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Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you ✨👯‍♀️ Tag your friends who motivate you #friendshipgoals #femaleempowerment

Sometimes, all you need is a bold red lip. 😸💄

If the old Disney movies were written nowadays... 😂😱😂
Watch till the end‼️
Who else loves Ariel as much as I️ do?
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Some of my favorite red carpet interviews throughout the years. 🎬✨ I remember when I was 15, I told my parents (both super Chinese, btw) that I wanted to be a TV Host. They had no idea what it was at the time, and tried to talk me out of it because it was basically unheard of for a Chinese-American girl to go into this field. There was no face on TV that looked like mine, but I was stubborn... probably too stubborn for my own good... and I was determined to prove them wrong. I applied for jobs everywhere in LA when I was 18 but I couldn’t even get a call back because I had no experience. 🙇🏻‍♀️ At the age of 19 as a sophomore in college, I worked all kinds of odd jobs to save up $$$ to buy my first Sony camcorder and a karaoke mic... yes you guys lol I didn’t even have money for a real mic!!! 😂🎤 I started going around town and interviewing everyone and anyone I could get my hands on. Maybe I stood out because I was the youngest one on the carpet at the time, or maybe I asked some really research-based questions, or maybe some kind publicists saw how hungry I was and wanted to give me a shot.... I started climbing the media latter and after years of working 12-14hr days, I launched my own media company with my partners and found myself working for some of the top media companies in the world!! 📺 I didn’t have a game plan back then, but I was hungry enough to take baby steps, one day at a time. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I was going to make it this far, yet I know this is only the beginning. To all my content creators and digital entrepreneurs out there, NEVER, EVER sit at home and wait for opportunities to come to you. Build it, and eventually, they will come. Also, be KIND to everyone you meet... even if they can’t help you. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #tbt

It’s out!!!! 🍿🍿🍿 Missing my Amazonian armour... And my Amazon’s, of course! Can’t wait to see @justiceleague at the cast and crew screening this weekend!🛡⚔️ #justiceleague #amazonwarrior #amazonian #wonderwoman #warnerbros #warnerbrothers #superheroes #aquaman #flash #cyborg

I was at breakfast this morning and was at a table with a group of people I had just met last night.
We were talking and some how it got brought up that I competed two years ago. Someone asked me if they could see a photo and so I showed them.
Then I got asked why I no longer compete. At first I stumbled because this part of my life seems so ‘foreign’ to me now. I also didn’t want to get into my whole recovery journey with someone I had just met.
I just briefly said “while it was not a bad experience, it just wasn’t something that I enjoyed.”
For a bit I started questioning who I was then and who I am now. Of course I then had to remind myself that I am still ME
While my journey has entirely shifted over the last two years, I am still me. My body is still mine.
My body and my mindset may have changed, but nothing can ever change ME, because that girl will always be there.
I’m just at a point in life where I want to just move on from numbers. To have the freedom to order breakfast this morning without guilt. To go spend the next 4 days at Disney World and enjoy my vacation and not stress about my body.
So while some things may have changed about me, I will always still be ME.
Recovery is like a yo-yo. It has its ups and downs, but the one thing no one can ever take away from you is who YOU are. Your soul is yours. Your body is yours.
So no matter how much you may change, remember you will always be the same beautiful person you were at the beginning of your journey. You’ve just evolved a little more. 💗

Ladies! Please comment and tell us what you think! 👇🏼
We’ve always been so passionate about female empowerment... no we don’t hate men or glorify women over men... but we do feel women give themselves a HARDER time then men 💁🏻 So we guess it’s our fault as females...Or is it? Why do we set our standards so high to reach? Why do we set our goals almost to the unachievable? Or dare we say impossible? Why do we look at other women and wonder how come they’re so slim/happy/have great skin/ seem to be juggling everything smoothly? You know the sort- great career, happy healthy children, amazing figure... It’s easy to say social media is to blame... you log on to Instagram and there’s hundreds of pictures of high achieving, gorgeous women flooding your feed. You look up and face ‘reality’ ....Is this why we give ourselves such a hard time? Is social media to blame?Or have we always done this as women way before the age of the internet? What are your thoughts? Tag and comment below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Our advice?💁🏻
Well, rather then look around you and on social media and assume everyone has it better then you, take a step back! We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying this... you need to be your OWN WARRIOR! Be strong! Feel strong! LOVE yourself! Remember Xena the warrior princess? How cool was she?! You didn’t catch her checking out all the other Flintstone-esque women in her tribe and then putting herself down. NOPE! She got her head down and cracked on with it. But what we’re trying to say is;
💪🏼SET realistic goals
💪🏼WARRIOR yourself... -
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💙 Apparently Blue is in 💙... 😝
A beautiful night at the @daddyshomemovie premier & #naturaltherapy launch wearing @aqaq 💁🏼 #hair by the perfect London blow bar @duckanddry ... and jewellery by @mirasadijewels •••
I️ feel so cherished having nights like these & would like to quickly mention filming today for @headtalksnews - I️t’s such a pleasure to be apart of what they’re doing and I️t was incredibly emotional discussing my #mentalhealth journey in front of a camera. The feedback from the “other half of the story” (off social media) work I’m doing is so heartwarming and the driving force that makes me feel like this little platform I’ve got (thank you) can really be used to create a special impact down the line. Believing that everything happens for a reason 🤗💕💕

Someone please remind me on my wedding day, to take my hair bands off my wrist!
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Super awesome deal on our book "Modern Heroine Soul Stories" for #givingtuesday! When you buy a paperback copy of the book, you also receive a free Kindle download for yourself! 2 gifts in one, and all book royalties benefit Women for Women International.  Hurry, offer expires the end of November!

More details at www.ModernHeroineSoulStories.com - link in bio!

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So super excited to be collaborating with the beautiful sisters from @advayainitiative for 💥Cycle Alignment for Female Empowerment 💥
It is on Sat 25th Nov and is a day of incredible workshops focused all around menstrual cycles, moon phases and the changing seasons. A couple of my amazing friends Merilyn @mylkymoonlab and Iris Andrews will be offering workshops too! 💕

I will be holding a morning ceremony focused on 🌹Womb Manifestation🌹Together will be tending to our wombs and inviting the fears and blocks that hold us back to come to the surface. Giving space to be seen, honoured and acknowledged with in sacred space.
After a gentle womb clearing process we will tune into our own ✨womb magic✨and to collectively manifest our dreams and wombhearts desires. It’s going to be juicy! •
For bookings and to see the full days schedule head over to @advayainitiative 🎨by @wildwomansisterhoodofficial

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Want to know how she got to this point? I share her story and some tips in my latest blog post, link in bio.

I read a post the other day of a nutritional label from a caprese sandwich (bread, cheese, tomato, spread). ✨
It pointed to the fat & calories, & said something to the effect of, “this is why you aren’t healthy.” ✨
Hold. The. Phone. ✨
It’s my understanding that those I gradients are healthy... should I sacrifice my mental health to:
-read every label? -beat ourselves up for not making every “right” choice?
-choose things we don’t even like over someone else’s definition of “health?”
-rely on #’s to tell us what is good for us?
N O!✨
Because then, where does it stop? ✨
What about when we’re choosing partners & education, insurance plans & puppies... will we know what’s right or a healthy decision for us as individuals? ✨
Likely not. ✨
DON’T buy into someone else’s BS. ✨
DO start listening to yourself. ✨

Done for the day... Had to do it🤑💰🛌😴 and send my kids off so I can get rest 😂😴🛌

Remember to take time and absorb the beauty that's already surrounding you #grateful #nofilter #love

What Saturdays were made for @creaturesofcomfort 🛍

#didyouknow...human trafficking is the 3rd largest international crime industry (behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking). #saysomething #dosomething #givesomething #standupforsomething

"I think everyone deserves to have their voice. If you have to quiet your voice in order to hold onto one little thing, what are you really holding onto?" Constance Wu
📸: @gemsgirls

#didyouknow...the average age of a teen who enters the sex trade in the US is 12-14 years old. Learn more by clicking the link in our bio. #saysomething #dosomething #givesomething #standupforsomething

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