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Your name is your identity. Your word. Your bond. Your reputation. Your BRAND...
What does your name mean to you? 🤔

What color scheme do you like better? We’re working on some logo concepts would love your feedback! Top or Bottom?

If you don’t ask... The answer is always NO. If you don’t DO, you’ll never BE... ASK and DO and you shall receive!! 👊 The Doc

Make a Graceful Exit from Conference Small Talk *

Making small talk with a roomful of strangers isn’t for the faint of heart. So it’s understandable when someone clings to the first person they see at a conference. But what if you’re the person they cling to? Here’s how to get away without hurting their feelings: *

Introduce them to someone else. If the person has something in common with a colleague of yours, make a friendly introduction, highlight their common interest, and then move on. *

Ask who else you should meet.Steer the conversation toward who the person has already met. If they mention someone interesting, ask if they will make an introduction for you. *

Level with them. Say: “It’s been fantastic hearing about your new project, but I should keep moving. One of my goals for the conference is to get better at networking. Great to meet you!” Telling them why you’re moving on will soften the blow.
Song: St. Thomas by Sonny Rollins

Behind the scenes of a recent @hailmerrysnacks shoot where we blow dried graffiti because that’s normal

One of the things that our clients appreciate most about working with us is that we're like a cactus: we're low maintenance, resilient, you can plant us anywhere and we'll grow, and we look cool AF.

If there’s one ☝🏾 thing I’m willing to bet on it’s myself ♥️

OMG...my babies are home from school. It's time to start baking some cookies!
So, I am not a great cook but I enjoy baking. I am always seeking a way to improve my skills. The truth is that there is so much guidance available to us if we only look around and avail ourselves of it. Find a great mentor in all things rather than reinvent the wheel is my motto.
Is there a favorite celebrity chef that you follow?
Allyson ❤️🍀🎉


Double Tap and tag someone below👇 who should see your worth!!

It’s Friday evening and the only thing we want to do is grab some wine, light some candles and binge watch whatever is on Netflix! How many of you have already watched @shesgottahave ?? We haven’t! 🙈🙈🙈 Tell us what you thought about it?!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

I’m looking forward to drinking coffee ☕️ with my husband Saturday morning, having an “Elf” watching party with our kids Saturday night, and celebrating the third week of Advent at church on Sunday.

What about you?
Image via @nicotomarowellness.

I’ve never met a photo booth I didn’t like. 😄📸💋 .....Or pink sunglasses.💖 I’m in Miami celebrating #Chanukah with my family! What are you up to this weekend? #familytime #lotsoflove #travel #travelgram

"Little Music Manchild" follows 11-year old Malik Kofi, a Birmingham native, inner-city child prodigy who plays the cello. Born into poverty & raised and home-schooled by his 58-year old grandmother, Malik is a story of inspiration.
Watch on kweliTV 👉🏾 http://htl.li/tSoJ30hd5Zn
#kweliTV // #OurCultureCurated

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You are running a BUSINESS. That means you DESERVE to be paid. And inside the Dopeness Lounge, I'm going to teach you how to show up D.O.P.E.:
#1. DO it with confidence.
#2. OWN your awesome.
#3. PERSUADE with personality.
#4. EARN while you serve.
No more giving away all your goodies for the FREE.99. No more sitting on the sidelines watching mediocre folks win. This is YOUR TIME to shine. You ready? Let's go .... http://dopetalk.co
Here's the scoop on what you'll get:.
🙌🏽FIVE straight days of LIVE lessons where I'll walk you through done-for-you scripts and tutorials that will teach you how to get paid for your glow up.
🙌🏽FIVE daily lessons delivered straight to your inbox so you know exactly what you need to do to make the money you want
🙌🏽INDIVIDUAL feedback (yes, I did NOT stutter, boo) so you know how to customize the lessons to fit your business
And as if that ain't enough, you'll get LIFETIME ACCESS and paid to participate ... Everyone who completes ALL daily assignments and lessons will automatically be entered into a drawing to win prizes so incredible you gotta click to see them: http://dopetalk.co. .
Anyways, it's time to show up and shine. The price is $47 for all of this (for now) and I’m only letting 20 people in so this is NOT a time to sit on the fence swinging your legs. Smack the link in my bio to join. #dopeness

Getting work done and keeping things around that make me happy and inspired really matters day-to-day. Another power Friday. How do you stay inspired??? #hustlesmartgrindhard

Hello beloveds, sometimes I just need to post some eye candy. As a former photographer, I appreciate beautiful portraits. 😘💋🙂 Enjoy ladies 😘🙂

In the swirl of the busy holiday season (and the many snowflakes outside!❄), sitting down and doing calligraphy still calms me down and stills my mind, as it did all those years ago when I first picked it up as a hobby. 🙏
I chatted with @keenobby.nyc about my beginnings with calligraphy and my thoughts about why so many people are interested in it as a hobby today. Check out the article published on their blog- link in profile ☺👉🏽

Something my momma always taught me ❤️ #ThanksMom

Tag a true leader in the comments below!👇🏻Someone who walks the walk, talks the talk and leads the way. For me, Gemma Lloyd from @dcc_jobs is a true leader. She inspires change and stays loyal to her values. And she's constantly out there campaigning for better working conditions for women! Shout out to you and your team Gem ❤️ Keep killing it 👏🏻 Photo via @foundr

Day 15 of 25 Days of Giving: Meet Wankembea Daniel from the village of Mng’anda, Tanzania! Wankembea is in her 1st year of the World Encounter microloan program, and is an expecting mother! She is excited to welcome her new baby into this world and knows that as a business owner, she will be able to provide for her child. Wankembea runs two businesses that are quite different. Her 1st business is buying and selling fabrics to tailors, and her 2nd business is selling petrol. She learned through her World Encounter lending circle the importance of having more than one revenue stream to deal with the ups and downs of business. Join us to support expecting mothers like Wankembea and donate now at http://worldencounter.org/
#worldencounter #empowerwomen #donatenow #microloans #seasonofgiving #giveback #tanzania #ngo #femaleentrepreneurs #storyproject #singdia #businesswomen #leaders #confidentwomen #mothers @ Mng’anda, Singida, Tanzania

Kim is our other amazing guest expert today. @kim.eldredge is your go-to resource if you’re interested writing and publishing a book but aren’t sure where to start. ⠀

In this interview we discuss:⠀

📚The one thing you need to do to see results with your email marketing⠀
📚How Kim has sent a weekly newsletter on the same weekday for 173+ weeks in a row (WOW!!!)⠀
📚Strategies to overcome writer's block or procrastination with your writing⠀


Friday afternoon Matcha time! Still working but really feeling it’s time to stop! It’s been a great week but a long week. #notcookingtonight #timetostopworking

Sheryl Plouffe is our first guest expert today. @sherylplouffe is a Video Marketing Strategist who worked in national TV for 25 years prior to switching gears to help entrepreneurs like us with our video marketing.⠀

During this interview, you’ll learn:⠀

⭐️A super easy trick to increase your open rate by 19% & click-through rate by 65% overnight (I was like DUH!)⠀
⭐️A killer way to build a connection with video (that I never thought of before!)⠀
⭐️How to come up with content for your videos⠀


😎😘Happy weekend everybody ❤❤❤ ENJOY IT.🌟🌟🌟😘😘😘

I am releasing all that I desire into the arms of the universe. Surrendering has been a common theme for me for while. Not attaching anything to an outcome and showing up everyday with power and grace has already got me so far in my writing journey. I haven’t written for a while, I have been to thinking and reflecting a lot during this #mercuryretrograde and starting writing a blogpost today. My first since the Full Moon in Taurus ar the beginning of November and so much has happened since then. Scorpio left me emotional I can’t lie and there have been tears but I am healing. Next week I am having hypnosis and going into past lives something I have wanted to do for some time. I will definitely be sharing my experience with you guys on the blog. Happy Friday ✨

Are your thoughts already in January and that moment when, with the decs down and the children back at school, you can focus on getting divorced. Whether you are already separated or you've not yet left, the thought of divorce can be scary and overwhelming. That's why I created Get Divorce Ready or GDR the 6 week online programme for those who live in England and Wales to get them prepared emotionally and to give the tips and practical support to save thousands of pounds. Until 19th December, GDR is on Early Bird discount!!! The course can also be paid in 2 instalments for less than one hour with some solicitors... find out more here http://bit.ly/GDRGroup

“Seeds do grow.” - Tsitsi Dangarembga

There is still time to show us your selfie and be entered to win the book Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-BS Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business.
Use the hashtag #GOYDS and share it on Facebook and Instagram. And if you share this post, you’ll be entered for an additional chance to win a free copy, signed by yours truly to keep or to give the gift of #GOYDS! Need to get a copy? Go to http://livefullout.com/get-the-book/

Set yourself up for success in 2018 with The 90 day Strategy Planner that includes a business goals planner and a google sheets visibility tracker that will help you map out your brand, show up and be consistent in 2018.
Whether you’re looking to start your business in 2018 or just refocus your brand , then grab these 3 freebies to get you started. .
That’s 3 FREE resources just for you my friend 💃🏾. Click the link in my bio to download yours today.
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In the end she became more than what she expected.
She became the journey,
and like all journeys,
she did not end, she just simply changed directions and kept going. - r.m. drake
Are YOU spinning your wheels and getting nowhere’s fast?
When it seems like the world is against you or your world is crumbling down around you: Be Still. Don’t think. Don’t move. Just breathe and know that everything is as it should be. Don’t try to understand it or stress yourself out about how to get out of it. Just be still.
Open your eyes and look around... the world will not end if you don’t get the grades you studied long hours for... the world won’t end if you don’t clean your house... the world won’t end if your child doesn’t get the latest toy... the world won’t end if you don’t get the job you have been preparing for since college... the world won’t end if your relationship or marriage ends... life goes on. Buildings are still standing and people are still living... and that’s what you do. Simply change directions. ✨
If you agree Tap 💖 or comment “Moving Forward”.
#freedomfriday #changeyourlife #positivevibration

We've sang. We've laughed. We've watched Hallmark movies. We've mismeasured ingredients. And we haven't eaten sugar in a real long time. But that's fine because we've spent another Christmas season baking holiday treats ❤ @mama.muck
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“Yes, I could have just walked away from [starting a business]… but you know what, you just have to stick up for yourself.” -Teresa Ging, @sugarblisscakes 💗
Get more insights from Teresa in the new story on our website --> Link in Bio!⠀
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#happyweekends 🎄❄☃🌟🎁

Sometimes I’m insightful 😋

What's your morning routine? Do you have a set schedule you do in the morning? Maybe you're not a morning person and have a great night routine.⠀

#bytownacademy #femaleentrepreneurs #ladyboss

It’s almost 2018, and you are still looking for ways to start, run or grow your new business while working your full-time job with the goal of eventually transitioning OUT of your job and INTO full-time entrepreneurship.
Join this class and learn:
• The exact foundational tools I used to run a business that has allowed me work with the likes of TEDx, Rolls Royce and Humana .
• The 7 main ingredients that are critical to your success within the first year of business
• The two things that will create loyal repeat clients
This class is perfect for emerging and first-year entrepreneurs as well as people who want to start a business but don’t quite know where to start.
Register with link in bio
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🚨🚨NEW PRODUCT ALERT🚨🚨 Dropping new knowledge in the new year! Be on the L👁👁kout! NEW courses📝, NEW e-books📚, NEW 1-on-1 coaching👥, NEW webinars & workbooks😆I CANNOT DEAL WITH ALL MY EXCITEMENT RIGHT NOW😆 I know what it's like to KNOW on the INSIDE of YOURSELF there is a business! I know what it's like to know there's something bigger on the inside of me, but I don't know how to get it out! Guess what?! I can show you how to pull that business or the blog or that magazine or that online persona right on out and start monetizing it! It's our time! GET READY⏰ GET READY🔔 GET READY💰
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#Repost @bikiniempire (@get_repost)
Aaaaand for our 12 days of Christmas second day giveaway......we will be giving away a pair of boyshort bottoms to one lucky lady who posts a picture of themselves wearing #bikiniempire by the end of tomorrow!
Happy competing!
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One of the online communities I am lucky enough to be in is running The Reverse Hustle Challenge and in this season of light and hope and love + crazy schedules, frantic gift-buying, and ALL THE PARTIES, I found it incredibly encouraging and refreshing when this prompt was posted the other day: perform a random act of kindness. Honor the true meaning of the season. Connect to your humanity and throw up a testament that good people make a difference. Just one kind word, one warm coffee, one helping hand (although two helping hands might be better)...Let’s make this Friday a happy one. -Megan💋

#Repost @blackgirlsrock
Oprah Winfrey will make #herstory as the first Black Woman to Receive the pretigious Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes. According to Deadline.com, out of 64 recipients thus far of the award, only 14, excluding Oprah, have been women.

Every once in awhile you just need a glass of champagne!

Friday feels 🙌🏼 tag someone you want to spend your Friday with 💕

💥💥Attention Elleebana stylists & trainers in Canada: 💥💥
In an effort to foster the spirit of community in our niche, we want to start featuring you on our feed! This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to our community and become known! Who knows, you might even a few new followers, too! 😍
So if you are an Elleebana stylist or trainer, send us your best headshot and a little blurb about you and how you came into Elleebana and we’ll post it here! #Communityovercompetition
With Lov Cosmetik, you can train to become a stylist in Canada via our one-on-one or online trainings. 😎💼👠
Once you’re a stylist, you can continue kickstarting your career by becoming a trainer! Earn more doing what you love.🤑
Ready to train? Head over to the link in our bio for more information. Email us at info@lovcosmetik.com or text at 647.262.6303

Its #Yummy #Friday 🙌Whether you work from home or work in an office eating healthy, nutritional and quick meals can be a challenge. 🙌Today for lunch I had stir fry Shrimp, Veggies and Turkey Sausages.😋 This yummy meal took 15-20 minutes to cook and once it cooled, I was, able to divide the meal into two portions, one for now and the other for later. This meal was cooked using a teaspoon of Olive Oil and seasoned with Curry powder, a pinch of Sea Salt , the veggies still have a light crispy taste.
Eat healthy and be well!
Happy Friday!
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What are you thankful for this year? I am thankful for all the many career and family blessing. Slide to the left for a few of my favorite moments I got to capture this year. There are many more moments and I am excited for what’s to come. Tag me in your pics I’d ❤️ to cheer you on for having an amazing year.

Hi beautiful people 🤗! Today I wanted to share a little bit of myself by posting this selfie. I don’t usually like to take pictures because I have a love/hate relationship with cameras. Buuuuuuuut... we still have to create memories, so don’t forget to smile today even if you have no teeth 😁. Love you all #femaleentrepreneurs #womenentrepreneurs #girlboss #femaleentrepreneur #femalesonly #femaleceo #femaleface #femaleboss #femalebusinessowner #femaleowned #femaleblogger #womenwholift #womenpower womeninbiz #laptoplifestyle #laptopwork #beyourownboss #beyourhigherself #beyourboss #beyourownceo #girlinbusiness #girlwholift

We all know that beautiful, high-quality images are just the first step in catching the attention of your ideal client on Instagram — the bigger challenge we often hear from busy entrepreneurs is, “I don’t even know where to begin. I have so much to say, but no idea what to post.” Without a strategy in place, this whole IG-posting-thing can quickly become stressful and overwhelming, and that’s the last thing we know you need as a boss who is juggling all the things.

Here’s the deal: every business has a wealth of brilliant content to share on Instagram — it’s just a matter of dedicating a little attention and intention to the following before getting started: 1. declare your goals, 2. identify your sweet spot, 3. choose a few key themes, and 4. content categories to build consistent content around. For the purpose of keeping this post sweet + short, we’ll address # 1 and # 2 on our list.

1. What are YOUR GOALS?
Is it to…
· Share your products and/or services
· Build your community
· Increase brand awareness
· Illustrate company culture and values
· Engage with potential customers
· Increase brand loyalty
· Share company news and updates

Declare one or two goals for your IG platform.


Your sweet spot lies at the intersection of something you have (skill, strength, product, etc.), something they (customer) need (skill, strength, product, etc.) and whom you want to serve (your ideal client). Now, reflect on your ideal audience. What do they want to learn about? What do they struggle with or wonder about? What do they find interesting? Then, begin listing all the topics related to your area of expertise. You got this!
Read the full post on our blog and tell us, how would you like to make more impact for your business in 2018?

The peacock is a symbol of integrity and beauty. Symbols are often used in business branding. What symbol are you using and what does that say about your business?

Share a compelling story, as often as you can. Weave it into your content marketing strategy. Nothing will move your audience to their next step in the buying journey quite like it. How are you using storytelling in your content? Comment below!

Doterra is more than “just oils”, we truly have something for everyone we just need to listen to what they are looking for. 💜💜

Hello lovelies, what are your plans heading into the weekend? ⠀

snap by @heather_rosehill

In the end, the only person you are hurting by not stepping into who you are truly meant to be, what you are TRULY meant to be doing, is you.⠀


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