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Don't let people who undervalue your worth, stress you out...just #GlowUp! ✨✨#ThingsItellmyself #realtalk #letmefixmyhair & #getbacktowork

I can give you infinite reasons on why being a female is lit. 💁🏾 Female=Future 😝

👑 When he go Eric Benet.... You go Oprah 💅
. 👑Snapchat: KanaryDiamonds Follow my businesses: @lavishnailhouse @weshopblackbiz #knowthyself #livelavishly 👑

I visited @thisisloom today to see what they’re up to and it’s so good. Any LA ladies who are suffering a pregnancy loss, post baby, considering parenthood, trying to get preg, deciding to terminate a pregnancy, or currently pregnant...there’s something here for you. What I love most about Loom is they support “all birth outcomes”. Everyone is supported with community and resources that will speak to them wherever they are in their reproductive journey. They do parenting classes, yoga, dance classes, acupuncture, chiropractic, doula matching and so much more. And it’s soooo pretty and peaceful there. #thisisloom #weavegotyou #LAladies

So I had a little hug from the universe today that I had to share.
Another farmers market vendor came up to me and said, "Just wanted to let you know, a guy in our warehouse really loves your macarons!
John gives him some of those left over samples from Tuesday and he just devours them.
He just had a death in the family, so I brought him a box the other day. I haven't seen his face light up like that in awhile. I just thought you'd like to know."
Talk about warming my heart.
Let's be real for a second, I bake cookies. Not saving lives or doing anything that's at all inspirational.
But to know that what I'm creating can lift someone up, even for a moment...well that continues to be my own motivation. 😍😍😍
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Surround yourself by good energy that helps you elevate on all levels✨💭💕 #issavibe #goodvibesonly #businesspassion

When we decided to have babies, I envisioned the kind of woman and mother I wanted to be. And while there are moments every single day when I lose myself in motherhood and the inevitable chaos that comes with the it, I can honestly say that I'm able to embrace the role wholeheartedly because I consciously and intentionally give ME what I need... even if it means solitude and self-love in a Starbucks latte.

Mamas, it's easy to lose who we are as a woman, while we committ ourselves to being the best mama ever. But what I'm learning is that we truly can't give to others if we don't take time to give to ourselves.

If you ever feel like you're losing your sense of self, start with an act of self-love. Your ability to give to yourself will be your greatest gift to the people you love.

On that note, I took my own advice today and treated myself to a fresh new look. And guess what? Mama is coming home feeling on top of the world.

Your joy is infectious. Fill your cup, first...and always.

R E P E A T. T O. U R S E L F. 10xS ‼️


Sunday Mood✨💭🧜🏾‍♀️: relaxed. Taking the time away from building my brands to spend some must needed pampering time for myself 💕

Double tap if scheduling self care to rejuvenate your soul is part of your weekly must-do’s🙌🏾💭 #businessbabes #bossbabes #luxurylifestyle #selfcare

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Cheers to all the savvy entrepreneurial women out there, including my mom, who is my role model. I admire your courage and bravery. Not many people have the strength to do what you do so always remember how special you are. 💕

Crushinnggg hard on @dee_lore and the way she styled her Crushed Velvet Jogger Set😍💎 Only a few more left‼️ Snag yours just in time for Thanskgiving🦃🍁
Shop: www.bombfash.com 💣💥

Happy Monday friends, I am channeling my unicorn today. So many things to achieve today, but I know I can do it. I've got this. 👊👊👊
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"Waist Beads" Beadsbykittty
A deposit 5🤑 to www.paypal.me/beadsbykittty will have to be made to place a order!
Waist beads prices depend on your waist size
(20-30) 3 for 15🤑
(31-40) 3 for 20🤑
(40-50) 3 for 25🤑
You can get permanent waist beads they don't come off, or I can make them come off are on at your choice. "Let me snatch that waist" 📿🦋📿 #femaleentreprenuer #entreprenuers #entreprenuerlife #waistbeads #beadsbykittty #blackbusiness #blackbusinesswomen #jewerly #jewerlydesigner #jewerlyart #esty #bodyjewelry
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Life can be challenging sometimes. The number one thing that the enemy wants us to do is give up. •
YOU CAN’T BACK DOWN! Anytime you feel like giving up. GO HARDER! 💪🏽 You got this!

Meal prep Sunday in the Fay house! These are for Mike because he wakes really early for work. The menu as of late included eggs, sweet potatoes, and kale for breakfast - organic apple for snack - veggie hummus wrap for lunch - and 1oz almonds for snack. It is a super simple meal prep, takes me less than 1 hour especially if I already have the sweet potatoes prepped. Not only do we save money by meal prepping, a large majority of our meals are home cooked, and we also ensure no afternoon hangry spells or accidentally skipping lunch! What is your go to breakfast meal prep?

B R A N D I N G // in our make yourself elaborate course we offer you pre-made branding kits and logos to change. This is a sneak peek at our SOAR ABOVE WATER brand colouring. Perfect for #myewithchristina theme featuring larger images

These babies are back!
Imagine having a secret map to guide you right through the year. One that helped you understand the opportunities and the events unfolding in your life. One that gave you the exact soul themes you’d experience, as well as specific guidance on every life area. You could avoid things that didn’t serve you, make decisions with ease, launch new ideas and take brave steps forward on your path and purpose.
With your custom Soulscope for 2018, you get a heads up from the universe on all the major themes for your year and how they will affect you. It’s the ultimate tool for answering your cosmic call and living a soul-aligned life in the 12 months ahead.

Think 20+ pages of soul guidance to help you be on path, on purpose and aligned to your light as the year unfolds. Imagine knowing your soul plan for the year ahead, and being able to balance that with working towards your own dreams and goals. Total Magic!

Available to order until 30 November and delivered to your inbox before Christmas. Hit the link in my profile to read more.

#IRunOnFaith New colors available for men, women, and children. See more at #link in bio or ➡️https://www.sunfrog.com/145770318-1191034968.html?44949
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