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Exercises from the MinneNinja App week 1! Gets the heart rate and booty firing. Remember you can try the app free for two weeks⭐️ Link in bio😘

All exercises have modifications and voice over guidance. And it's for gals AND guys🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏾 2 legs days a week, 2 upper body and grip strength, 2 grip endurance🔥 **Secure your couch before you jump on it🙈

#minneninja #getninjastrong #minneninjaapp @plankkapps

RAIN TIP: WATCH A MOVIE AND STRETCH 🌧 Comment your favorite movie below!

Lets talk sponsored content. Lately I've been getting so many questions like "Is this sponsored or do you actually like it?". The thing is, I wouldnt post anything I don't like, sponsored or not😉 If I can't actually say I like it, you won't be seeing it here🙈☺️ You guys know by now, I keep it real, so no matter what the company offers, If I don't like the product or service, I ain't wasting time on it😜🙌🏻 I know you guys are bombarded by sponsored content everywhere, but keep in mind that the extra income gives us the ability to spend more time working on the content we bring you guys☺️ That being said, you guys can be positive I won't be posting anything I can't stand behind 100% 😉💪🏻

Hands together handstand 👋
. .
I'm seeing a strange increase in the number of DM's recently asking about my abs 😱😂 (I usually get "help my sore wrists" or "I love your feet" so it's a welcome change😂) But honestly, I don't have a 6 pack (I wish! Maybe a 2 pack 🤔) all i have is good angles, great lighting and an even better filter 😉 Oh and holding my breath at the right time helps too 🤣 Not that I'm condoning holding your breath of course 😉
I'm still as self conscious as anyone else about my body shape and my mummy tummy, down dog is no friend of the jelly belly, trust me 😂 .
I have been training a lot lately so I will admit they have improved a great deal! Not so long ago I wouldn't dream of showing IG a full on belly frontal 😂 .
I train every morning before work using a crossfit program and every evening is yoga and gymnastics. My workout mainly consists of weights, squats, push ups, pull ups and of course a yoganastics inspired flow or drill depending on what I'm working on. I never ever skip my sun salutations. I take one rest day a week. I do min 5 mins hs practice every single day! I do neglect a decent stretching program but I'm working on that 😉 I am always hesitant to share my workout schedule because it changes so often. But this is fairly consistent right now. .
My diet is......err.......well.....balanced.... Which basically means half good, half crap 😂 I do my best but chocolate and wine are just too tempting😜 I'm a veggie so achieving my macros scores daily is tough. 😕

The biggest difference between these 2 pics is the fact I needed that wall in 2014. That was the year I had to relearn HS all over again after spending years using a wall behind me. I studied handstand training and worked on my foundation from scratch, strengthening my shoulders, core and arms. Poor guidance and lack of knowledge from my teacher at the time meant I had constant wrist & shoulder pain, delaying any chance I had of ever doing a free standing HS. The other difference is how I felt when these pics were taken..... I'll save that for another post 😉
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Well, that's it! 30 days of #iifym! Still have a few days extra because my competition is on Saturday, but it still feels like I'm done and the burden is lifted. Didn't see much change between day 20 & 30 and the fat calipers only sort of moved (I'm basically between 10 & 11mm on all 3 places), but I will say that I had a far greater # of flattering selfie candidates on day 30 than 20, so I guess I look defined in more lightings / angles than 10 days ago (or my photography has improved 😂). So thankful this cut went so smoothly! The routine on the other hand... let's just say I'll be relieved it's over on Saturday 😑#poledance #cpc #centralpolechampionship #pso

Tried the Tap Shoulder Challenge just few minutes ago and Im already sore! Twelve -12- suffered one's 😜🐒🤜🏻🤛🏻. Thank you @fanny_josefine for the challenge! It is HARD one!
Motivated by monkeys @carladfit and @jenniferrochon_jro 🐒💕💕


All kinds of gains 🤓🌶💪🏼🙏🏼 Mexican food with Mexican flavored @flyingdogbrewery jalapeño beer and @schoolofcalisthenics brain gains! 🤸🏻‍♀️ #femalecalisthenics #calisthenics #calisthenicsgirls #calisthenicsmovement #calisthenicsnederland #calisthenicsmotivation #chili #flyingdog #fit #fitfam #fitfamnl #fitdutchies

#NEODNA Одна из любимых фото с одного из любимых показательных на любимых соревах EXOTIC WITCHEZ Тюмень 2015 @laneyladanceofficial . С великолепными друзьями по безумию @juliula и @oksfoks
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Persistence makes progress. So many fails before getting some moves, but those are the best ones once nailed. My tumbling doe... defffff needs more persistence 😂

Goblet squat/DB swing super set of death

Lol 😝☠️

@Regrann from @reneecurial - Inúmeras possibilidades de utiliza o Equalizer da @actesports 🙋🏼🙆🏼 🙅🏼💁🏼look By 👉🏻 @flexpowerfitness 🎀🛍 #calisteniapfb #sejaacte #felxpowerfitness #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #fitfam #gymnastics #instafit #calistenia - #regrann

Inúmeras possibilidades de utilizar o Equalizer da @actesports 🙋🏼🙆🏼 🙅🏼💁🏼look By 👉🏻 @flexpowerfitness 🎀🛍 #calisteniapfb #sejaacte #felxpowerfitness #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #fitfam #gymnastics #instafit #calistenia

RAIN TIP: WATCH A MOVIE AND STRETCH 🌧 Comment your favorite movie below!

Tire workout with @mariajosefleming 💦💪#4040fitness

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