"Can I?" Harry asked and stood up from the ground, stepping closer to the angel.
"I wouldn't suggested if I weren't fine with it, right?" Draco said, coming closer to Harry. Draco had a little smile formed on his face, as he was trying to forget about the rules. No one could ever, ever touch angel's wings. That act was too intimate for angels, it could cause all of the feathers to fall, leaving the angel with nothing but a mark on his back, on a place were his wings were supposed to be. Only a pure soul could touch angel's wings, and no angel was ever willing to take the risk. But Draco was. Harry came in front of Draco, only few inches were separating them, and for both of them, it seemed to be the most natural thing to do. Harry came with his pointing finger closer to Draco's wings, carefuly watching them. He slowly touched one of it's feathers. Draco's feelings were splitted. He was scared of trusting someone his own wings, his own power and strength, but he couldn't deny anything to Harry. Harry was more than gentle with them, and Draco couldn't resist but to watch him like that. Harry noticed the look Draco was giving him and took his finger back, which instantly made Draco feel... Empty? Like, something was missing? "I'm sorry for crossing the line." Harry said, feeling ashamed.
"I mean, we just met, actually... We didn't. Because this isn't real." Harry said, being aware that this was his dream, nothing more. A product of his imagination that will soon go away.
"No, this is real. You have to believe me." Draco said while cupping Harry's hands with his owns. Harry's words hurt him, he didn't want to show it, but he didn't know how to hide it anymore.
"This isn't real. When I wake up, all of this will be gone. So please..." Harry said, taking his hands from Draco's.
"Don't. Don't do that. This is real. I can assure you all of this is real." Draco said, his voice shaking.
"You will leave like everyone else I've met. So why should I believe you." Harry said and turned to go, but Draco cought Harry by his elbow and pulled him closer. Harry looked at Draco's eyes, the cloudy shade of gray in his eyes started mixing with golden.

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Suddenly, he enterted Harry's dreams. Draco never knew what Harry was dreaming about, because that part of humans was unable to be seen even by God. First, Draco couldn't find Harry in his dreams. Harry was dreaming of a forest, the warm temperature made Draco's heart even more warmer . It was filled with daisies and violets, and when Draco noticed the meadow filled with daises, he found Harry. He was laying on the grass with hands under his head, his eyes being closed. He looked peacefully. Draco started flying towards him, moving his wings in sync with a wind that carried little petals with itself. He was standing in front of Harry, and he never felt this way; like his heart could jump out of his chest. Harry could feel someone looking at him. He opened one of his eyes and sat on the grass. Harry was stunned. He never saw someone like this, someone beautiful like this. He never saw someone this pale, someone with such cloudy, mystical shade of grey in it's eyes, with pale pink lips that remided him of a rose. He had to bring himself to reality. Draco noticed the look Harry was giving him, and he couldn't say he didn't liked it. He extended his arm to Harry.
„I'm Draco.“ The angel said, looking at the human's eyes.
„Harry.“ Said the human, accepting the angel's hand. In that moment, Draco felt the electricity running through his skin, through his veins, and he knew Harry felt the same. Draco showed himself to Harry in his real form, not even bothering with hiding his true form in front of him. He wanted to know exactly what Harry will think about him. Harry was curious, he looked at Draco like a blessing. Draco seemed so pure, so... Imaginary. Harry was aware this was just a dream, but he had to sleep longer. He had to keep this dream. Draco noticed Harry's gaze on his wings and tried to catch his gaze. Their eyes met, and Draco's heart skipped a beat.
"You like them, don't you?" Draco smiled and asked, wanting to use this chance. Maybe his only chance.
"Yeah... They're beautiful." Harry said, looking at the way the wind played with little feathers on Draco's back.
"Do you want to touch them?" asked Draco, wanting to fulfill every wish Harry seemed to have.

„Draco, it's time.“ Pansy whispered, and it didn't even took a second for Draco to immediately get up and rush to the golden room. Pansy sighed before she started running after him.
Draco was already in front of the globe, checking if Harry was really sleeping.
„Are you sure about this?“ Pansy asked, she was protective of Draco since Draco told her about his feelings, she was aware of what kind of consequences were waiting for Draco. She knew this is the point of no return for him.
„I was never more sure about anything in my life.“ Draco said and nervously walked to the open window.  He didn't know if Harry would like him or not, but Draco already loved him. He couldn't stop now, when he was so close to what he have yearned for years.
„Good luck, you'll need it.“ Pansy said while standing on staircases.
„I only need him.“ Said Draco, breathing the night air. He stepped out of the window and jumped. While flying, he felt lighter.
He landed in front of Harry's house doors. The perk was humans couldn't see him. He carefully opened the doors, without making a sound. Since he was a boy he have always found every simple thing humans do on daily basis interesting. Harry lived alone, so it wasn't hard for Draco to enter. He knew every corner of Harry's house. Harry's room was situated on second floor. He looked around the house, wanting to look at every detail once again, like it was a memory he didn't ever wanted to fade. He walked up the wooden stairs, smaller than the ones in heaven. He came in front of Harry's room and looked around. He was nervous, even although he knew Harry won't be able to see him. He turned the doorknob and right away looked at Harry. He was sleeping soundly, which made him look like an angel. Draco used to watch him almost every night sleeping, but this was real. They weren't separated by the globe, nor by the rules and nor by the sky. Draco closed the doors carefully and started walking towards Harry. He slowly kneeled in front of Harry and took his hand. It was real. He could feel his warmth, his stable breathing, his hearbeats. He started focusing. He needed to connect himself with Harry's consciousness.

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„You need rest. You've been here for four days without leaving this room!“ Pansy tried to talk some sense into him.
„I can watch over Harry, you know.“ She chuckled, knowing very well the reason Draco wasn't leaving the room.
„I do it better than you.“ Draco winked.
„Draco, you two would never work, and you know that. He's a human.“
„So what?“
„You didn't even met him. He doesn't even kow you exist.“ Pansy said while sitting on the staircases.
„He will. Tonight.“ Draco said confidently.
„You know you can't do that, Draco. God would never allow you to-„
„Who says He has to know?“ Draco said and smirked, coming down the stairs.
„You could lose your wings if He finds out!“ Pansy said and pointed with her index finger at Draco's wings, who were outspreaded with their full lenght. Those were the strongest wings in the whole heaven, which made Draco special. They had some kind of their own special glow, which made them look like diamonds on the sunlight.
„He won't find out if you keep your voice down and don't sell me out.“ Draco said while looking almost beggingly in her deep, dark brown eyes.
„Fine, but if He finds out, it will be your own fault, not mine.“ Pansy said while opening doors for herself and Draco.
„Deal.“ Draco said and flied fast to his room. He jumped on his bed and laughed. He was overwhelmed. He couldn't believe what he was about to do tonight. No angel ever did that, but Draco will. Because he had to meet Harry. Tonight, he will meet Harry in his dreams. He just needed to wait for Harry to fall asleep. It was still noon, and the only obstacle Draco had on his way was time. He waited for so long, but now, when this day has finally come, he couldn't wait. He didn't know how to anymore. He was about to meet the man he loves tonight. With that thought, he made himself comfortable in his bed and fell asleep, knowing that Pansy will wake him up when the time comes.
Pansy came to Draco's room and gently woke him up. She would rather leave him sleeping, because Draco's body needed rest. But she knew how much Draco wanted to meet that human. She knew how much Draco's heart yearned to meet Harry.

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