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....Because friends can take you places you can't quite reach on your own. Thanks @elzfit58 for lending a hand 💋
............................. @oliveandtuesday

Your turn 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Never stop playing! 🐒🙃

I was asked recently what I believe to be the single magic tip that helped me find balance in handstand.... After I had worked out I wasn't going to die if I kicked up away from the wall I realised I had yet another mountain to climb- I had to work out how to stay up there AND be able to breathe!
Learning to kick up is the easy part (I still maintain learning to press first is golden!) However I know most people don't take this route and usually just go for it in the middle of a room. You find 4 or 5 seconds of hold and you know deep down in your heart that it's simply a fluke and not a controlled hold.

So I spent some time analysing my handstands to see if there was one thing I do that helps me stay there. And I think there might be something that I bet a lot of you don't do when you kick up..... Do you;
*Engage your glutes?
*Ensure scapulae are protracted before feet leave the floor?
*Use cambered hands?

It doesn't really matter what your legs are doing, you can do whatever shape feels right. They can be used as a counter balance in shapes like stag leg or split leg but otherwise my legs aren't really engaged unless I do straight HS I squeeze them together.
As soon as I kick up I squeeze my glutes and my fingers work hard to keep me balanced. I have to continually push the ground away to keep my shoulders elevated and protracted. Biceps facing forward. I also imagine my hips lining up over my palms rather than my wrists. The hips go much further back than you think they need to be. Also my upper arms are isometrically pulling towards eachother even though my biceps are facing forward.
Besides all of this I used to kick up at every opportunity I got. Ì just kicked and kicked, while cooking or watching TV basically any free second I got I kicked. L shape was my go to when I learned but for the L shape you do need to fire up the mula bandha/lower core. Otherwise my core just stays asleep in a HS. I'm not even sure I use my core unless I'm doing a straight one🙈
Hope these help and if you've any questions please feel free to ask away 😙

Part 3 of my #sugarplumfairy routine. This is the part where things change! The fairy was dancing, thinking that she was bringing magic and wonder to the world, then a little kid says: I don't believe in fairies! Sugarplam fairy is PISSED, and is willing to prove how real they really are! from @posaworldfederation championship last year.


Mom, I love you! 💕🙌🏼 seriously she's the dopest woman alive, too early to post my #WCW ? 53 years old, #whatsyourexcuse #motivation #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #coreworkout #strongwomen #strongisbeautiful
Trainer: @jbaylife
Gym: @baylifeathletics

the ocean
can calm itself
so can you.
are both
salt water
@nayyirah.waheed .
📸 @elect_images
Outfit by @flexilexi_fitness

Three Ninjas with @cali.sthenics athletes Nahush (@nahushgfit), Alex (@alex_w321) and Steven (@allcoreeverything) #calixsthenics


I've seen a lot of people at the gym who walk in and workout at the same time as me. What I normally don't see is people stretching prior and post workout. (HUH?!) I used to be this person who never stretched and never thought it was necessary. I've learned over time why it's so important and why you should take advantage of it.

So, why do we stretch?! Biggest and most important reason to stretch pre and post workout or even just because is to avoid injury. I remember I was at a track meet once and didn't stretch well before my race and because of this, I had sit the rest of the meet out because of a painful hamstring pull. Another time was when I was utilizing the gym and AGAIN I pulled my hamstring all because I didn't stretch. What I've noticed ever since utilizing this is that I have NOT seen any injury to myself and for that I'm grateful. Another important reason is to warm-up your muscles and really get the blood flowing. Allow yourself to really get that good pump in! After this, stretch for better flexibility, range of motion, posture, and coordination.

So next you hit the gym or just at home, STRETCH! Do yourself and your muscles a huge favor💪

#calisthenics #calisthenicsmovement #calisthenicsgirls #barstarzz #bodyweight #bodyweighttraining #streetworkout #worldfullofathletes #thenx #femalecalisthenics #calisthenicslover

GIVEAWAY!!! Enter to win my Demi Bagby edition @gainzbox with @fitspico and a 1 year subscription for free!

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Two winners will be chosen Friday the 22nd! #FITSPI

I did it for the view 👀 and now I can check off handstand on brooklyn bridge off my bucket list ✅ but seriously look at that view ❤️ #brooklynbridge song #kendricklamar #love

Today gymnastics practice was cancelled, so I went to the gym - and unlocked a new move! 😆 Have managed to do a few #koreandips before, but today I finally understood the technique. Last set of three. 👊

....Because friends can take you places you can't quite reach on your own. Thanks @elzfit58 for lending a hand 💋
............................. @oliveandtuesday

Working on that straddle Pincha Mayurasana press

Keep wrists shoulder apart, don't lose the alignment like I did 🤣

Leggings @Oddlotus1
oddlotus.com 🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘 Trabajando en la prensa con piernas separadas a Pincha Mayurasana

Mantén las muñecas separadas a distancia de hombros, no se pierdan la alineación como yo lo hice 🤣

#questforpress #straddlepress #yoga #yogagirl #calisthenics #yogaenespañol #vegana #strong #veganandstrong #upsidedown #handstand #california #calilife #femalecalisthenics #veganlifestyle #fuerte #decabeza

It was a good day.
My back/hips and legs may be in a huge flare up but I am pretty good at #pushingthroughthepain Did a bunch of foam rolling and bicep work post audition.
Had my first audition today and I had so much fun. I adore acting.
Getting lost in another world. Definitely confirmed I am going to continue to pursue acting. Ya never know!

#actor #acting #actress #femalecalisthenics #commercialwork #audition #casting #fitness #fun #gymnastics #setgoals #reachforthestars #dontgiveup #keeppositive #journey #lifeisgood #balance #cardio #yoga #done #workinprogress #killit #boxing #idoitall #model #fitnessmodel #fibromyalgia #chronicillnesswarrior

This is where your freedom lies- it is not in the beautiful poetry etched on your arm, it is not in the right boots, the right jewelry, the right jade egg, the right slavery to a new tradition. It is not in the knowing of your spirit animal, or spirit tribe, or wearing the right crystals around your neck. It is in how you jump from the waters of their lies into the ocean of your truth. How you confront your wounds one by one, lock the door, and do not let yourself out until you know what they all were for.

You are the brave one, the one left standing- you feel it deep in your chest: the thawing, the waking up to the holiness of your breath. You are seduced by your every move, and nothing or no one can take that from you. That is all you need, and that is what saves you now.

#Bakasana #Kakasana #CranePose #CrowPose #Bahrain #MiddleEast

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