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As classic as your white button up. We’re always striving to create a fresh take on classic pieces. What’s your favorite way to wear diamonds?

Girls support girls who make good art and cute shirts. cc:@laurasupnik #babeswhohustle

L a u g h L o u d l y 😆
I rarely laughed genuinely, freely from my heart for the past countless years, and now I just can’t stop!!! 😄😍 Getting out of your comfort zone is SO worth it, finding this business opportunity (or the business finding me??) has lead me on to the most amazing journey of personal development, healthy living inside out, and happiness 💗 - and I received the most amazing reactions to opening up about my journey 🙏🏼💌. That’s why I have a surprise coming SOON 🤗✨🎊
Best friend happy giggles yesterday 👯‍♀️😄
Lachen vom Herzen, einfach weil man übersprudelt vor lauter Glück, das man fühlt - ein wunderwunderwunderschönes Gefühl, dass ich erst jetzt so richtig 100% fühle. 💗 Meine Reise mit euch zu teilen hat zu SO vielen tollen Reaktionen geführt, dass ich eine Überraschung habe!! Ganz ganz bald 🎊🤗😘

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They say, for someone who has never been Rome time it’s hard to believe how beautiful life can be. Now I agree! 😍Have a fantastic Saturday morning, guys! 👏👏👏#ashleytalks #entrepreneurlifestyle #romeitaly

told myself I’d write something inspirational and this popped out 🤷‍♀️ jk send help I still don’t understand planetary gears, among other things. the last few posts have been very engineery but my finals are over in a week! (there’s a missing s in here that really throws off the grammatical correctness—you can compare it to the textbook beside it!) #tiffxengineering

Those Saturday vibes ✌🏽
📷 @laurenladnier via @theesemble

It’s been a long week at the (home) “office” but Friday is finally here! & we’re hoping a few of you are off on some fun weekend getaways. We’re over here burning eggs this morning 🍳🙈 so I’d say the day is off to a good start and trying some coffee Kombucha 🤔 to get us to the weekend. What are your essentials to get you through the week? 📷: @away

A little #behindthescenes shoot today for the next @staugsocial. You guys rock, I LOVE that we get to be a part of such an amazing local publication that emphasizes quality and the importance of supporting your community! Be on the look out in the next edition... No spoilers, but I’m pretty proud to be a part of it 💪🏼Thanks for my candid photos, @zachjanik. It’s always a pleasure!

When you have achieved all your goals for the week ✔️ & are fully hydrated💦| 📸 @chelseastarralexander #livehydrated


Es ist immer die eine Sache, sich etwas zu wünschen und Träume zu haben - aber die große unbekannte Frage dabei ist, ob diese Gedankengespinste auch Realität werden 🙇‍♀️
Als ich vor einem halben Jahr meine Festanstellung gekündigt habe, hatte ich eine Idee und einen riesigen Traum - und gleichzeitig heftiges Muffensausen. Könnte ja auch alles nix werden 😳
Aber nun zu sehen und mitzuerleben, wie wunderbar sich mein mini Business entwickelt, dass ich damit tatsächlich Geld verdiene und viele Leute erreiche - das ist der Wahnsinn! 💥🙌🙏🏻

So much is shared with those we love when we are present in our bodies, in the moment, and silent. It's when the world, and ourselves, are too full to talk about. There are no words. With this wisdom in mind today, I simply observed my children connecting with the earth, the water, the breeze, and the sunshine on their soft skin. My heart swelled with the love and appreciation for these most magic moments of motherhood, when we can slow down enough to experience the wonder in our ordinary 💜🦋

About last night. Happy Birthday! 🥂🎂 I had the most lovely evening celebrating my friend @anenglishrogue. One of the qualities that has become so much more important to me as I’ve grown older is choosing female friendships that are well rounded. Tiffany is by far one of the smartest women I know. Her mind and the way she thinks about things is unique & holistic, creative laced with a-ha moments of brilliance. She presents points of view I’ve never encountered or considered before. She also balances friendship with work conversations so easily. A genuine care for person. Above and beyond all of this ... she is a living testament that good people know good people. Through her I’ve met so many thoughtful, talented, kind, funny & fun humans. Last night was no different. So even though it’s your birthday Tiff - it’s you who is a gift to me and so many others. Here is to more face to face time and Irish adventures in 2018! (We are both puckering up showing off our @glossier lipstick. Mine is Crush and I believe hers may be Jam.) 💫💋💞🇨🇦🇬🇧🇮🇪🍀
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Success is accomplished by hard work, dedication and constant effort!

#MiteraMama @cecinewyork on how her style changed (or not) during motherhood. ‘I promised myself that just because I became a mom doesn’t mean I should lose myself in the process. Even though this is easier said than done (trust me) as it’s very easy and tempting to throw on leggings and a tank top and never put on make up every day, but I can't do that to myself. It’s an emotional thing for me, too. I am and will always be that girl who loves to dress up and put her best foot forward - even if it does have a little spit up on it 😉’ How has your style changed since becoming a mom? // Photo by @lucyschaeffer for @thebump

Once a very long time ago, I wrote myself a letter. I was 15. I lived with my Dad and we had no money. Life was hard. I used to see girls with new clothes, loving families, stable homes and wished I was one of them. I wrote myself a letter to myself outlining how amazing my life would look when I was 30 and reminding myself of what life looked like then. And somewhere along my blessed and lucky path, I forgot about the letter. 2017 has been a big year for me, and 2018 will only be bigger. But two things happened in 2017. I found that letter which I had completely forgotten about and secondly, I spoke publicly and candidly about my story. The real one of how I got here. It made me feel uncomfortably vulnerable, but it’s become increasingly important to me to let people see that you don’t have to start with much to do extraordinary things. Everything I have, I built and all it takes it #grit and backing yourself. Reaching outside your comfort zone, working hard and not accepting no for an answer. And today not only do I own two amazing businesses, but am one of Australia’s youngest ASX listed board members. 2017 was the year I #ownedit - and if I can do just one thing, it would be to give some hope to others doing it tough - because I know they are out there #leavetheworldbetterthanyoufoundit

Second family Christmas with a few of my favourites. Love these two a brunch 😍

Proud fierce lady friendship’r here 🙌🏻 . #lovemyswsmembers 📷 via @jo_burston

hanging in there through holiday season!!! Remember to place all orders by Monday to receive by Dec 25th

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En pointe *Winter Wonderland Soirée* tonight w/ @wildrence for #goodtimesatthemist! @mellowmystic blew the audience away and the energy was fantastic. Also everyone looked so swanky. I. The best of ways. Truly a great crowd and a wonderful tome. So proud of these #femalefounders for bringing their vision to life. It was just a budding but bold idea one month ago and today, was such a well executed and fun reality for everyone who attended. So excited to be along for the ride. Be sure to check out #GoodTimes next event in January!

It’s been a wild weekend. Reading up on the future, playing my guitar, listening to audibles on Quantum Mechanics, cat napping and painting when I’m confused (which has been often). Logically, slaying my completely unconnected (or always connected) work projects, because of this seemingly scattered process. Only the cosmos knows. #mercury #cosmos #magic #consciousness #growthmindset #curiousityleadstheway #universehasmyback #leadership #connection #unconditionallove #weareallone #divineflow #acrylicpainting #creativity #femalefounders #startups #siliconvalley #fundfemalefounders #changetheratio #imaginationage #losangeles #sanfrancisco

Capture this! #MoneyMoves

🎅🏻🤶🏽⛸How many holiday parties have you been to this month? Prize to the person who made it to the most Christmas, Hanukkah, AND Kwanzaa parties. ⛄️❄️🎄


Free training, Q&A and a system to self-audit on Dec 19, 20, 21. Link in bio >> @rochellesanch

We'll cover -- ➡️ How to increase engagement that isn't the spammy "I'll drop a value post and disappear" ➡️ How to attract the right kind of people who post and share on their own (so your discussion feed isn't just you talking to yourself) ➡️ How to cultivate a welcoming, community vibe and provide a safe space for your members to share openly (and yes... buy from you!) ➡️ How to handle SO MANY QUESTIONS and expectations for free help ... and more!

We'll go through how to do all of this, WITHOUT the need to hire a permanent staff member or community manager.

Join us on December 19, 20, and 21! All materials will be distributed via email and a private pop-up Facebook group where you can meet other engaged and hard working group admins.

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Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. #cateyes

This should be illegal. Learn more on the NEW episode of the #C2Podcast #WomenMeanBusiness #ListenNow #linkinbio

Planning out your content in advance will help you to be consistent. ⠀
• ⠀
Scheduling your content will also mean you don’t have to stress about posting every day. ⠀
• ⠀
Create a plan to post on your platforms at the optimal times for your audience, add the pre-planned posts to your scheduler and forget about your socials for the rest of the week/month (apart from to engage)⠀
#socialmedia is only as difficult as you make it for yourself.

So grateful that my parents were able to join us for a special birthday dinner, along with Cassie and Jules’ significant others. A quadruple date on my girls’ 19th birthday, who would have thought? Amazing night! #30seconds #grateful #gratitude #happybirthday #birthdaygirls #happy19th #identicaltwins #momoftwins #momofmultiples #parentingtwins #lovemygirls #proudmom #luckymom #womenentrepreneurs #femalefounders #womeninbusiness #womenintech #womeninstem #womeninbiz #makelifebetter #makingmemories #momslife #momsofinstagram

"La vie est belle." 🇫🇷 "Life is beautiful." 🇺🇸
••Be present.
There is so much beauty in the world, and the most RADIANT women have eyes to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. Sometimes we get so caught up in the future that we forget about the beauty of the people and circumstances that are right in front of us. Take note of the beautiful things you see in life, and enjoy the entirety of the present moment 💋🥂🍾

Would love to be back here after this chilly week. Hawaii is such a great place to relax and recharge. What is your favorite place for relaxing and getting inspired?

19 years ago today, my twin blessings were born six weeks early, after six weeks of battling pre-term labor in the hospital. Forever grateful they were born safely and that God chose me to be their mother. Happy birthday, my daughters. May you always be healthy and happy! #30Seconds #mccormickandschmicks #birthdaygirls #happy19th #happybirthday #momoftwins #momofdaughters #twinmom #lovemydaughters #proudmom #luckymom #gratefulmom #doubleblessings #doubletrouble #twinagers #womeninbusiness #womenintech #womeninstem #femalefounders #womenentrepreneurs #momsofmultiples #momsoftwins #parenting #parentingtwins #parents #parentsoftwins #lovemyfam

Sustaining motivation can be tough even under the best of circumstances. When we are experiencing doubt, it’s easy to feel like we have no power; it’s easy to feel like we don’t have a choice. However, most of the time, we do.
To increase and maintain your motivation, surround yourself with people who encourage and champion you and your efforts. Positive people are optimistic; and optimism is the first step in building your self-confidence and keeping you inspired.
Also taking a risk is a great opportunity to stand out and present yourself as a leader, and not a follower. .
Don’t lose your idea or the dream inside of you. Starting thinking right you will start living right
Are you struggling with fear and motivation? Then click on the link in my bio and check out my Life Coaching Sessions. Let’s work together and get you on the path of living a happy, abundant life!
🌟🌟To your SUCCESS! Cheri 🌟🌟

Play it with your soul and lead with the your intention.

Soooooo- I accidentally washed the magic bottle that makes my kid sleep 12 whole hours.
It was completely dry before I rescued it from the dryer. #thisiswhyidontdolaundry
I ordered another one immediately... and then tried to find a substitute.
Gonna try one of these to see if it works!🤞 🙏🏻

"I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come indirectly through accident, except the phonograph. No, when I have fully decided that a result is worth getting, I go about it, and make trial after trial, until it comes." -- Thomas Edison

I could spend a whole Sunday on this beautiful blush velvet couch with a good book. How are you spending your Sunday?⠀
Image via @pinterest.

Looking for a fresh, inspiring and endlessly pretty weekend read?! 😘🙌Look no further than CWIB'S beautiful new digital magazine, packed with inspiration from women walking in their unique calling - from leadership, business , health & well-being and style. We are thrilled to be featured, sharing 6 TIPS to LEAD WITH GRACE in your sphere of influence, whether that's work or home. Because to lead others well, you need to lead yourself first. Go on, download for FREE here: https://www.christianwomeninbusiness.com.au/magazine/

Web design concept for BrandExcitement. Giving it color, a strong type and putting in evidence the agency's accomplishments, team and products 💖

I'm wildly obsessed with IG and building genuine new connections! Thank you for the follow I'm excited to build our friendship ☺️✌️✨
📷 by @sarahkjp via Pinterest

***Less than 8 Hours left to take advantage of the introductory price on the Value Added Roadmap*** Because it doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to know how to connect with your people! That’s why I created the value added roadmap.
And I created a top list of 15 places to get published you could submit articles to expand tyour reach as a bonus!
You will get:
You are going to get a 90-minute roadmap that will save you hours writing wording for your website, thinking of what to post on social media and help you be consistent. -We are going to cover what value actually is! No more guessing and missing the mark! -We are going to cover what is holding you back from your full potential before you waste all of 2018 making the same mistakes! Hint: Why should they buy from you!?! -How to stand out even if you have the same product/service someone else also offers.

What are the people who need your product/service actually need and how do you tell them about it? I will be hands-on with you to answering all of your questions!

2017 has been the year of big dreams.

It is not an accident that you are here and you have passions, desires, hope, life experiences, talents that are uniquely You!
Not only are you enough, you are here to make a difference that no one else can. Without strings, without competition.
There is enough room/money/time for you to follow your dreams, to have larger than life goals and we need you to!
Here is what Nisla Love said 'Zona is a visionary. She able to capture the best in people and help them not only see their vision but help and assist them to bring it to life. Zona is a positive energizer that is able to get the job done. She is very passionate and driven to see that her clients achieve their success.' And what Mike Kuehl had to say about working with me, 'Zona is awesome. She has helped me map out the strategy for my life. If you are stuck and don't know what to do next the best thing you can do is call!' Sign up at the link in my bio! #entrepreneur #wahm #marketing #grind #womeninbiz

Our last pop-up of 2017 - we love popping up, sharing our idea & meeting new Conway customers - thanks for the continued support 💕💦 #livehydrated

This is exactly what you get when you tap into your unique roadmap to the life YOU envision...
_ Where do I even begin? Everything has changed for me. I’m in awe of myself, and for the first time see my value and
power so clearly. With my job, with money, and with men! I’m like a Goddess to them now! And to myself! I’ve never been so confident at work, and it shows. I finally got a raise, and a very substantial one! I even booked a
solo vacation, something that used to terrify me, and seemed impossible. The excitement and fun in my life makes me cry tears of joy. I’ve never felt so free, in
control but at the same time not
anxious about needing to control - I didn’t know I could feel this fulfilled, this genuinely happy, and this excited about my future, because I see now how anything I want can be mine. Now knowing what life is like with your guidance, the idea of not having sought it out seems detrimental. Thank you!
Imagine writing something just like this, but filled with all of YOUR desires... _
When you step into your most authentic expression, you are limitless.
You do what you want, create what you want, have what you want, and you have fun doing it.
Whose next ;)

Solid boundaries means you know when to say no, when to just leave something and when to not take no for an answer. Boundaries switch on your intuition. Decide what you are/aren’t available for anymore.
Go check out the free goodies in my bio to ramp up your energy to go get what you want! .
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Yesterday I did an Q&A with some of my alumni and one of the questions was “I’m not really sure how SLCA is different from other courses, what makes SLCA so Special? “

Watch video for answers 💋
Learn more about the SLCA program via the link in my bio.
Based on the results of our students, we are 100% confident in the quality of the program.

Cart closes Tuesday, December 19th!!!

To the people in the back, and the execs upstairs... If EVERYTHING is a priority, then NOTHING is a priority.

I have an #Agile secret for you ✨ #AgileCoachConfession : While it's true there are many methods, algorithms and Excel formulas that *could* help you prioritize what you're about to tackle in 2018, the most *effective and efficient* approach to re/prioritization is this: "WHY?"

If you can articulate the #Why of what 2018 means to your business, organization or department, priorities set themselves. Anything on your roadmap that doesn't directly align with your 'Why' - is not a priority (this year..).

In #Agile terms, it's waste. And we don't have time or money for waste! 💥 #Agile360 #CulturePeopleProduct #knowyourwhy #AgileCoach #BeAgile #businessagility #evolutionofwork

Our other featured guest today is @jackiejohnstone. Jackie Johnstone is a social and digital strategist in Bordeaux, France, and the creator of the 4 Pillars of Great Social Media Content system. She works with ambitious online entrepreneurs to develop strategy and top-notch systems to make brilliant social media & webinars easy and effective so they can reach more people they can help.⠀

In this interview we discuss:⠀

💎What to do to get your next client from a small list (you can do this today!)⠀
💎How to drive email opt-ins from your social media platforms⠀
💎Everything about webinars and how to do them!⠀


Have faith that good is just around the corner 🙏🏻💕.
Even for those that think that the darkness will be forever, there will one day be light 💡.
And for those particular individuals they will shine brighter than ever before ✨.
Never give up fighting, never give up believing. You will get there, just you wait and see 😘💕💪🏻💪🏻

Each month I answer your burning style Q’s over at StyleBlueprint in their monthly Ask Megan article. And today, I am sharing with you one of my answers from the December edition which is out today! 👠
There’s a whole lot more where this came from over at the link in my bio too!

Apply now to become an overcomeHER Ambassador!! Click on the Link In our bio to apply✨ 👆 ✨Ambassador Benefits:✨
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Saturday night vibes! If only this was my ride 🚗 I took this in #havana last year and it’s making me think about holidays for 2018...my favourite past time! Work to live, don’t live to work 🙌🏻 #saturdaynight #saturdayfeels #cuban #worktolive #nomadlife #MakeYourselfHeard

Good morning 💃

Behind-the-scenes with SheSez guest and award-winning photographer @Rose.Eichenbaum. Click the link in our bio to hear the full story of how Rose turned regrets over not pursuing her dream of being a professional dancer into a career as an award-winning photographer and author. #SheSez

The possibility is what matters most. A poem is the possibility of words. Love is the possibility of sacred union. Your life is the possibility of imagination. Choose your path, not anyone else's, & watch what's possible for you.

Strength 🇵🇭 Cultural Pride 🇵🇭 Women Supporting Women
Island Gyal Fitness - it’s a movement!
Tanks available in S-XL in black, grey, and white. Custom flag options available at no extra cost. Free US shipping on all orders. Order yours now - link in bio 🔗

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I read, I travel, I become. 😃I work, I experience, I grow. 🚀A big hello from the Vatican tonight. Keep exploring and growing, guys! #ashleytalks #entrepreneurlifestyle #vatican

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