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This is what my press looks like after training for three hours with @skylarwithana. Took every bit of strength I had to make it all the way up. On the way down I took the faster route 🙃
Sports bra from @womensbest 🙌

Sunkissed Skin❤️ #Summer2k17

Happy first day of summer! 🔥
I knows it's international yoga day but I'm up to 7 chin-ups so that's what I'm working on today! 👊🏼
We are so ready to get back to our bouldering gym now that Nalu is a little older and we feel comfortable leaving him for a few hours. We will hopefully get some good climbing in soon. -
I'm ready to switch it up a bit though. What have you guys been working on in your workouts? -
Ps I'm laughing at the end because Nalu starts humping Pablo while he's filming.🤣🤣🤣
🎼: Chef special- in your arms (love this song!)

No yogis were harmed in the making of this post 🛇

Are you on the #questforthepress 🤔 Flying crow press is defo one of the toughest for me! Using this little trick seems to help me feel closer than ever to it. In fact I find this easier than using a strap 🤔 (Until I try without the blocks 🤣 See #yogablooper at the end🙈) .
If you have a fairly stable handstand then give this a go and let me know how it works. .
Try with 3 blocks first then gradually go lower with the height, hoping to eventually not need the blocks at all. (This works for almost all presses for me, I can almost do a pike press here too and puppy press is a piece of cake so play with all presses using this trick! . .
Placing one hand on a height gets at least one hip high enough for you to be able to work on pressing(especially if you're like me and lack the flexibility but know you have some strength)

Draw one knee all the way into the tricep, the higher up the tricep works better for me. Slowly lift the other leg, even just hovering over the floor first, then use your core and hip flexor to lift the leg slowly upwards. I always inhale to draw in and then exhale to lift up. (This appears to be different for everyone though, some people prefer inhaling to go up, I've tried and there is no way I can do it that way🙈) The higher you can lift the leg, the easier it will be to press the knee off the tricep. But using that top leg is what will bring you all the way up and over.
I tried without blocks just to see how my flying crow press is coming along and well.......urm.....its not just yet but I feel closer than ever 😉 And as the vid is sped up x3 the blooper looks worse than it was! I did not hurt myself! So feel free to laugh! 😂

#yoga #handstand #yogablooper

This is to all the woman out there. That have felt shame or remorse for simply being a woman on her cycle.•

We fluctuate in emotions, temperament, weight, and even adult blemishes. This is all part of us. Every month for most. So when I hear someone comment "oh she must be on her rag" 😒 or "are you sure you want to wear that?" 😣 or the occasional "steer clear of that one". Although I know some can be playing fun with these comments, trust me as woman that fluctuates, my stomach and chest swell and I'm irritable for know apparent reason. •

Would I pass it all away for the sake that you might want to steer clear of me or I may not be as pretty to look at? •

NO, I will not hide away each month and pretend that nothing's happening. I will do my best to ride the waves of hormones and stand proud to be a woman. •

There is just to much else out there to worry about 👊🏽•

#strongwomen #strongereveryday
Ps. Handstand blocks from @yogabodyfitness

18 ➡️34. I had just graduated from high school and gotten my belly button pierced, which, at the time, felt extremely rebellious😂 It says something about me that it was the ONLY pic I could find up till like 3 years ago that showed my abs. Whewwwwww, goodbye strict rules and self consciousness and pleasing everyone around me. Hello listening to myself, enjoying every minute that I can to be alive, and breathing with joy!!! #minneninja #free

Your girl was dying with this superset😂😈☠️ Make sure you go really slow and control the entire movement👌🏻😜 Tag a friend to try this with! 💕#killingme #backgains

Grip change human flag... 🚩needed some tries to get the technic but eventually I got it! ✊🏼 Great weather too! ☀️


pretty much all i did today 😑 maybe a couple handstands also lol don't mind @shaynog 😂 he wouldn't move --------------------------------------------------------- #workoutideas #pushupvariations #fitgirls_inspire #igfit #femalecalisthenics #gymadvice #gymvideos #gymgirlvids #befitvideos #trainingvideos #fitgirls_united #abguide #veganmuscle #vegainz #plantpowered #vegansofig

Surprised myself with 3 ring muscle ups in a row, after todays aerial training!
Haven't trained these bad boys since I was living in Paris, this time last year.
#calisthenics #muscleups #stronglady #bars #barz #barstarzz #femalecalisthenics #fitspo #bodyweight #goals #inspiration #ringmuscleup #fitgirlsofig

Den här övningen är bra har jag hört 😀😀✌🏼 anledning till att jag inte brukar låta andra personer filma mig än jag själv är för att folk är sämst men @wallinsara kan det här 😂😂🙈👌🏼👌🏼 #klätterapa#ninjaträning#teamjustcheck#innegym#friskisochsvettis#ninja

I just managed to lift my legs from the bars in a planche position for the very first time in my life omg omg omg!! ...and noone will ever notice since @rebban_rebs and @bjornthatsme are doing 🔞 in the background stealing all attention #singlelivesmatter

Ok HONESTY post here :
So this is my first ever super soldier pose like EVER and i nearly didn't post it. WHY i hear you say?!? Well i was so self critical about my hair not being in place, and more importantly look at my squished belly but then after 5 mins i thought errr duh its a great pose that i finally managed to do AND IT's MEEEEEEE... so wrinkles and all here it is 😂😂🤣😂🤣
My point is, my yoga journey is just that it's my journey and path and i am so honoured to share it with you. I can nit pic and could probably photoshop it with some hot chica's belly but then what does that achieve?! Haha anyway enough of my blurb i'm off to eat chocolate cake 🤣🤣🤣🤣 enjoy my super soldier because i feel like a ninja today especially after @nunocostafernandes just brutally knackered me at flywheel but i LOVED IT!! 💪💪💪💪

Independente do desafio, aja no limite do esforço e seja competente. O resto é resultado.😊
Copa Brasil de Street workout 2017 @cbsw.brasil

Some advanced ab work (cuz let's face it, you can only do so many crunches). I don't typically do any ab work for a specific amount of reps, it's usually just until I feel like my abs are going to spontaneously combust. The workout includes as many reps/sets as humanly possible of:
Single leg dragon flies
Full dragon flies (pretty much a full body lying leg raise)
Toe to bars
Just a warning, these are HARD 😈

Went to the gym for a shoulder workout this morning, started doing handstands to finish off and realized I was crazy to not be outside soaking up the sun. 🌞
Decided to have a little fun working on my press and one arm handstands. Need to work on some more negatives to get my shoulders on the same page as my core during my press. I'm not very graceful lifting off the ground or coming down. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Who can name one of the #throwbackthursday songs that came on in the videos? My sister had summer hits of the 2000's on. Interesting mix haha. 😆

don't forget to play ☺️

#TBT Couple weeks ago at @aka_bro_ben's Circuit Training class 💪💦 30min gruelling circuit followed by 60 burpees done in 4 sets! The burn was real 🔥🔥 #SHAZFITramadan @brixtonstreetgym

💥 #morningmotivation New p.r. for the moment 😉14 #pullups 💥
Inspired by: @francheska_fitness Lets get this 💰💰💰 girl!!! Keep killing it!! 😘😘😘🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
S/O: To this adorable beauty!! That look tho!! ❤❤❤ 😍😍😍
#wod #chinups #trainhard #nevergiveup #fitfam #fit #fitness #fitspo #fitchicks #gymnastics #girlswholift #beastmode #calisthenics #crossfit #femalecalisthenics #bodyweight #training #rings #repsandsets #streetworkout #workout #newjersey #nj #newyork #nyc #barstarzz #knoxxfitbrz #pupj

#JustDoItJune @rennyhunter_fit "You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself." ~Alan Adam
✨🌱 #TeamPumpUp

Life Behind Barzz™ CHILL | OUT 💯 @spideywho rockin her "The GRIND has no CURFEW" Hoody by @motivationwear 👍👍 keep taking it to the NEXT LEVEL @spideywho this is Life Behind Barzz!! 📸 by @bar_rebel
#TheGrindHasNoCurfew 👕

Postpartum Journey Day 29

Celebrating four weeks of baby with a light workout. This is probably one of the easier training workouts you'll see on the gram, but if you're in a postpartum fitness journey, these simple exercises will fire up your muscles and get you feeling pretty good! Don't worry, though. I'll eventually spice up my workouts plenty with ankle weights, my Bosu, and all sorts of fun and explosive movements. 😁😁😁 I especially like the assisted pistol squat. My leg muscles definitely suffered during pregnancy, so I'm slowly building up my quad and calf strength!

Happy fitnessing, mommies and everyone else!


A little bit of leg work with jump into pistol squat. Great way to build muscles explosiveness and strength. The movement also require core balance and muscles flexibility upon landing into pistol squat position. I recomend to start from a low object and gradually increase the height as strength and confidence grow.

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