!✨
Congratulations to @mikaylavesledahl for winning the @hannahbrencher book and @antoninanaturals care package!
THANK YOU to every beautiful woman who called out the gold in their friends! It was so beautiful reading through the comments and seeing so much positivity and love. Keep it coming ALWAYS!
Let’s continue to be generous with our words, our kindness, and our friendships.🤗

My 3rd artwork in about a year that's Reality Bites themed and about the billionth drawing of Janeane Garofalo but these two definitely should have ended up together over Ethan Hawk ... Sorry but that character was a dick and Vickie had way better hair 👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭
I know I've said that about Cher and Tai in Clueless too but I stand by both and also more movies focused on female friendship over romantic relationships but also yeah if you wanna make them gay too, that works.
👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭 💛💙💜💚❤
Vicky&Lelaina> Troy Dyer
💛💙💜💚❤ #realitybites

In the current (#mafs) climate, it feels like a great time to share this wonderful sentiment from @blisssanctuaryforwomen 🙏🏼 Let’s think about the way we uplift & support other women. Aim to be a Woman’s Woman #womensupportingwomen #girlcode #femalefriendship

#tbt ONE MORE SLEEP till more of this bizness with mah girl @jinanebouassi ✈️ ❤️💕😘😍👯‍♀️💅🏾#femalefriendship #blessed #hashtag #chickennuggets

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